2005 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$21,200 starting MSRP
side view of 2005 Taurus Ford
90% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 3.8
  • Reliability 4.4
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Very Undervalued

Bought a 2007 SEL fleet car from Hertz w/26k in 2008. Car has NEVER quit or glitched! Have 57k on it and the tires have another 10k to go! It gets a look over and oil from my Ford dealer every 5k, and just keeps going. Lots of long trips, one with a trailer! 25mpg is a constant at 75mph on cruise. Great car but wish it had a 6-way PS for the passenger! Oh, the Hertz price was $9400 after a $500 AAA discount!!


Impressed with this car - mpg & value!

'05 SEL. Bought used with 23k - for HALF original sticker price! 2 yrs later, 65k and no problems - none - brakes are even original! Just replaced orig tires at 61k. Taillights tend to go out on Taurus'; did on my '01 also (owned that 2 yrs to - 49k to 84k). Pwr leather seats VERY comfortable (well padded), long trips are a dream - smooth, quiet, comfy. Owned (very nice) Chryslers, GMs, VW, Hondas, and though I never wanted a Ford, I found this Taurus highly underestimated by general public. Though a basic family sedan, (sleeper) does everything a car should do and does it very well. Reliability of THIS American car is excellent. Read up on them! Easy 30+mpg/hwy. I AVERAGE 27.6mpg with mixed driving. NEVER below 22mpg (winter/city driving) Note well: folks who complain about mpg on Taurus' aren't figuring it out manually - the dashboard computer needs to be reset at every fill up! Great car, excellent value, ok looking too.


Already Sold

I actually own "this" car. Bought it last week. Mileage is very poor considering other feedbacks. Only got 17 MPG on highway and getting 16 MPG on work commute daily. Love the remodeled design by Ford over their earlier models. Overall very pleased and got a great deal.


Great car

I've had it since it was new. There has never been a problem with the motor or transmission. I have 110k miles on mine. It is the 6spd Aisin Warner transmission. I believe you will be better off if you avoid the CVT but they don't seem to be that bad either. The CVT costs $400 to get the oil changed and the 6spd is maybe $70 and has to be done about half as frequently. There are minor glitches like the trunk latch needed greasing, lights burning out, neutral safety switch is bad(haven't got enough energy to replace it), otherwise its great. Fuel mileage is insane for such a roomy big car.


Unbelievable deal

this is a excellent car if your buying a used car and want something safe reliable and has decent gas mileage. i drove 12 hours to get to nc from ny and i felt great the car is so comfortable and gets excellent gas mileage on highway. computer said 30 but i calculated it by (miles since last fill up divided by gas to take to fill it) and got 34 mpg at 75 mph on interstate on up and down hills. had power to pass and has a great sound system. i love this car i couldnt have gotten a better deal on it for someone just going off to college.


taurus=reliability and comfort

Bought an 05 taurus with 17000 miles on it. Now have 45000 miles on it . No mehanical problems, and car still has original tires on it . Driven betwwen ny state and virginia about 4 times a year, very comfortable for 4 people and their luggage. Averages about 25 mpg on the highway. Ford should have continued to make the taurus, interior and exterior style could have been updated . A great car that isn't made anymore .


A good car for the money.

Our 2005 Ford Taurus SEL handles well and got much better than expected fuel economy of 29 mpg at 75 mph for 4.5 hours when checked in May 2007. At that the car has plenty of power for passing when needed. The car is extremely roomy, the seats very comfortable and the instrumentation is more than adequate. The sound system is very good and the trunk is spacious. The front pillars do tend to obstruct the view somewhat but this is the most negative aspect of the auto. All in all we've been very pleased with our Ford Taurus. There have been two Taurus' in our past that went 185,000 and 235,000 miles respectively. The first would have gone much further but was wrecked.


A big step up

I bought this on Jan. 2 2005. My previous car was (and still is) a 1992 Tempo, and this Taurus is a big step up. More power, more features, more everything. My only problem is the fuel economy. My Tempo gets 26 MPG with it's 3.0L V6 (but it also has 135hp) and the Taurus gets 22.3 MPG according to the readout. Other than that, great car!


Great Care for the Money

If you are looking for a good performing, comfortable, car for this price tag you wont find anything better. Car is simple, yet looks great. Although the car is behind the time to some, it has been perfected over it's 20 year lifetime and utilized many of the original design and mechanical elimints.


Reliable Car

Great Car... I owned a 1998 and just bought a used 2005 and it is very comparable and delightful car.