2000 Honda Civic consumer reviews

$10,750–$11,750 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Civic Honda
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.6
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Worth it's worth

It did its intended purpose, transportation. It handled surprisingly decent in the winter. Although its interior lacks in styling and comfort. It is really only intended for two passengers, and anyone over 5'10 will struggle to get comfortable. Overall, its was a decent car and with its many flaws it does have its benefits. The mpg on the car was pretty well, I would drive far distances and be surprised at how much was left in the tank. I don't regret owning the car and the experience that came with it.


Extremely reliable

We owed our car for 17 years and not once did we have a mechanical problem. We did normal maintenance but other than than no issues. Excellent purchase.


best car I ever purchased on a reasonable price!

I think this vehicle is great! JDM is where to go! I'm not just saying this as a Honda driver, I'm saying it's one of the most unique tuners of its time; especially the 98-00 model. Its remarkable how a car can really own you when you don't love it. This car really is compatible with what you expect out of a vehicle! I absolutely recommend this car to a person who is just starting out with driving. And to someone with wealth! It has potential style class and speed! Reliable on gas and I couldn't ask for a better car!


Most reliable car i have ever owned

I have driven this car for 17 yrs with no problems the best car i have ever owned I will miss her she has been a good and trusted friend


Great Car for a project

You'll never see another car like this again. It's a great car to have fun with while transforming it.


Best Civic Ever Created.

One of the best cars I've ever owned. Reliable, yet stylish! I would recommend this car to anyone who is looking for bang for their buck! There's a reason why these civics are still on the street today!


Decent car.

It has been a love/hate relationship with this car. After it hit 75k miles, the nightmare started, starter, alternator, head gasket, radiator, exhaust, oil pan gasket seal, valve cover gasket. One of the biggest issues I've had, has been the exhaust, replaced it 6 times. The oil leak was horrendous, had to add 1 qt of oil a day, the coolant leak was another issue. About a month ago, the engine went, had only 180k miles. When the Civic was not broke down, it was a pleasant car to drive. Honestly could not even go 1 month without having issues...


Perfect College/ Short Commuter Car

I bought a used 2000 Honda Civic Ex with about 150,000 miles or so. I drove it for four years. It was Extremely reliable, I only had one time it wouldn't start for me because of an unscheduled maintenance problem. Recently, the transmission had some issues, but thats at 210,000 miles with some miscommunications about what needed to be maintained (mechanic did not make that clear prior). Regardless, it was well worth my money. Gas milage was good, I took in on countless road trips. I drove it daily, and faithfully it was reliable. It is pretty noisy, especially in the fast lane! The cupholders are Awful (I had tons of spills), and I had issues with my windows being aligned. I'd still do it again!



Purchased a 2000 hatchback (5-speed) at 85k; three years and 25k later, I'd still rate this as one of the best purchases I have ever made. Apart from a thorough tune-up when purchased (all fluids/filters, hoses, belts, plugs/wires, dist. cap/rotor, o2 sensors, thermostat, water pump and timing belt), this car has been mostly maintenance free and never left me stranded. I regularly see 40mpg in the summer and 35mpg in the winter with 80% highway driving. Repairs and fuel easy on the wallet. My only caveat is that I'd only purchase a car like this with a 5-speed manual, as it makes far more effective use of the D16Y7's narrow power band than the automatic can, especially on the highway. It is an economy car, after all. Problem areas I have found include the rear taillight gaskets (rain water in the hatch well), manual window regulators (window gets stuck in track), front seat belt tensioners (known issue on '96-'00), a dead stock radio (replaced with an older Pioneer CD unit), and a couple rust bubbles starting in the rear fender lips (NE winter roads and salt). All in all, nothing major considering its 13 years old with more than 100k. Keep up with preventative maintenance and I see these cars lasting at least 200k without serious issues. Provided it doesn't rust away by then, I'll be driving mine until then for sure!


Best car for college daughter

We just bought this model for our daughter, and she loves it. The four doors are convenient, and the back seat is roomier than the one in our Ford Focus wagon. The previous owner took excellent care of the car, so when the mechanic checked it over, he found everything in "great shape." The engine handles hills well, which helps in her commute, and the steering is tight, which helps in tense driving situations. Overall, a great deal, wonderful car with a lot of life left even at 120K miles!