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2006 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$20,830 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 Taurus Ford
89% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 3.8
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value 4.4
  • Exterior 3.7
  • Reliability 4.4
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Most reliable car...have owned it for 7 yrs

Good car very reliable comfortable with plenty of leg room,no body damage inside very clean Blue Bk list of 1800 but will let it go cheaper because of mileage. The only reason I'm selling is ..I bought a Ford Explorer & just don't need 2 rigs


Best Value Starter or Budget sedan

My previous owner was my grandma who had the car for many years, her only complaint was the interior felt cheap. I bought it from her at 102,000 miles in 2015 and now its 2017 with 114,000 miles. I recently graduated high school although people think the car is ugly, it has done me well. When I first bought it I put quite a bit of small maintenance in it and bought high end Michelin Premier A/S tires which improved the car on every level. Main thing like any car is to do maintenance. The taurus is known to have a mediocre tranmission and sometimes AC and strut problems, and rust. -------- Why did I buy it? Well first, I wanted a very cheap deal. The car has a poor resale value which is good for buyers. It also has fairly good crash ratings, its roomy, comfortable, ok mpg, reliable, massive trunk, and cheap maintainenace. My family also has a 2006 Lincoln navigator 120,000 miles, 1998 f150 260,000 miles, and a 2014 f150 with 40,000 miles so I'm loyal towards ford. Transporting friends and even long trips are a breeze and I used it to commute to school. I did about 10% city, 60% country roads, and 30% highway. I get 23-24mpg avg. -------- Exterior design: The car is ugly especially compared to newer cars. I personally think its fine. The car has some trim and a bulky back and front stance. My problem which I'm fixing soon for cheap is that I'm having paint peeling off in multiple spots. Saw some other taruii with this problem, they are common to rust in the rear wells at 200k+ as well. Car washes, wax, and avoiding salt is what you need. ------- Interior design: My first impression was mediocre. The buttons are all laid out nicely and easy to use, although there's lots of cheap plastics and trims, and very outdated styling even for its time. I love the simplicity of the Interior though. My car has the fake wood trim. Seats are easy to adjust, and easy cruise control buttons on steering wheel, good roof lights, simplistic controls. The knobs and dials are also cheap and clunky. -------- STORAGE: The trunk space is pretty good, it's about 16 cubic feet and a large opening and easy to open. It also has a decent size center console, door storage and cubbies, console cubbies, change holder, and 2 12v ports, and allows for easy modifications. The seats also have large pockets and rear seats fold down. Most more modern cars will have much more console and door storage however. --------- The engine: The taurus has a boring and old Vulcan platform. A 3L V6 with 12 valves. 156HP and 186 torque. No special sounds (can fix with mods). Why didn't ford use a more efficient and powerful engine? Luckily it's a simple and notoriously reliable and tough engine. This car gets up to speed quickly and has plenty of reserve power, although its not fast or fun. 0-60 takes about 7-9 seconds. Launches fairly quickly. ------- Transmission: Sometimes I wonder why ford used such a mediocre transmission. It shifts fairly quickly but ONLY 4 gears. It also shifts fairly rough with heavy acceleration. A lot of people are known to have transmission issues at 200k-250k. Good thing with a simple transmission is its cheap to rebuild. This car could have more mpg if it had more gears. ------- Ride quality: Its meh. My struts are still original, keep that in mind. Tires can also effect your quality. The ride is smooth but heavy bumps make the car rattle and wobble the steering a bit, also going into bumps while turning at quick speeds are very rough. Again you can fix this with mods. Car handles well but its not nimble. ------- Handling: It depends on some people. The taurus is a mid size sedan and it handles fine but around turns you can feel the weight, turning radius also isn't the best. Better tires did improve this. In Michigan, the car does well in winter which is surprising. Dry and wet weather seem the same. I only can lose traction if I try to on ice. -------- Comfort: Big reason why I bought the taurus. The cloth seats are basic and comfortable, plenty of head room, footwell room, etc. Passenger side can struggle if person is 6' 2" or more though. Can fit heavy people fine as well. --------- Reliability: I had to replace cabin and engine air filters and oil when I bought then it ran like normal. Expect general maintenance on the car and it'll treat you well. ------ Overall, love it. I plan on atleast getting 200k miles out of it. It's a great starter or Budget car. I want to get a 2010 or newer Taurus SHO after this.


Very solid choice.

Good car, reliable and a good value. Parts are inexpensive and readily available. Decent gas mileage.


Boring but reliable

I've had no issues in the three years that I've owned my 06 Ford Taurus SEL, the gas mileage really could be better for a "family" vehicle, just commuting around town I get around 15-17 mpg, but on the interstate I'll sit around 22, the mpg really jumps on back highways where I've gotten up to 30! The Taurus is a really great car for getting from point A to B. But there is no show or fun with this vehicle.


The car of my dreams

Ive always loved the ford taurus and would tell my family and friends about the car that i just bought looking forward to some good times in it and going on vacation in it too


Family members still has this vehicle, reliable.. is the best way to find vehicle of my choosing. Bought several vehicle through, looking forward to use the site again...


Really good first car

This car has been really good for a first car and how old it is. Haven't had too many problems with it.


An okay car

This is my first car. I got it about three years ago. It runs well, and the ride is smooth and quiet. I will say though, at least with mine, there is no slow take off. The car idles high and when I take my foot off the brake it is ready to go. I have had no trouble with it in the snow or the rain, and it handles fairly well. The brakes are not overly sensitive which is nice, because I hate it when I barely tap the brakes in someone else's car and it acts like I slammed them. The inside is roomy and there is plenty of space in the trunk. Since I bought it, other than oil, I have had to get a new battery, new tires, new windshield wipers, and now because it slid off track and shattered a new driver side window. My complaints with the car is that I have no heat in it. I have had everything imaginable looked at for that problem but so far no solution. The mpg is average at best getting 21 mpg on the highway and 19 in the city, and the speakers leave much to be desired. But it is a good starter car especially since the outside is ugly so it hasn't bothered me much if I bump into anything since all I am doing is adding character to an otherwise boring car.


Great car just watch the transmission

I previously owned this model ford taurus. Mine however was the fully loaded SEL with leather, spoiler, sunroof and cd changer. What I loved most was the comfort and roominess of the car. I am 6ft tall and weigh a good 250 lbs. And even when my friends and I decided to make a road trip we would always choose my vehicle because mine would comfortably fit five people of average and above average size. At that time I commuted a 45 minute drive to work. And let me tell you for being a big car it was very easy on gas and always seemed to have plenty of power to pass. It was very reliable but I did have some transmission issues. Be warned about these because everyone I knew with this model taurus ended up replacing the transmission and other parts. My mechanic said the transmission in this model ford was garbage. However, other than that I would recommend it. I sold my car and bought the new dodge charger but I still miss my taurus and now wished I would've kept it for a second vehicle. After moving I planned to look for one just like the one I got to purchase just for a second vehicle.


Good car

Purchased used in 2007 with 15k miles. Now has 120k. The only thing I had to replace is the alternator. Great reliable car. 22mpg city 27-30 highway mpg. Not the most quiet or smoothest riding car, but running quality tires helps. Keep the oil changed, fuel filter, and transmission serviced and these cars will run a long time.