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2007 Ford Edge consumer reviews

$25,320–$26,970 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Edge Ford
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior 4.5
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 4.3
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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Nothing but problems

We bought our '07 edge a few months after it came out and everything was fine untill this year. First when putting the car into reverse and then into drive the shifting was messed up causing a jolt in the car. Then when driving in town and being stopped at a red light the car wouldnt move when pressing on the gas. Then the car would rev up and not shift correctly. We had to have the transmission replaced this past year for over 3,000 dollars. I dont believe we are ever going to buy a first year model again.


Keeping this one for as long as I can

Wow this is such an amazing car I love it. Bought my 07 Edge SEL Plus used about a year ago with only 55k miles. It runs so incredibly smooth and is so much more comfortable than the Jeep Cherokee I used to own. Its also the year of 07 and that is the first year they started making the edges. It handles so nicely as I went on a few trips with friends. Everyone had more than enough legroom! Perfect size not the best on gas but still pretty good. Lots of power for a V6. It has treated me so well and has now about 68k miles. I plan on keeping this car till it dies. Ford you did an excellent job! Oh and navigation is also very user friendly as well. If your thinking about getting a Ford Edge definitely do it! Best decision I have made. Still shines like I just bought it and everything!


almost got it very right

Has a terrific feel in the rain & wet pavement, unless you are at a light then thepowerful engine has to start off lightly or the wheels spin a bit. Had a transmission problem but it was addressed. They didn't beleive me at 1st so I told the ford dealer to take it home and after 30 mins of driving it was bucking slightly. Fixed under warranty. The AC vents are silly & do a good job of cooling down the steering wheel. The room inside is great, better than explorer. I'm 6' 3' and can fit in the back seat behind where I had my front seat set & had los of room & head room. Don't have the steering wheel radio controls though & have to reach a bit to touch radio, not comfy. Seats are very comfy. I have a base model with no awd & boy did I suffer last winter without it. Got stuck a few times, only the extra few inches of clearance are relevant if you dont have awd. Boo! Rear view mirror auto dim is great. Brakes are a little mushy too, feel like they arent big enough for the heavy car. Gas is not great either, about 350 miles on a highway tank and 315 city tank. Here's my main gripe- it's hard to see over the front fenders when turning. It really has blind spots there so no matter how I pull into a parking spot at the store I am never centered. Don't get this car for a new driver because that's a big deal. All in all though I a happy. Hope the transmission does not give me problems down the road like Fords can do.


Great little car

Love it, bought it new and currently at 28,000. Had a tramsmission problem at 26,000 fixed under warranty and has been fine since. Ya the AC vents are goofy and don't blow that hard but living in So. Cal it works okay, after you cool it down it is fine.



I feel so good while I'm driving my Edge. It's dependable, smooth, comfortable and I even feel patriotic.


Best vehicle I ever bought, period.

I'll start out with the only negative... The air conditioning vents in the middle in the front are set up like columns. They blow directly into the steering wheel and do not hit the driver well at all. This is particularly annoying for those of us who live in southern Arizona who NEED AC to be flawless! Now, onto the good! I have now owned 2 Edges. We bought one new in 07 and loved it so much, we just traded it in on an 11. (which they fixed the AC issue on the new ones!!!) The ride of the vehicle is amazingly smooth and QUIET! the amount of power that comes from a V6 is outstanding! If you were going to haul anything larger than a jet ski, i would recommend going with the explorer or a truck, but for general purposes, the engine is solid, reliable and quick! The interior is spacious and comfy! I would recommend going with the dark cloth seats since the light stone color is really hard to clean and shows dirt really easily. On the 08 and newer models, you have got to go for the SYNC system, it is the best thing you can have in your vehicle. I will never buy a car without voice activation and bluetooth ever again. I love this vehicle and will probably continue to have one until they stop making them!


2007 Ford Edge SE

Good car for the money. Bad gas mileage tough, barely 14-15 MPG city and 17 on highway. Under 27k miles, runs like new. Love it, what can I say.


Very nice

This is the first Ford we have owned. We traded a Lincoln LS for the Edge because we needed all wheel drive. I was pleasantly surprised with the interior comfort of this vehicle and the interior size. Good Gas mileage and it runs thru the snow very good.


Great mid-size SUV....

This has been a great vehicle so far (50k miles), no mechanical problems, but it has several few issues: 1.) Brakes are very "grabby" for city driving, a hard stop relocates any items on the seats to the front of the car. Some improvement seen with ceramic pads, as the factory Fomoco ones were terrible. 2.) Ride is good on smooth roads, however, the factory Michelins give a hard ride on uneven roads, etc. But I think this is common with these tires..... 3.) Climate control system is terrible to use, very difficult to understand how to operate. Too many buttons and little rhyme or reason of how to set temp, AC, heat, etc. 4.) Nav system is difficult to operate. Cannot program anything while the vehicle is in motion. I still have the 2007 map DVD installed, so an upgrade may help with finding missing locations.


Exceptional Value and Fun to Drive

The Edge I purchased was very clean but very basic. I am a previous Lincoln owner and still appreciate the performance and ride. The comfort level is very good. It is roomy and mileage better than previous SUV's I have owned.