2008 Honda Element consumer reviews

$18,980–$21,180 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Element Honda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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It's Hip to be Square

First of all, if you are a traditionalist and looking for daddy's Oldsmobile?this is not the car for you. Also, if you are a gadget geek that relishes in the number of creature comforts your car comes equipped with, this is not the car for you. If, on the other hand, you are tired of all the other cars that look the same and have had difficulties expressing your personality through more traditional means of transportation, this car may be for you. But, you don't select the Element as a your automobile...it selects you and once it does, you should feel darned lucky. I am the proud owner of my second Element which is a 2007 Black Element SC. My first Element wasn't as fancy but I loved it just the same. The SC (Sexy Car) is, as my 13-year-old likes to say, SICK! (For you older folks...that's good). In fact, she insists that I drive her to school because her dad drives "the coolest car on the planet". For me, that is enough. To be able to have your 13-year-old want to spend time with you is all the reason one need's to do anything. But, for those of you without kids that can not relate, I will share the other reasons I love my Element so much. First, it looks super cool. Everytime I get out of it I stop and stare at the beauty of its design. Plus, it looks like no other car on the road, although Scion did try to copy its design to some degree without being nearly as cool. Secondly, it is comfortable. It has plenty of room in the front and the back. And when the seats are folded up you can fit a 6-foot Christmas tree in the back and close the hatch. Lastly, it is simple. That is, there are not too many features that I find unnecessary in other cars. I don't need or want a car that is too complicated to use. I need a radio (XM comes standard), iPod Jack, heater, A/C and that's it. Anything else is a waste although I do enjoy my wife's car's heated seats on an especially cold day. This is a great car for the money. If you are lucky enough to be selected by and Element to be an owner, you should take advantage of the opportunity


Not a happy Element owner!

I purchased an 07 Element last summer. It had to go back for a bad instrument panel, faulty cruise control AND got three flat tires. The radio is a joke. It fades in and out like nobodies business. My Honda dealer cannot seem to get the radio fixed. Honda quality construction is not what it once was.