2003 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$19,630 starting MSRP
side view of 2003 Taurus Ford
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.2
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Reliable and still a blast to drive

Bought my Ford Taurus SES new in 2003. Have 230,000 miles on the car. Had one major repair of the transmission at 30,000 mles (Ford took care of it). Car has been driven throughout the Eastern US, Germany and Austria. Great for long trips and just enough performance to keep it interesting.


Awesome Buy!!

Drives great, perfect interior, well maintained with good CarFax, Car dealer was super helpful and very nice making the transaction very smooth


2003 Ford Taurus SES

This 2003 Ford Taurus is the best car i ever owned. It has lots of power, lots of room and stylist. So far i didnt had any problems. It has all the features including Moonroof and factory spoiler.


149k Miles and Still Going Strong

I bought my 2003 SES in '04 with 10k miles on it. I do all fluid maintenance. I use this car as a commuter vehicle. In the 11 years I have owned it, the only show stopper was a battery that went dead within the warranty period. Car stalled after a jump start. I have had to replace the idler pulleys probably more often than expected. There was once water in the passenger side floor after heavy rain and I had to replace the blower unit. The rain diverter tray above the cabin air filter was clogged with leaves. Car was hit from behind four times, once pretty hard. No damage. Took it to body shop for inspection and bumper was fine. Car is heavy, wide wheel base and sits low to the ground, but still has the pickup I need to get around a slow vehicle. With routine maintenance, this car has exceeded my expectations for reliability. I plan to label this car as a High Mileage Vehicle Experiment Underway someday!


Most reliable vehicle I've ever seen

Comfortable car with many outstanding features. Mechanical services were done periodically and with warranty. Excellently kept car and clean from outside to inside. Low mileage and has four brand new tyres. You can drive this car at least for 10 Yrs with peace of mind!


Huston, we have a problem.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllrighty. So, seems like everyone here has nothing but good things to say about this car. Which i can sorta see why. I got my 03 SES in August of 2011. Not bad. 75k miles on it. All black. Alloy rims. Kinda pricey though. At 6,540, it's a bit of a let down. I do love how reactive it is. You hit the pedal- you immediately feel it. The bucket seats are nice too for those long car trips! the alloy rims look sweeeeet paired with the black paint. Not to mention how convenient the sunroof is. But as to everything, there are downsides. I can't sit in it for more than 2 hours without getting suuuuupppeeerrr sore. BOTH the heat and AC have gone out within 2 months of one another. Tried re-filling the Freon. Turns out i need a whole new component. Not only did BOTH my tail light wiring harness' short circuit, but so did the head lights, 2 days later. My shocks are done for (No, i do not drive recklessly) as well as my ENTIRE rear strut assembly. My taurus had this really funny problem it uhh... heh... shut off on me while i was driving, 75 down the highway and boom. Power steering, abs breaks, lights. Everything. COMPLETELY SHUT DOWN. I honestly hate this car. The sound system is absolutely awful. My girlfriends 93 jetta is 10x louder than mine. That's not even the worse part. 3 of my four speakers have holes in them from the previous guy. What's even better is the screws are stripped. So, they're in there for good. " DO NOT GET A TAURUS IF YOU'RE LOOKING FOR A FUN CAR. It's pretty good for a grocery-getter. Not much of a hot rod. SOOOOOOO MANY PROBLEMS.


Greatest Car Ever Made

I have owned my 2003 ford taurus for 7 years now, and have had zero problems with it. My car is the most reliable one I've owned, and is extremely comfortable to drive.



Talk about getting your money's worth.... Got my '03 Taurus in late 2003, used, with 20,000 miles for $13,500 compared to the new 2004s that were on the lot for $25,000. I've had a few minor repairs here and there, can't remember what all for, and I go through brakes like it's nobody's business but that's not the car...it's my rammy driving. :) I have had no major problems with this car whatsoever. My dad and husband take very good care of everything under the hood (which, obviously, helps prolong the life of my baby). She just turned 150,000 miles and still running strong, getting about 22 mpg to work and 28 mpg on road trips! It's been paid off since 2007, so I've had no car payment for 5 years and no major repair bills. It's been a dream. I always hear people bashing Fords but my parents have a 1999 Ford F-150, my sis has a 2001 Ford Escape, and my other sis has a 1988 Mustang and a 2005 Ford Fusion and they're all still running great! Put a little extra attention under the hood, and they'll last you a loooooong time. :)


My 2003 Tauras

this car is a replacement for my car that was totaled. I bought it a a great price, really belonged to an old lady and had 16000 miles on it. So far it has been a great car. It looks like it came off the showroon floor. I have only pit several hundred miles on it but sofar am delighted



I sell Fords and usually buy these for commuter cars and keep them until about 100 K miles. This one is a SEL loaded with all options but a roof. The DOHC optional V-6 runs strong and is very reliable. This one only had 39K miles and looked like brand new. I have had great experiences with 2 former similar Taurus' and expect the same from this one. Low maintanance and roomy. Failrly good gas mileage with plenty of power for everyday commuting.