2003 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$19,630 starting MSRP
side view of 2003 Taurus Ford
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.2
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A great car

Had heard about the Taurus being a great car, but was REALLY impressed once I got one. We bought it used, in mint condition and it's never given us a problem. AC is terrific, and our SE came with a factory installed 6-CD player -- a feature you quickly become addicted to.


2003 Taurus is a good car!

I bought the 2003 Taurus SES brand new off the lot for around $16,500 out the door. It now has 109,000 miles on it. Overall, a very good value for the money. It's a reliable family hauler with a moon roof, kickin stero(Mach system) and good trunk space. Overall highway is 27 MPG(acceptable). I've had a few minor problems with the vehicle such as the passenger door automatic lock doesn't work anymore(I just push it down), and the 02 oxygen sensor broke in the engine compartment(I replaced it myself), easy fix. Other then that, I've had no major problems or repairs, so my overall value and cost to me is very low. I'd recommend this car to anyone on a budget that wants a solid automobile. (I'd like to buy the new Taurus, but there is nothing wrong with this one, so I'll probably keep it another few years............)


my first car.

my parents bought this car for me, the summer of 2008(my first car). From a used car dealer, it was a real steal. 2003 ford taurus, 35,000 miles for only $5000. i couldnt believe it, the car was nearly 5 years old. and still had the new car smell. the previous owners took imaculate care of it. i have never had any problems with is. other than some lady crashing into my door. its been in the shop getting the damage fixed for 2 weeks now. ive missed it everyday. it now has 42,000 miles on it. havent had it too long. but i'd recommend this car to anyone. i still love it as much as when they first supprised me with it. i plan to drive this car until it falls apart.


Most reliable and affordable car I have purchased

The Ford Taurus is really the perfect car for someone who is looking for reliability at an affordable price. My husband and I both own Ford Taurus'. It, along with an 01 Chevy Impala are the only cars that really have not given us any trouble. They are good looking cars too! You can by them used and if you take care of them, they will last you. They are American made too!


I love the 03 Taurus, so I bought 2

I bought my first 2003 Ford Taurus when it was 2 years old and had 60,000 miles on it. My family was so satisfied with it that we bought another one. Their both SE and Black. Their twins literaly. Theres no difference whatsoever. Both cars have over 100,000 miles. One car has 10,000 more miles than the other. They both are very reliable. Never have any problems with them. I do ell me own work on the car as far as maintenance goes. If one car has a problem, eventually the other car will have it too. But its a minor problem. Its kinda nice to compare these cars. If I count my relatives, my family owns a total of 6 Taurus's.


What's wrong when nothing's wrong?

Bought car in Aug of 2006 for @ $7G. Wish now I hadn't insisted on spending the $$ on a 2 year warranty since car has needed nothing except 2 oil & filter changes...and a set of snow tires on 12/23. Got around fine 1st winter, but had to dig out 4 times before giving in. Takes awhile to get used to automatic traction control and antilock brakes if you've always driven clunkers. Scales CO. mountains with ease. Unhappy with 20mpg, maybe 24mpg hiway. Headlights collect ice and snow and plastic lense covering seems opaque, not clear. Uncomfortable for sleeping (car camping).


Dependable Transportation

Love this car. It is our 2nd Taurus. We never have any problems with it. We enjoy good mileage on the freeway. Car runs smooth and quiet. Great car for the money.


Never know what you'll find in the gas tank...

I have a 2003 taurus SEL with leather. I got it for my wife in 2005. It had 22K one owner miles on it. It is a sharp looking car with good exterior lines and lots of options. My favorite is the 3.0 DOHC 24 valve motor. It goes pretty good. the only problem that I had with it was with the fuel pump at 36,240 miles. (dealer wouldn't touch it under warranty). I replaced it my self. One year after I replaced it, the pump went out again. This time I took the gas tank completely out from under the car and put it on the bench in my garage. While inspecting inside the tank, I found a yellow work glove floating in the gasoline. That explained why it ran out of gas with 1/4 tank showing on the guage as the glove must have gotten lodged under the float arm. It does run alot better with the glove removed. i don't think that I would have found out about the glove if the Ford dealer had of did the Job under warranty.


Most Reliable Car I've Owned

This car is now 5 years old and has over 70,000 miles. i have not had one single problem. It still runs as good as when i got it.


Reliable. No problems at all!