2007 Honda Element consumer reviews

$18,900–$21,100 MSRP range
side view of 2007 Element Honda
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.6
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Exactly what she needed. No worries driving it anywhere. Most of all I know the wife is safe. Being able to purchase a used vehicle with confidence is priceless.


Finally retired and bought my dream car

Small enough to get around town nicely, but can haul when needed. Creative design and so much fun to drive. Husband, who was once an Element Doubter, asks to drive my car!


My Honda Element was da bomb

I wish that Honda would bring back the Element. It was our family's favorite car. It drove well, had tons of inside space, and was a smooth ride.


Boxy Element Convert

I just bought a 2007 Element with 83K on it. Auto, AWD, burgundy, continental doors, big cargo area--just what I wanted for our 3rd car for various hauling tasks--Goodwill, Lowe's, landscaping, etc. Only had it for a week, but so far, just what we wanted.


So much space!

I'm 6'2" and this car offers me all the room I need. She has tons of storage space as well as the rear seats can fold up into the walls.


Both Reliable and Versatile

Have 2 dogs and this car is ideal for transporting them. It's great for driving in all conditions and is extremely reliable. I drive it to work, for recreation and whenever my dogs need to travel.


UNBELIEVABLE the makers of this car would not fix

It's a shame it's not safe to drive and to expensive to fix very hard to fix and replace brakes every other month or two


The Leatherman of vehicles. Flexible + Reliable

The one and only car for me. It has absolutely everything I need. - Safety: This thing is a tank. It may not have all the bells and whistles of newer models, but it's an absolute tank. It's almost impossible to get seriously injured in an Element due to the innovative design. You're basically driving a huge roll cage down the road. - Handling: The Element is based on the old CR-V, which is in turn based on the Civic. And it really shows in handling. It corners like a slightly tall Civic, thanks in part to Honda putting most of the weight in the floor. It's tall but you'd never know it. - Reliability: Where to even start? These things are bulletproof. I drove my first one for 12 years and 190K miles with only routine maintenance and replacing some wear items (tires, brakes, belts, shocks/springs, spark plugs, starter). It still started up and ran like an absolute champion every single day and drove like the day I bought it. It got totaled when someone ran a light this winter, which devastated me because I planned to drive it for another 10 years or more. So I started a search for a replacement. It took a while but I now have an almost exact replica of my first one and I couldn't be happier with it. - Flexibility: There is no other vehicle out there that can match its flexibility, especially when paired with everything else. It can haul 4 people and a large amount of gear, then in literally 20 seconds you can change the configuration to have a huge back cargo area. Not quite big enough still? Another minute and the back seats come all the way out for a cavernous cargo area. And I've hauled everything and then some in mine. People, all types of construction supplies, compost, straw bales, firewood, excessively dirty dogs, furniture, appliances, 32 bags of cedar mulch, and so much more. Got it dirty? Just get a rag and wipe it out. Elements have the easiest upkeep on their interiors. Everything except the seats is plastic or rubber, and even the seats are super easy to clean. And it can tow too, especially in a stick shift model. - Size and roominess: The Element packs a *LOT* into a pretty small vehicle. I can still park in "compact car" stalls, but the inside is cavernous. Even in the slightly higher back seats, the amount of headroom and leg room is huge. A lot of very tall people have commented that it's the most comfortable car they've ever been in because for once they aren't squashed. It is the Leatherman of vehicles. Always reliable, always tough, surprisingly compact for how much it offers, maybe not the best at any single job because it's not a purpose-built tool, but if you have it with you you'll always be able to get the job done reliably.


183,000 miles went well, then...!

3 excellent mechanics are baffled and have never seen a honda 2.4L break a piston ring like mine did! always meticulously maintained, fresh fluids and filters, etc. now i have an expensive boat anchor with zero compression on #1 cyl.


Probably one of the best cars I've ever had

My wife bought this car in 2007. I had SUVs prior to this. They all had issues. This car had over 100,000 miles when I first started driving it. It is still going with no problems. Requires regular maintenance. Never had a major mechanical issue, and is a beast in bad weather. No idea why Honda stopped making these.