2010 Ford Taurus consumer reviews

$25,170 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 Taurus Ford
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.4
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nicest car i have ever owned

rides and drives great. Great gas mileage one of the best cars i have owned. I would tell every one to own one of these cars .


I love this car

It turned out better than I expected.the heated and ac seats with a massager were great.very roomy to transport three children.this is a heavy car and this makes me feel safer.


Best vehicle I have owned

I have a 2010 SHO. I bought it used with 40k mi. This is the top of the line Taurus. Leather and suede seats with cooling and heating in the front and heating for the back. The front seats also have message functions for your back and your bottom... really nice to use during long trips. Very comfortable and very quite... No wind noise at all. The car is very stable even when very windy... you cant feel the wind... only notice that the trees are bent at a 45? angle at their tips... the car is pretty nimble considering it weighs over 2 tons! The SHO has only a V6 with a twin turbo, but it outperforms many competitors with V8s including both Dodge Challenger and Charger R/T. Maybe the steering could give a better feedback when cornering at high speed (but maybe when I was turning doing 90mph with a posted 50 could be the reason .... ). The car has paddle shifters that are pretty responsive considering the tranny doesn't have a twin clutch. This vehicle is a true pleasure to drive slow or fast. For the size and power it gets great gas mileage and it does totally fine with 87 octane. In the city I average 18mpg, combined about 20-22mpg (depending on what mood my right foot is in) and on the hwy going from Riverside, CA to Las Vegas using the adaptive cruise control set at 80mph I averaged 27.5mpg given by the on board computer which very closely matched my calculations (filled up before leaving and filled up again when I arrived in Vegas). Let me add that we were 4 adults with luggage! The car has 365hp but if that's not enough for the power hungry, with a few upgrades (2-3 grand at most) your SHO can have in the neighborhood of 500hp! If that's still not enough... well... don't know what to tell You! In 8 months I put 21k miles on my baby and it drives exactly the same. The only problem I have, which is covered by my extended warranty, is that the computer at times glitches giving me messages that the back up sensor is faulty or that I am unable to use my cruise control because the sensor on the radar is blocked. Restarting the car will reset the computer and everything goes back to normal. The traction with wet pavement is incredible! I apologise for being all over the map, but I pressed for time. To conclude this "small" book, I highly recommend the Taurus SHO for the enthusiast driver or any driver who enjoys comfort, power and lots of amenities !


Watch the water pump

Pros: Inexpensive v6 safe, heavy and huge full size car. Quiet. Cons: Cheap interior. Google Ford Taurus water pump. It's a $1800-$2,000 job and vast majority of the time sprays coolant into the engine, causing it to fail. Somewhere between 80 and 100k miles. Just happened to me. I apparently am not alone. Needs new engine. $7k at the dealer, $3.5 for a used engine swap at my local guy. Yep. You just read that. A blown water pump blew my engine.


Affordable luxury car

I've had 5 trouble free years of driving from my 2010 Taurus Limited. I'd previously owned a 2000 GT Mustang and wanted a car that was comfortable, got decent mileage, handled well and looked good. The car handles great for a sedan, stays flat while cornering and has some nice road feedback. The ride is smooth but not mushy and disconnected from the road. The seats are very comfortable and I'm over 6' and have plenty of head room. The Sync and all they toys are great, it's a pleasure to drive. Better than cars I've owned that cost 2 x as much. 19 mpg in city, 22 mixed and 29 freeway.


