2008 Honda Element consumer reviews

$18,980–$21,180 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Element Honda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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new vehicle-big problems

when door locks are activated or brakes are applied( hard to stop car), the vehicle sometimes stalls and the electrical system fails. The dealer can't find the problem and cannot duplicate it. The vehicle is about 6 weeks old and has about 1200 miles.



I wrote a prior review. I've had my Element for almost 1 year and have driven it thru the Ohio snow. I still think this is the BEST vehicle I've ever owned. It handles well in bad weather. It is still as roomy and functional as before. After having owned it for approx. 1 year, the only thing that would be nice is a bigger gas tank and automatic headlights. Other than that, it is a great little SUV that drives like a dream. Hopefully, when I'm ready to re-purchase a new vehicle, they will still be making the Element. I LOVE IT!


Great Car--best small SUV

I looked at every, and I mean every small SUV. I was hoping to move up from our Toyota Corrolla and get some more space especially considering that my wife and I have an infant and car seats are NOT small. The one thing I could not get over was that the majority of the small SUV's on the market (RAV 4, SATURN VUE, CRV, OUTLANDER) are not any bigger than a small sedan. Yes they have lift gates and sit higher--but the actual seats and leg room are not any bigger. So when I found the Element I was thrilled to see that it is actually really big inside (because it is a box afterall). The leg room and interior space is huge! The car seat fits in with tons of space to spare--and the way the seats fold up means that cargo space is not an issue. I also like that it has stability control, six airbags and a very nice interior (great fit and finish). Some may dislike the looks of the Element--but in its own way it is actually quite sporty. The gas mileage is my biggest complaint--the city mileage is not really that great (I see an average of 19). Otherwise--I love it!


Best bang for the $$$$$

I just purchased my 08 2wd EX Element and I am very pleased overall. The main reason I bought this vechicle is for my business. I needed alot of cargo space and I also wanted a vechile that would get at least 20 mpg. So far I have been averaging 22 mpg with both local and highway driving (local in alot of traffic). I am replacing a Chevy truck which I loved but it was killing me at the pump (averaging 13mpg) :( I think for the money it's a great buy there is a few things they could have done better with the Element. 1. Fuel Economy 2. No real armrest 3.Overall vision especially from windsheild cant see traffic lights 4. Blind spot when rear seats are folded up (I removed both) Besides those 4 issues it really is a very good car/suv. OH by the way the stock radio kicks with it's built in subwoofer.


Extraordinary Element!

Absolutely LOVE my new Element (EX 4x4). Very roomy for passengers (front and back). The Element has quite a kick when accelerating. What a wonderful surprise from this SUV. Love the urethane coated floors & waterproof fabric (front & back). No messes to worry about...wipe up and move on. As far as consumer reviews saying that it isn't a luxury vehicle...I beg to differ. Very fun, functional SUV and love all the looks I get on the highway. You either love the look of the Element or hate it. I like that...


Honda Element

I just traded in my 1999 Honda CRV with 197,000 miles on it. I got a Honda Element LX. It is a nice vehicle, quite techy and plenty of room all around. People seem to like it although one kid called it a toaster on wheels. I asked him hot about that domestic piece of nothing you drive. Honda surely knows how to build a reliable fun vehicle while keeping safety and gas efficiency intact


Excellent and Versatile SUV

Absolutely love my Element. I am through my third tank of gas and I am averaging 21 MPG with about 70% of my driving in town - AC not on. It is a very fun to drive vehicle and gets a lot of attention - curious people poke their head in and a lot of skepticism turns to envy once they view the inside. The heater gets very hot very quickly and it rides beautifully in cruise control. Took a drive on the interstate with some pretty good winds and surprisingly I didn't get muscled around like I thought I would. My previous vehicle was a mini-van (Chevy Venture) and it was brutal in the wind. I really love the view....lots of window space and sits up nicely with comfortable seats. Mine came with 90 days of XM radio and I think I will keep it - great selection of music and the sound system is excellent. Now, a few drawbacks. I don't like the location of the drink holders....they are all of the way on the floor so reaching down from the seat is further than I thought it would be and you almost have to take your eyes off the road. Next, no automatic lights in the car or daytime running lights? I owned an 04 w/ these and I thought it was mandated but it isn't. Also, if you leave the lights on in the car...the bell beeps but there's no shutoff so you have to worry about the battery running down. I already left them on once, but only for about an hour! I had to really dig to find negative but given the chance I would do it all again!


Quirky and roomy.

I was hooked on the funky look from the first year of production, and after being a passenger in several Elements, I decided to get my own. I think it's a great value for the price especially with all the safety features standard, and while it doesn't offer as many options as some cars, I think you can find exactly what you want. Front and All-Wheel Drive, Manual and Automatic Trans, both a 5-spd with OD. The EX offers more bells and whistles, but I like my LX model just fine. Super-versatile, slightly offbeat, and quite fun to drive. Just pay attention on windy days, as the tall Element is going to catch the gusts more than, say a Civic.


"A reliable, safe, and fun car to drive"

My Honda Element is a really fun car to drive. The visability is great and it is so easy to manuver. Part of the reason we bought this car is because of all the safty features. It would be nice if this car got 30 miles to the gallon, so far the average gas milage is the only down side to the car.


Ahead of it's time

I love this vehicle. It has a lot more headroom then my 97 Suburban and gets twice the mileage. I hope it retains the same body style like VW did back in the 60 and 70s. It seems to be laid out well with one exception. After driving my 2008 LX for 2 months the only thing I can find a problem with was the front seat shoulder belts which if your over 6 ft. they will pull down on your shoulder which really becomes uncomfortable after awhile. The instrument cluster and all the controls were on the mark. A dash pull out cup holder would be a nice feature I think over all the Element owners are different and want something with new features. The exterior is smart and yet practical. I did add a rock guard on the lower grille opening. Drive train has plenty of zip and gas mileage was 25 plus. Honda is at the top of their game.