2019 GMC Sierra 1500 consumer reviews

$29,600–$34,200 MSRP range
side view of 2019 Sierra 1500 GMC
73% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior 4.3
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.6
  • Reliability 4.2
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DONT BUY THIS TRUCK 2019 5.3 ecotech

It started with an alternator the day I bought the truck. The alternator got replaced but the purchase was too recent for the warranty to cover it. They handed me a bill for 1200.00. They eventually stated it was covered. Started experiencing brake noises. Took it in. They said everything looks fine. 11 days later experienced a catastrophic brake failure and all needed to be replaced. Not covered under warranty due to normal wear and tear. Radio turned itself up and down by itself and went blank. They say it needed an update. Eventually replaced under warranty 3 appointments later. Made another appointment for brake noise. Before the week out appointment comes around experience a massive loss of power and truck sounds terrible. Dropped 2 lifters and cam shaft was grooved. Replaced all for 10k. Didn’t even make it to the first oil change after the repair and the truck is stuck in park and none of the exterior light or horn works. Tailgate will not drop. Appointment for truck was Saturday. It is now Tuesday and truck has still not been seen. DONT BUY THIS TRUCK. They look good and have great interiors. They aren’t worth a crap.



I bought a 2019 GMC 1500 Sierra with 10 miles on it and have had to replace the transmission twice with less than 90k on it. GMC would not do anything about it knowing that there are 1000's of lawsuits have already been filed against. GMC wants to nickel and dime you by saying you need to flush your transmission fluid, then they want to replace other components, all knowing that in the end it's your transmission that needs to be replaced. I wish I would have done my research.


Stay away of GMC

Bought this new & paid cash for it. Had I know of all the problems with these trucks I would have went to Chevy instead This has to be the worst truck I’ve ever owned GMC ought to be ashamed of themselves They don’t care or want to fix anything “ie” brakes, engine, transmission and other issues SO MUCH FOR GMC BEING A STEP AHEAD


Buyer Beware

Worst truck ever bought. It breaks down after 66,000 miles, electrical failures. Do not buy. It has a lot of room, comfortable has all the bells and whistles. How can a truck break down have engine, electrical problems, my dad had a Ford for 30 years. Never change spark plugs. Went to change Spark plugs on the Denali and they looked like the 30 year old spark plug. Do not buy. It has bees lemon from the beginning but it has been different part’s that break down so we could not go for lemon laws. Buyers beware!


Stay Away

without a doubt, this is the worst vehicle I have ever owned. Bought it used with only 30,000 miles on it. It has already needed new lifters, it needs exhaust work which would be over $1,000, it rumbles and shudders while driving and has a loud whining noise coming from the motor, both of which I am being told is normal. I have some serious buyers remorse and after being given the runaround by 2 dealerships and GM itself, this will be my last GM vehicle. All the horrible things you read online about this truck are true. STAY AWAY!!!





Very uncomfortable

Had a 2011 Silverado,….. very very comfortable. 3 years later still had original wiper blades and working like new ones…. Only gripe, bad on gas. 5.3L. Extended cab 8 foot bed…… Traded for a 2015 Silverado, better on gas 6.5 foot bed same 5.3L. Gripe with that truck is the whole radio, GPS, etc. is tied in TOO MUCH with needing OnStar, seriously GM,…. Cut the umbilical cord. Also the ride wasn’t as comfortable, been asking GM to change the programming for the front passenger window to also lock when locking the windows. Too easy for my dog to put his paw on the window button and put it all the way down accidentally. Their comment was they designed it only with children in mind, if child is too little to control the window then they should be in the back seat….. Maybe GM should also think that people, AKA customers also have dogs who sit up front……Eventually trading that to a 2019 GMC Sierra Elevation…. By far the most uncomfortable driver seat ever. Still hasn’t changed the window programming, said they can’t….. that is a lie…… I program Fire Alarm Panels, …… Trust me, you can change the program….. they just don’t want to, too lazy I guess…… lots of recall too since I bought it….. probably going to be the last GM truck I buy unless they start making some changes and listen to the customer….. Hey Ford,….. Hey Dodge,….. Are you interested in having a new customer????


Looks great - runs, well, not so great.

My first and last GMC product. Suspension is terrible - crossing the highway at my intersection is like a roller coaster ride. This truck looks great and has a spacious and comfortable interior but I only normally use one seat. Accessories are plentiful although I wish it had a front camera. The biggest problem is the transmission. It is constantly shifting in and out of different gears and most of the times they are very noticeable. The dealer told me that this was normal for this transmission. Now the infotainment unit has completely died. Worked yesterday but not today. All lights are out related to it. No warning - just died. When this market eases up, it is gone...


Won't buy again

Bought a new 2019 SLT 4WD X31. I drive a lot. 90% interstate. At 139,000 I had to put an engine in it, Now transmission fluid is leaking. Great looking comfortable truck, but I won't own another. Prior to this truck I had a 2012 Silverado that got a transmission AND a motor. Most dependable, longest lasting???????


Wouldn't buy another GMC

Very stylish and comfortable but started having engine problems after 1 year got it fixed and it's doing tge same thing 2 years later This was my dream truck and I'm so disappointed