2002 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$19,035 starting MSRP
side view of 2002 Taurus Ford
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.5
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nice car

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the ONLY sedan I could ever like enough to buy

First: I have always driven vans or station wagons, I detest a sedan with a trunk. Second: We were in a tight financial situation and we bought this particular car because of low price & excellent condition. Not what I was looking for but my husband insisted it was too good to pass up. I got a moon roof, white leather electronically adjustable seats, cd changer in the trunk, fin on the back, no rust, 6 cylinder with 108,000 miles for 4600.00. How many times do you find an 8 year old car that nice for that price? I bought it in August. In October we took a road trip and drove it 800 miles in 5 days and it did not give me a single problem. It was flawless until it got really cold out. I don't know whether the problem is with Taurus cars in general or just my car, but the heat is lacking. It never really gets hot enough inside the car to suit me, and it has trouble with humidity on the windshield sometimes, then we have to crack the windows for about 10 seconds and it clears right up. All I have had to do to is change the oil. I do plan to get that heat thing checked out. The trunk is enormous and it really could seat 5 comfortably.





It's a Tank

It's govenor limited to 110 MPH and moves well on the highway. Great gas milage for a large car. I got the SES 2002 in 2008 with 120,000 on the O. As of today it has 226,100 miles on it and it's still running strong. I've had a starter go out on me a few months ago. I replaced a battery last year. The power steering pump died at about 190,000. I've had a few minor part issues, but this thing has only left me stranded once out of all those miles. I've got a small rust spot over the rear wheel that just showed up this winter, other than that it looks great. Overall I'd have to say this is a well built car! Just put synthetic oil in there and do the regular maintainance and it shouldn't give you much in the way of problems unless it wasn't taken care of by a previous owner. I'm going to run this car until it dies and I really think I can get over 300k out of it before that happens (I do a lot of highway miles).


Hope to kepp this car going

This is the 3rd Taurus I have nad .They are a goodcar for older people,because of thier reliability. Plan to get another whrn the time is right. Thanks for happy driving.


"D" pendable

I bought my 2002 in 2003. It is the best car I have owned so far. I usually buy used and keep up the regular maintenance, this car just won't let me down. I've got 134,000miles on it. I've had to do the regular minor repairs, nothing expensive. Tires, battery, alternator. My heater just went out, so I will be fixing that next. Overall , the best money I have ever spent on anything... Plus, it STILL LOOKS GOOD.


Worst Car I ever Had

Problems with brakes, a/c, heater, engine terrible. changed brakes three times in two years from drums to brake pads and still make noise.


a few problems, but well worth it!

As my first car, at 16, I needed to get something that would give me a good return for my very hard earned $$$. I found and bought my SES on the same day. it runs great, but could use some more HP considering it sizeable weight, and for the snow in cleveland it is AMAZING. I've had to replace some parts costing about $2000, but for the price I paid it was well worth it. the rust on the rear quarter panels is a problem for this model so if u see some fix it before its too late! it looks great, and is the envy of all of my friends who have $500 junkyard dropouts. the interior is rediculously spacious, the trunk is huge and the dash is very functional, it could use a bigger glovebox though. i love my taurus and if you ever have the option to buy one, DO IT. it will be the best decision you make.


Best Car I could have bought for the price range.

I'm the type of car driver that will usually have a car for an extended period of time and drive it into the ground. My last car got to around quarter million miles. Bought 2002 Taurus about 5 months ago, with about 100k on it and it is working very well. I stress if you plan on getting 200k plus on any car to keep up with your: lube oil filter (always synthenic), coolant flushes (every 100k or 5 years), tranny flushes (every 40k or 2 years). I have only put about 6,000 miles on it so far, but look forward to hundreds of thousands of more miles to come. Only things I would add to the Taurus would be heated leather seats. Drives out very nice and smooth, if you set cruise at 55mph to 65mph you should be able to get around 30mpg's. Mine has a couple hints of rust spots, so if you live where there is snow, keep it washed. It was also never kept in a garage until now, so not uncommon for a couple small rust spots. Overall good solid unit.


Best Car I Ever Bought Next To My 2005 Focus SES

I just bought my 2002 SES the other day and it runs great at 143000 miles. No major effects were wrong with it. I loved the 24V DOHC engine and the Mach stereo system. Wasn't pleased on the position of the 6 disk changer, but at least it has one as all I listen to are my cd's. The handling is awesome and absolutely LOVE the ford brakes. No one has better brakes than Ford. Trust me, I've looked. I would reccomend this car to everyone. This car will be with me till it quits, then I'll buy a new engine for it and run it some more....