2008 Honda Element consumer reviews

$18,980–$21,180 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Element Honda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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Reliable, Roomy however could do better in MPG's

Love it.....recommend it....Honda is not making the Element anymore....last model is 2011. Therefore, buy one, keep miles low, and it will be a classic in the future.


Fun to drive with lots of room

After doing much research the Honda Element has been a great first car for my kids. Its also a kick to drive now and then from my Ford Expedition. So much room inside you would think your in a full size SUV, comfortable seats and a good ride. You have to get use to the door thing but if you don't want your kids having passengers as its law in Ca, its a great deterrent. Really not that bad. With the seats down or better yet out you can put lots of cargo with plenty of room for the front passengers. We have put 4k miles on the Element over the past three months. Plenty of power to get you up to and stay at 70-80. I was very surprised. We have got a go as 27 MPG and as low as 22. AT 60-65 we average 25 on a regular basic. We did a long haul with the cruise control set a 60 and got 27. Not too bad. The element handles good with a little body lean with standard tires. One we wear the new tires out we will put some aluminum rims as I hope to extract another MPH with them being less weight. Brakes work well and stop the car very well. The body looks great thought it is prone to door dings since they are so flat. We have the plastic fenders and are great wit the new drivers. They really don't care where they park. Additions I would recommencement are fog lights as the normal driving lights don't light as much as we would like. Arm rest for the driver seat as it seem you want to lean to far in this spacious interior. It make a long haul much more comfortable. Ipod connection and a GPS. My kids love it along with myself when I can get to drive it.


Most Practical Car Ever Built

2008 Honda Element EX AWD. Terrific vehicle, it has everything you need and nothing that you don't need. Element is a blast to drive, has great visibility, a very small turning circle, and is easily manuvered into tight parking spaces. Car converts from four passenger SUV to cargo van in seconds by tilting rear seats up and to the sides. It is extremely easy to drive, easy to clean, and easy on gas. I average 24 mpg in city and 28 mpg on highway. Full time four wheel drive is a bonus for Wisconsin winters. Wife stated car was the ugliest she had ever seen, but now will not give it up, so I bought another (2005 EX AWD) for myself. We have four cars and one truck, but the two Elements get used 95% of the time. They are just too practical and too much fun to drive to be left idle in our garage. While initially targeted for the yournger crowd, we are in our mid 60's and the Element suits our needs in every respect. I think Honda made a huge mistake in not advertising this car more and is making an even bigger mistake by discontinuing the Element at the end of 2011. I will certainly try to make ours last for many, many years to come.


Mr. Utility

If you are looking for a truck-like vehicle that can open up to be spacious and protected, this is your vehicle. It is not car-like, it gets decent gas mileage, and can be wiped out with a bucket and sponge. All-wheel drive gets you through winters without problem.


Fantastic box

When you look at the Honda Element from the outside, you would think that it is smaller, by once you step inside. . . WOW it is very roomy. I am 6'2" and I fit like a toddler in the Honda Fit! The Element is very reliable and i bought mine used with around 36,000 miles on it and it is still like new! The interior is nice, when it gets dirty all ou have to do is wipe it down. But it could use some more storage compartments. I love what the exterior looks like! I love box shaped cars so the element is perfect for me. i think that i got a good deal for the price that i paid. i think that the inside is a touch boring but i just threw in some of my own touches like a stuffed mushroom plushie or some little novelty items to make it look vibrant. the comfort of the car is ok. I mean i took a 6 hour drive the other day and it was a bit uncomfortable, but not the worst. I was still happy when i finished my trip. Over all i give the Honda Element a 9.9/10!


buying another one

I had my EX since July 2006 and if some crazy woman had not decided to go North in the south bound lanes of I-71 I would still have it. It was a terrible wreck, 5 cars plus crazy woman, and I walked away with a sprained wrist. Alas, my element was not so fortunate....rest in peace. I am now looking for a used one, so we can pay off quickly. NO OTHER SUV in the same class COMES CLOSE TO THIS ONE...price, gas mileage, handling, power and storage are beyond any other suv I've seen. I am driving a rental suv, a Ford Edge, that doesn't store as much and has less leg room in the back seat area. Honda scored an A+ as far as I'm concerned.


NOT for short people!

I have owned this vehicle for 27 mos. I am 4'11" tall and I find it awkward to cross lanes on a four lane highway or merging because of the level of the windows. I can't see the rooftops of the vehicles even during daylight hours. I put an extra small round mirror on each side mirror which helped but after all this time, I still can't say I love it. I do love the way I can stand in the back seat to buckle the two grandchildren into the car seats. I love the way the doors open to put things into "my shed". I am uncomfortable driving in the city in turning corners left still because the view is blocked from the side door design and the large mirror support. I can't clean the snow off the windshield easily even if I stand on the door jams with the door open! I have gone back to Honda and am trading this car in for one I that has much better visibility for me as a short person. My husband does not want to keep it for his 30 minute commute because of the frequent shifting that occurs in the the 80 mph morning traffic to work. It runs great in the snow. we love the stability bars. I look forward to the FIT arriving for me-- SOON they said!


Great SUV for young with kids

I needed to get a bigger car when our son arrived two years ago. I immediately started looking at small SUVs, thinking that they would give me the added storage and passenger space that a growing family would need. However, I was struck by the fact that they had very little added space. The RAV4 truly wasn't much bigger than my wife's Corrolla. And then I found the Element--it is really big inside. Lots of stowing capacity and the back seat is huge! It is a fun car because it is quirky (suicide doors, safari seating, box shape), but there are a couple of draw backs. I wish it had an outside temperature gauge. The headlights are not automatic and the doors don't lock when you get to a certain speed. Other than those minor grips my only remaining wish is that it got better fuel economy. . . the best I can get is 25--which is great for this segment--but overall not too good. Still--I'm very glad I got it--a terrific car!!


Under powered

When driving in cruise, even the slightest uphill on the highway leads to downshifting. I didn't like the steering feel, lacked a sense of holding a straight line. Gas milage was quite good, 25mpg on long trips. Usefullness of interior a plus, will easily hold 2 bicycles without having to dismantle them.


Just Great!!!

We enjoy the first Element (04 EX AWD) so much we just traded in our 4 dr. Accord on another one (08 SC). The styling and functionality is amazing. We have moved other people many times, loaded tons of stuff in it for delivers and pick ups and each time we are amazed about how much we can get into it (of course with the rear seats out). We can also get two adult bicycles in it with the rear seats out, which is great when you want to travel to bike trails. We have also been able to get three 4x8 sheets of plywood in the rear, of course at a angle with tailgate down. We have had furniture, doors, windows, woodand list could go on, in this SUV. Amazed each time and on the hunt continually of how much more we could get into it. These Elements are so much fun to drive. We hestitated in the fact of having two Elements at one time, but after some thought it was the most logical conclusion. We looked at many different autos to replace the Accord and decided to just wing it and go for two Elements at the same time. We love the way the little SUV handles and the gas mileage and especially the funtionality and versitility of the Element. When the 04 is ready to be replaced we know we will get another Element, thats how much fun they are. The only "draw back" is it is a four passenger vehicle, but it is a good down side if your not big into hauling a lot a people. The back seats are very comfortable and makes riding fun. We LOVE this little SUV. It is the mack daddy of fun and function. We hope the keep making them for a long time.