2000 Honda Civic consumer reviews

$10,750–$11,750 MSRP range
side view of 2000 Civic Honda
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 3.9
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.6
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Best car ever

I loved my Honda civic. Even though it was basic transportation, it was extremely reliable, looked good, fuel efficient and maintenance efficient. In 155,500 miles, no problems. Highly recommend this car. I've bought a newer Honda but will always love my civic. (Don't tell my new car.)


Old Faithful - But keeps getting stolen

I love Hondas. Had them for 23 years. First, an Accord, brand new (1988). Kept it for 18 years and thought it was time for a change. I bought a 2000 Civic EX and LOVED the power, the sound system, the size, and handling. Excellent car in the snow, as was the Accord.The only reason I gave it a mediocre score for comfort is that I am a tall person (5'9") and the car is quite low, making it both hard to get in and out of with packages and making it difficult to park on city streets with too-big curbs. Great gas mileage, and no major repairs, only brakes, battery, oil changes and tires. Unfortunately, this car was stolen twice in 5 years. I just can't take it anymore, so I am giving up the car I love. The car I trust. The most dependable car out there. The bad guys won, I guess.


Best car I've owned

Ive owned pretty much all models of the 1999-2000 Honda civic from the dx all the way to the si. Which all of these cars brought much excitement and great mileage to the gas. With this car you cannot go wrong


Excellent car

Great gas mileage and very reliable. Honda over Toyota for the best value. I've owned both, and Hondas have always been more fun to drive and less hassle to maintain. Also, the handling is actually quite good in the snow for a compact vehicle.


perfect first car

looking for a safe reliable car with excellant gas mileage this is it! This will be our daughter's first car & we as parent's feel very confident with our purchase. Sporty enough looking for a young driver, she loves it! Did alot of research on this car, & liked what we read. Honda's also hold their value. Cant go wrong with this car for a first car.


Better than average

Comfort - Lounge like seats, you don't sit striaght up which can diminish comfort on long trips. Seats are supportive and covered in a high quality cloth. The ride is harsh, bumpy and loud which can make long road trips frustrating hearing that constant hum of the road and the engine is loud, no matter how hard you are on the pedal. Performance - slow. Not much power, struggles at high speeds, be careful when passing but the trade off is 40+ highway. The transmission isn't affriad to down shift though. Exterior - quirky. But I like it. The front looks angry and the rear looks calm, the steeply raked windshield makes the side view look a little goofy but it ultimately helps with interior space and efficiency. Interior - Flows nicely, soft touch dash, the manual windows are smooth and not clunky, but the chrome door lock toggle switch stands out from the rest of the gray interior. Cup holders are in a poor place, and the single power outlet is blocked by them when you have drinks in them. Value - Good value, strong resale value, but I cannot imagine paying more than $11,000 for this car (brand new). Its too loud, too slow, and lacking too many options. Reliability - Great. 120,000 miles and it has not stranded me or not started. Had to replace the O2 sensor and the shocks go bad easily (probably too stiffly sprung) and the exhaust system needed some work within the 2nd year of ownership. Be warned though, the headlights fog up easily and the gas pedal is really stiff at first then gets soft, this makes it tricky to get smooth starts without flinging your neck back.


Most fun i've had in a long time!!!

I wanted to get a Civic SI when they came out in '99, but the dealer wouldn't give me enough for my trade in, so unfortunately I didn't get it. Now I saw one on craigslist and went to look at it and bought it right after the test drive. I would recommend this car for anyone who wants a decently priced sports car with good ol' Honda reliability!!!


NOT an Si

THIS IS NOT the Si version of the Civic. If you notice the gauge cluster, it is of a normal EX Civic. Yes the engine is a B16A which is correct, but everything else does not match Si specs... this car has had an engine swap and therefore is worth much less.


Love my 2000 Si coupe

I bought this car new 9 years ago. It now has over 80,000 miles on it. - looks and runs like new - I do NOT drive this car slowly. The Si version has zip (160hp) and handles great with the right tires. When new it was the hottest thing on the road for the price ($18,000)- in less that 2 years it was eclipsed by more and more powerful cars in its class - up to more than 300hp. Even the 2009 Si is only 197hp. Ive owned Hondas and Acuras since 1978 - the rule is - do the recommended maintenance and it will keep running. Only recommendation - more torque!


Cheap, reliable, and that's about it..

A Civic, in stock form, is not a performance vehicle. Reviews stating this should automatically be viewed tongue-in-cheek. It's dog slow, handles like a twitchy FWD mess, and leaves much to be desired in every "enthusiast" category. What does the Civic do well? Well, it gets good gas mileage. It's "comfortable"... I guess. In the marketing segment that this car targets, it's not too bad. It's also pretty reliable. Honda makes good cars, but it all depends on what you want in a car. If you want something that's cheap, no frills, and will get from point A to point B in the most unexciting way possible.... Buy yourself a Civic.