2002 Ford Ranger consumer reviews

$12,565–$19,495 MSRP range
side view of 2002 Ranger Ford
88% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 3.9
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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Best investment

I bought my truck 13 years ago and it started breaking down in the past two years. From alternator, to O2 sensors and catalytic converters, and just now water pump, belt, and heater coil just to name a few. It has 209,000 miles. It is still running though. Replacing broken,old parts with new ones


Most reliable truck ever

I really love this truck. I have to say that this is the only vehicle used that never let me down. It was given to me from a family member. 2002 4*4, xlt cab 1.5 doors 4.0L with manual transmission. I really use this truck like a horse for work and going places. It has great driving feedback, lots of power decent gas mileage for 4.0 and amazing reliability. On few occasions i pushed newer broken down Toyota’s off the main road.


Good reliable first truck!

This truck met all my wants, dreams, and even my needs. Great truck for the price! I have always dreamed of having a Ford Ranger!


This truck has been an awesome truck for me.

This truck is hard to beat. I've had no problem at all other than normal maintenance. It now has 73,000 miles and still looks and drives like a brand new truck. This truck is not going anywhere.


Ranger FX4 is totally equipped for serious offroad

Phenomenal for off road. Unfortunately, after 2002 Ford no longer offered the same heavier equipment. So only 2002 FX4 and 2003 FX4 Level II have this capability. Ford just put the label on the later years, but none of the same equipment.


Good truck with a very dependable engine

I have the 4.0 in mine and has been a great engine. Mine has 215 thousand miles and still runs great and doesn’t burn any oil. I’ve done normal maintence like fluid changes regularly and have replaced components like wheel bearings, shocks, water pump, thermostat, valve cover gaskets and a few other small things. This is expected with any high mileage 16 year old vehicle. Overall the reliability has been great. The four wheel drive works awesome in the snow and engine has plenty of power and tows a four thousand pound trailer well. I really have fallen in love with this truck and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a great reliable mid sized truck.


Great truck, will fit in my garage !!, dependable.

Purchased in 2002 just before I retired. Currently (2019) it has 44K miles. I had the transmission rebuilt and replaced the fuel pump. The XLT has a 4.0L engine, extra cab configuration. Not very good gas mileage and the ride is a little rough. I expect the truck will be around long after I am gone !!!


Very durable and useful car

I had this car through college and the beginning of my career. I have traveled across the country multiple times with no problems. This is the most reliable car I have ever had.


Great Truck!

This was the 2nd best truck I?ve owned, only behind my new F-150. These things were built to last and I sold it to my neighbor who?s still driving it today!


The old saying "Ford=fixed or repaired daily" is a

It's okay but there's always something going on and gotta replace something.since I've owned it I replaced control arms,ball joints ,bushings, stabilizer links,leaf springs,leaf hanger brackets,fuel pump,water pump,timing chain and gears at 102k miles, pulley tensioner,entire rear brake assembly,front pads twice in 30k miles then rotors n one caliper n a few brake lines,radiator n thermostat, battery n one cable,all new hoses n belts, exhaust leak problems had to cut all bolted joint sections out and welding pipes, replaced muffler twice ,charged a/c twice, tires, replaced all of the trans fluid about 2gallons,replaced all the differential fluid, many gaskets replaced because of leaks. and I still have a few other things it seems like it never ends some is general maintenance but alot isnt. I've only put 43k miles on it since I've gotten it . I just think it's much. My 79ford Thunderbird never had problems why can't they make em like that anymore ?