2006 Ford Freestyle consumer reviews

$25,105–$26,955 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Freestyle Ford
84% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.2
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CVT repair can be expensive!

We got a 2006 Freestyle for a really great price. Freestyle prices are bottom dollar for a really nice and well built vehicle. I liked the interior and overall the car had a good solid feel. It wasn't quite the minivan we wanted, but it was close. We were happy for the first few months, then we went on a 1500 mile trip to see family. 1000 miles into the trip the CVT goes out. No warning, just quits working. We have it towed to a Ford dealer and good thing we had an extended warranty. The repair price almost matched the purchase price! According to Ford, the factory that built the CVT's was closed. Few, if any, parts are available. No new transmissions are available. They only located four rebuilt units; two in Michigan and two in New England somewhere. First they fixed the "Megatronix" control unit, and the CVT still wouldn't work. The CVT's input shaft was sheared. This part was not available. After weeks of waiting and flying home and then having to fly back to get the Freestyle, they had it fixed. The repair cost was over 8000. (CVT~4800 Megatronix~1800 Labor, etc~1500) If the CVT goes, you are up the creek. Also, have the throttle body checked. Our engine surged and died a lot. They had a Service Bulletin to fix the T.B. It ran good after that. After repair we traded the Freestyle in on a minivan. I asked the service manager, my extended warranty company (this was a Ford Certified Pre-Owned Freestyle purchased from a Ford dealer), and Ford Customer Care what happens when the CVT is no longer available, period? I got three answers from three people: 1. "Ford never abandons a vehicle. We'll figure out how to fix them" 2. "If that happens it will be decided on a case-by-case basis." 3. "I don't know." Think about that. As of late 2010/early 2011 These cars sell for 9k-12k fully loaded in immaculate condition for a reason. My local used car superstore informed me they would not sale my old Freestyle on the lot due to warranty and parts costs. And the fact no one wants them anymore. I recommend a Taurus X if you like the Freestyle. It is basically a reworked Freestyle without the CVT. IF YOU BUY A FREESTYLE, GET SOME KIND OF EXTENDED WARRANTY!!!!!


Love it

I purchased a 2006 Freestyle in 2008. I was hauling kids around on a regular basis and was sick of driving a minivan. This was a great alternative, fitting 7 passengers (plus all their backpacks, etc). It had around 25,000 miles and now is at 70,000. It has been very reliable, with only regular maintenance and a new battery needed. A friend even borrowed it for a cross-country family vacation and loved it, too. Bonus Features: I love the keypad on the door! We use it all the time! Living in an urban setting, we keep the car locked in the driveway. The kids use it so they don't need to grab my keys to get their forgotten items... I love it because that means they never take and misplace my keys! I have really come to love the back-up sensor, too. I have hauled just about everything in my car. I love the many configurations of the seats (part up, part down). It is so handy! It sits up nice and high, but you don't have to 'climb' in. Downsides: People always call it a truck. I don't know why. It isn't very LARGE dog friendly. They have a hard time climbing in the back (it is too high) and just don't fit. I found it dented easier than I thought (Autistic 10 year old kicked it and dented the door). There isn't a good place to put your purse as the driver. The middle console is great for beverages, CDs, cell phone, spare change, etc... just not a purse. I'd absolutely recommend it to friends with kids or so need to haul items around!


I LOVE my Freestyle!

I was looking for a stylish vehicle with a 3rd row seat. I didn't want a minivan and most SUV's I looked at didn't have a 3rd row seating area. The FREESTYLE was in my price range and was exactly what I wanted as far as stylish outer looks and interior design.


I love my 2006 Freestyle

I purchased my Freestyle in December of 2005. When I first saw it sitting on the showroom floor I went WOW!! The look of it was actually sporty! I had my Taurus in the shop for a repair. Big mistake going into the showroom! I ended up leaving with the Freestyle. I love the crossover. Everything about it. When I first sat in it, it was so comfortable and I'm rather short. As stated in previous reviews, everything is in arms reach. The amount of storage is phenomenal! The amount of cup holders, the plug ins for cell phones etc located in 3 different places in the vehicle. The sound system is fantastic. I've had my Freestyle for over 3 years and I still feel happy every time I drive it. Friends think it's awesome too. I've been able to haul all different things in it with the way the seats fold down. It's just one terrific vehicle. I wish Ford hadn't discontinued it. I would buy another.


I love this car!

I just got a Freestyle in November and it's March now. Still to this day I go out to my car and it's love at first sight. It looks great, it runs great, it has all kind of awesome features. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a minivan or SUV. It's the best of both worlds!


Very capable and pleasant to drive

Car is extremely versatile. Can comfortably take the family of five, our large dog and luggage on a weekend trip, yet is economic and of reasonable proportions for the times that I drive to work alone. It is voluminous when I fold down all seats and carry a lot of boxes. The all-wheel-drive works very well in snow and yet the car dives comfortably like a sedan. The car is attractive, so I enjoy it, and am happy to take colleagues on business trips. The transmission makes other transmissions seem out of date. Traditional automatic transmissions give you uneven acceleration as they change gears. They often require a downshift when you suddenly apply gas, causing a momentary reduction of power. The Freestyle transmission gives you immediate smooth power when you apply gas. I am a pilot, and it reminds me of how you get power from a jet engine. The GPS and all gadgets work well. No maintenance other than oil changes and recommended servicing has been required after two years and 20,000 miles.


Love My Wagon

This car has been great. It's very comfortable for me and my family and with the limited we have all the options accept power moon roof. Very impressed with the all wheel drive and the gas mileage not bad at all. Definitely recommend the car.


"Great Family Car"

I've owned an Expedition, Caravan and Full size Van. This car features the best of all. I can't beleive I'm getting 21 city in a 3.5 AWD model. It's perfect for everything a family needs. The CVT transmition is smooth and effective. Great Job!


Excellent Car for Travel

We took our Freestyle with the CVT transmission on a trip to Colorado and could not have asked for better performance on the road or on the hills. Got excellent milage about 28 MPG and had no worrys about power. I wonder why Ford discontinued the CVT even if it was going to add a little cost to the vehicle.


Least reliable car EVER

Nothing but problems from 10k miles on. In the shop every other week. Dealer has replaced brakes, windshield (because it was warped and leaking), and ENTIRE MOTOR when it had less than 20K miles. Tranny troubles, and gone through 2 full sets of tires since new, do to front end issues. Stay away! Nightmare vehicle.