It just puts a smile on my face

Let me start off by saying that when I plan on making a purchase I do my homework. That was the case with the first Taurus I bought. It was a 2008. I seriously looked up everything I could about different vehicles, and the 08 Taurus just seemed to be the perfect car. I do not yet have a family but when I went and test drove the car I fell in love with the sheer beef and interior space. Unfortunately though I was in an accident and the 08 got totalled. It saved my skin though! The car took a beating but all the airbags and everything worked great and I walked away with liitle more than a hurt neck. So, since I loved the 08 so much, I decided to try my luck with a newer Taurus. It's got the same engine (except the SHO, this was an SEL), transmission, frame, and safety features, so really the big difference is just the styling of the car. It costed a little more than I wanted to pay, but just for kicks and giggles I took one for a spin. OH BOY. I really liked it even more than the 08. It was buttery smooth, quiet, and has decent power for such a heavy car (just over 4000 lbs.). The paddle shifters were a fun addition too! Anyways, long story short I left the dealer because it was too expensive, but ended up going back and giving in after a couple days because nothing else that I test drove was as nice for the money. I do not regret my purchase one bit. I drive a healthy amount and the car has never let me down! It already has a whopping 114000 miles on it, and it still runs like new, just as buttery as the day I bought it. I've kept up with maintenence of course with spark plugs and transmission flush and things like that, but other than that I haven't had to do any repairs. And the way the car feels when I drive it I likely won't need to for a looooong time. It's got some cool features, too! The voice recognition works pretty well, and I can even do things like say, "Vehicle health report", and the car will take information about all of the car's vital stats and send them in a report to my e-mail! Pretty cool, huh? I love the SYNC, and the interior styling is way ahead of its time! It looks better inside than most brand new cars. I still get compliments on its looks both in and out, and the car is 5 years old. I have been very impressed with the vehicle and Ford's newest lineup. They are making me a Ford guy, which is nice because I sure do like to support domestic products. I also would be remiss if I didn't credit my local Ford dealership too. They have been amazing to work with, which surprises me. Very good prices on repairs and sometimes they'll even top off the fluids and rotate the tires for free and throw in a car wash to top it off. I know dealerships vary, but I have been very pleased with this one. Like I said, the whole experience has just brought a smile to my face.


awesome all around car

I've owned a 10 sel for 3 years and absolutely love it. The reasons are: awesome good looks. (black), very effecient. 28 highway and over 30 on the open road. Front wheel drive offers winter traction. It is surprisingly quick. A quite highway ride. The suspension seems a little taught but handles very well. I'm 6'6" and have plenty of room. The trunk lid supports gave out prematurely and I replaced them myself for not too much. Overall I and my wife are very happy with it.


2010 SHO - An Exceptional Car!

Ordered mine sight unseen in December, 2009. Took delivery March 1, 2010. Candy Red with all the bells & whistles. AWD fantastic - no issue at all anymore with hydroplaning in typical flooding Florida rains. Power is indeed exceptional for a 3.5 liter 6 cylinder. Smooth, "instant" power to the AWD. It takes a very, very stout V-8 RWD to even think about besting this power. Normally aspirated V-6's don't even think about it! Styling still receives admiring looks in the Candy Red. Keep showroom new shine with Zaino products. Would be an "invisable" stealth stalker in white or silver though. (Better for invisability from FHP) Absolutely no issues at all with all the standard high tech gear, NAV, SYNC, etc. Some issue with braking vibration at about 15000 miles and Ford handled promptly without question. The interior really could be a bit more luxurious I think though. Other than that, quite satisfied. An absolute blast to drive and will give a BMW at twice the price all it can handle. Very few "rice burners" of any brand can match acceleration.


2005 Chrysler 300

bought it with 146, 000 kms in 2012 and had two different mechanics check it out before buying...no problems....dealership i bought it from had just replaced 2 tire rod ends....but all checked out....7, 000 kms later i needed two tire rod ends, ball joint/arm assembly and sway bar ....put the lifetime guaranteed parts on it....$1100 and 8 months later parts seems to be holding but a few other mechanics i talked to say that the front end of these cars are simply too light also, has a problem with the chrome plated lug nuts swelling and sometimes can't get wrench on them when its hot out...i'm told its a chrysler thing i got he 3.5 v6..the bigger v6 and acceleration is pretty slow...i'm not a fast driver and i knew i wasn't buying a rocket but even i notice it as a problem I'm a super easy driver and baby my cars and usually keep a car until it dies but if the super pricey front end parts don't hold up, i may have to take a loss and get rid of it...also battery getting bad but the batteries for these cars aren't sold at most parts places and over $200 when u can find them...would not recommend anyone buy one...i suppose there is a reason this car is so cheap 2nd hand and depreciates so quickly


2010 Ford Taurus SEL

I likew this ca, iw good im a big guy and it fits like a glove. The ride is somthe and fast. I got it from va motor company good dealer ship.