2000 Ford Explorer consumer reviews

$19,970–$23,070 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Explorer Ford
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.0
  • Reliability 4.6
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Best SUV Ever owned

This suv is amazing its not only for soccer mom's i am a young guy and don't have kids and i still drive this truck. Amazing the only bad thing is the gas gets pricey after awhile.


Impressed Ford Explorer owner

I purchased my explorer in used in 2002. This model is a 2000. I really love it! It has been one of my best investments. It is reliable and a great value for the quality of the vehicle.


An Overall Okay Truck

I bought this car almost a year ago used at 102k miles at that time. Here is my review... The Good: The gas mileage for this SUV is fantastic. I do a lot of driving between work and everything else, and I get on average of 20 mpg highway. It handles great in the snow and rain. I can leave the 4WD setting on either "auto", or "low", and will still maintain control of the vehicle. The 4.0 SOHC engine is perfect for this truck. At first when I got it, it took a little pressing of the gas pedal to get it going. Got that fixed with the factory scheduled rear differential service done to it. Now the bad... I'm in agreement with never having enough storage. The glove compartment is horrible, the cup holders could be better. Although the seats are VERY comfy for me (I'm 6'1 and have a built frame), the quality of fabric could of been better for my liking, but all this is what I expected because of it being a 2000 model. I recently had to pay almost $450 on replacing both upper control arms on both the drivers and passenger's side of the front end, along with the ball joints and stabilizer links (all this in order to pass inspection). I wish Ford wouldn't charge a vital organ for their parts through the dealer, but I bought the parts I needed through a buddy of mine. Overall, the "bad parts" are not all THAT bad. Besides the front end work I've done to it, it's a great running truck. I'm religious of putting 100% synthetic oil in when I get the oil changed, and it runs so much better on synthetic over regular. The transmission hasn't given me problems yet, and shifts great. I have Firestone tires on it which are great and the ride is relatively quiet for a mid-sized SUV. I plan on buying a newer Explorer or an Expidition. Ford knows how to make a good truck, easy to work on for the most part. If they didn't charge me so much for parts I would of given everything a 5 rating. At 112k+ miles, it's still running strong. Would recommend this vehicle to anyone.


Still working just fine, thank you

I bought this vehicle new in November of 1999, and have just hit 100 000 miles. I replaced the original shocks with Edelbrocks, the aircleaner with a K&N, put in plantinum plugs and changed the tires to Michelins. (remember the Firestone fiasco?) I have been very scrupulous in regular oil and other fluid changes. The brakes lasted about 70 000 miles, and were changed out at a Brake and Muffler shop - sorry Ford, your rates are just too high. My only problems were a leaky intake manifold gasket (Ford should have fixed this under warrant, but didn't - you lost marks, there guys, especially when you changed the wrong part first and charged me for that too.) I hooked up a better trailer hitch and towed a 3000 pound holiday trailer and made it home again, my gas mileage declining from about 18 on average to about 12. There has never been enough storage - the glove box is too small, ditto the box between the seats, and the little holders in the doors aren't good for much. And where can I hang a garbage bag?? The V6 SOHC engine with auto tranny is quite powerful enough for me, but it is difficult to work on. I could not change the back two plugs on the left hand side of the engine with the regular tools I owned. Also, I bought a real oil pressure gauge, the original one being nothing more than an analog idiot light, but was thwarted from installing it because the engine would have to be removed to access the pressure metering point. The lumbar support adjustment in the drivers' seat no longer works - I suppose I could try to fix it but haven't bothered. I am very pleased to mention that there is little or no rusting of the body - my two previous Fords, both Broncos, had devastating rust damage by the time they were ten years old. This coming spring I plan to replace the exhaust system, sandblast and repaint the nerfbar/running board arrangement, replace the thermostat, get a new set of Michelins and then hopefully carry on for another four or five years. But my daughter is eying the vehicle, and I might have to adapt my thinking.


ford in alaska

Bought new, and maintain religiously. Back wipers went out. OH! they are working again,,,then NOT. Gages work most of the time....when they want too, or when it is warm. Or sometimes most will work, but not all. Have towing Pkg, but never towed. Tranny fluid changed at 36k, tranny goes out at 70k. Only $3k to fix, altho dealer wanted over $4k. Shocks gone at 30k. WILL NEVER BUY FORD AGAIN!


Perfect Car

i have the limited model and it is awesome i drove it to arizona for a trip and i handles perfect and is good at high sppeds the interior is super comfortable and it was good on gas miliage i recommend this car to anyone wanna a good used SUV


I luv my SUV!!!

Bought this car used in '04 with 53K miles. It is the XLS model, 6 cyl./auto. Car is comfortable, driven on long trips and not tiring. Use it every day plus on trips. Can throw my bike in the back and go. Gas mileage was better than expected. Car has been very reliable - oil changes, brakes, new tires, maintenance stuff. No major problems. Handling could be iffy, car could easily go out of control if one oversteers. I think the wheel base was changed in the 02's gave it more stability. Just gotta be really careful. Four wheel drive has saved me many times in snowy situations. Still has good body integrity, step bars are starting to rust. Car still looks good when cleaned up. I love this car overall, has 120K+ miles - going for 125K+. Hope to keep it running for a long time to come.



210,000 miles and it still starts and runs like new with no obvious oil leaks or reduction in performance. 5.0L V8. No major repairs, still has original serpentine belt. small problems, broken tailgate latch, broken CD player, and one broken outer door handle. all these problems occured after 150,000 miles. vehicle was driven very hard, and by two different 16 year old lead footed teens. Try to get the 5.0L V8.


Best car

I love this cari ts nice and roomy. The engine is powerful enough for me but I dn't know about you. It is prety comfortable on long rides. It's kind of bouncy sometimes. It runs really good. I have 140k on mine and it still runs like its new.


Best Vehicle I have Owned Yet

I purchased a 2000 Explorer XLT V8 with AWD used in early 2002 with 30K miles. I have been driving it ever since. I have never had a problem with it and only do routine maintenance. It is perfect for every day driving and also long road trips. I have been on cross-country trips numerous times and it has never let me down. I live in the city and it is simple to parallel park. I plan on keeping this vehicle until it is dead. My friends and family all love it and ask to borrow it all the time. I am hoping to get to 200K miles or more.