2021 Honda Accord consumer reviews

$24,970 starting MSRP
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91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior 4.9
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value 4.9
  • Exterior 4.9
  • Reliability 4.8
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Accord Touring 2.0T ‘21 - Love the car!

Purchased car from a senior relative in Florida whose lease was up, with 17K miles. Love the car and tech. Did you know that there is a “Developers Mode”, which will give you access to many more options and adjustments. Highly recommend researching and gaining easy access for a true customized Honda experience. Just “Google” it. This car is fast and the 2.0T is refined. The ride is comfortable even with the 19” tires. My only “nit” is the leather seats can be more comfortable and supportive. I own both Honda and Toyota/Lexus. Both cars are great, but have distinctly different driving characteristics. Highly recommend!!


Good car but absolutely terrible tech!

Let me clarify why I only gave this car a 4 star review but 5 in the individual categories. When it comes to the reliability of Honda technology in my 2021 accord if that were a category to rate I would give it only 1 star. Why? Because 3 years later auto dimming headlights, automatic start, Honda sensing all have stopped working. With only 48,000 miles on the car! Of course the warranty has run out and I've seen that I'm not the only one who has this problem. Due to this xxxx poor technology I will never buy another Honda again. I mean what next could go wrong? It's like I'm now driving a base model but at a higher price. Honda dealer wants $100 to hook it up to diagnostic which will only take a few minutes then they will tell me it will be probably my guess $800 to $1,000. When they already know how to fix it I'm so disappointed I can't even trade it as I will get nothing for it because none of Honda crappy technology works. The car runs and performs great but when it comes to Honda technology it's a lemon!


Definitely Recommend

As a first time buyer, I am satisfied with this car. It is easy to handle, awesome features, and fits me. Would definitely recommend for others


I sure enjoy driving this car, the handling a ok!

I love my 2021 Honda Sport. I never had a car that was this great. I lucked out. I would buy another one, but i am keeping this one for a long time. :0)


Already been to shop 10 different times.

All I can say is I WISH I would have leased this vehicle. This has been the WORST vehicle I have ever purchased. Since purchasing at the beginning of 2022, it has been in the shop 10 different times, including; bad AC compressor, window leaking, radiator problems, water collection in under body, etc. When I had contacted Honda directly for a buyback, they basically told me "Tough luck." I will NEVER purchase another Honda in my life, and neither should you.


Great car

Perfect car for my kids and myself!!! I was torn between 2 cars but my salesperson helped me in so many ways!!! Thanks Jennie I’ll be back for another car without your help I’d still be walking


Car/phone technology lacking

It drives fine, gets good gas mileage, etc., but there are a number of cars that do that. I was interested in this because of the promise of wireless Android Auto. Be prepared to hate this car because of that. Not only connecting to Android Auto, but the Bluetooth connection in general. It's incredibly inconsistent. I can set my phone to priority, yet it will always be looking for my wife's phone. A Bluetooth connection in 2021 shouldn't be this hard to do. My 2012 Camry did a better job with that. I shouldn't have to go into the menus and choose to connect to my phone manually every time I get in the car. Honda makes a decent car, but so does Toyota, and at this point, I won't be getting another Honda in the future.


4 stars

Purchased brand new 21 sport 2.0 10AT. Very impressed how the car drives on the road. Also impressed with the pep of the 2 liter and 10 speed tranny. Decent safety features. Also love the walk away auto lock and remote start. Infotainment very simple and android auto/ apple car play no issues. The 21 is led headlights both high/lows which make great visibility for night driving. I have 3 complaints. 1 safety and 1 comfort and 1 for paint quality. Not speaking for leather seats but seats in my 2.0 aren't full leather. You might need extra cushions for long trips. As for safety the rear tailights illumination is different on the 1.5 and 2.0 sports compared to the touring tailights. The whole taillight doesn't illuminate hence why alot of people throw aftermarket tailights on their 10th gen accords. Now for paint quality. I'd be very careful buying a pearl paint that Honda makes. They have defects. You can look at seams of bumpers and front of hood the small plastic piece that's the color of car before the hood starts. Terrible paint watch seams of bumpers for bubbling.


My first brand new. used to LOVE Honda

i bought brand new 2021 exl. Car drives great, very comfortable, very spacious interior and trunk, it sips gas, the infotainment very impressive as well as the range for the remote start. at 11 months my rear seat was replaced as the rear seat had two large impression in it. The replacement was not as snug which i was aware would be the case. the seat began looking wavy and when i went to the Honda dealership last week another 2021 exl was just turned in to dealership from a lease with 13k miles and it looked horrible! the back seat was all wrinkled up. (I may have had a person in my backseat 15 times at best) Another person mentioned the ridiculous noise while breaking. i too had the same experience and yes honda says it is normal. MY GOD does it get loud when you reverse and break. i noticed the sound being the loudest when it was raining or when i left a carwash. if you plan to keep it for the long haul think of a different model--or maybe a different make. i never thought i would say this about Honda. if you do get a 2021 exl be prepared that the leather interior is junk and be aware of the LOUD humming noise that you will hear when you reverse.


2021 Tour

Beautiful car. Very fast in sport mode. Plenty of room. Stereo system is really nice. Fun to drive. Quiet cabin. I had a 2018 and cabin was loud. Much improvement. Rims are awesome. Test one for yourself. Great car.