2012 Ford Fiesta consumer reviews

$13,200 starting MSRP
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69% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.8
  • Interior design 4.0
  • Performance 3.4
  • Value for the money 3.9
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 3.8
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I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta and wish I didn't. You can't use the car when you want to because if you leave it sit for three days it won't start. Dealership and Ford tell me I have to get out and really drive it, like put 40 or 50 miles on it. Or, their other suggestion was to disconnect the battery when I wasn't using it. Really, when not using for only three or four days? They claim it's because there are a lot of electronics on the car. Don't all cars nowadays have a lot of them? Don't know of anyone other than Ford owners who are having this same exact issue. I can't wait to get rid of this car. Customer service was worthless, acted like I was the idiot here because I didn't put 40 or 50 miles a week on the car. Really, other makes of cars don't have to do this........why is that Ford?





Worst car I owned

Do not buy this car, the automatic model is terrible. The transmission is very noisy and slip often.



I bought this little car new in August of 2013. I looked all over for the 5 speed manual trans. I have had no trouble at all! The only thing I changed is the oil and wiper blades. I have 38000 km on it now and really love it.


Beginning of the End

I bought this car used with 34,000 miles. I have already had the transmission issues. It acts the same way when you drive a manual when you let off the clutch too fast without much gas, it sort of shudders likes it going to die. Today the Engine Light made it's debut. Hopefully it is some other problem. I am torn on the car because the gas mileage is awesome. I just drove it from San Francisco to Seattle and I came within 5 miles of making it through the entire state of Oregon without stopping for gas. The transmission sucks though. I will be paying this car off as fast as possible and never buying a Ford again. This is my second Ford with transmission problems. The other a Ford Ranger went through 4 clutches before bursting into flames and almost burning down the mechanics garage. I can now check of the cars I will buy. Never a Ford, Nissan, or Subaru.


Still Great Car

My previously reviewed 2012 Fiesta SE now has 60K miles and is still getting great mileage (39-40) and has cost almost nothing in maintenance ( brake pads new tires and oil) . Love this car and would buy it again


Bad transmission, clutch

Bad transmission (slipping) problem. The problem continu even after repair and dealer can't (or do not want to) do anything... except prolongation garantie. BAD driving experience....


Most Economical Car I have Owned

Low initial cost, high mpg, and low upkeep. My 2012 Fiesta is a hat trick. I have logged over 1 million miles in 40 different cars of all makes and models. This is my 4th Fiesta, and I have had no unscheduled maintenance with any of them. I average over 43 MPG on my 30 mile daily commute to work. This is a fun car to drive.The dual clutch automatic shifts nicely without the minor quirks of my earlier automatic. The controls are very user friendly, easy to reach and easy to read. Great car.


I love my fiesta

I see all these reviews indicating the ford fiestas transmission slips and goes out frequently. I have a 2012 Ford Fiesta, which I bought new in 2012, and I have had no issues what so ever with my engine. I have a few (very minimal) concerns, though. First, the back seat is incredibly small. I obviously knew this when I bought it, but good gerdy its small. Second, the black "stickers" around the window framing on my front doors, has bubbled up a bit. I suppose Ford factories don't understand Florida can get well over 100 degrees and should really consider getting higher heat resistant stickers. I went to a ford dealer and he indicated to replace the stickers, would be over 100.00 for the sticker and he would likely have to remove my door panel to do so. So I just ignore it. Its not so bad its peeling, just thought id give my insight on it. Also, the car has NO get up in it. I don't suggest pulling out in front of someone, bc you will likely get rear ended. I do have to point out the perks of the fiesta as well. The gas mileage is phenomenal. On a hwy with cruise set on about 70 I average about 38 mpg. with constant stopping and going, you will probably only get about 28 mpg. Also, the Sync works well with my android, and the hands free mode is VERY convenient. All in all, I do recommend this vehicle to you, as long as you have no need for leg room in the back seat. (Talk about crowded!)


good car for the money

bought it at the dealers only has 49000 miles on it-car faxs says 1 owner, wanted something that gets good gas milage -over all am happy with it. btw-its my wifes car-she drives it 95% of the time!