2010 Hyundai Accent consumer reviews

$9,970 starting MSRP
side view of 2010 Accent Hyundai
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.1
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 3.9
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.1
  • Reliability 4.5
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Very reliable

Great on gas mileage, good comfortable seats. Has a sport car feel to it. Would definitely recommend for a day to day car( to and from work in heavy traffic).


Very fun to drive car, just not for everyone...

The 2010 Hyundai Accent SE is very reliable having owned it for the first full year now. Its very economical too if you are trying to drive around town or cruising through the country. One major down point is that people view you as not having power when you are on the road, either passing you or riding too close to your bumper. The thing is, this car has enough power from its engine to keep up and even out run most things from a take off or even at normal highway speeds. The automatic I drive is mostly limited when it shifts into overdrive at 40 mph and don't pick up steam again until about 46 mph, that's about 2 seconds of slow laggy acceleration. The only other time you will notice a down fall in acceleration is when the car is approaching 70+mph. You can merge on to the interstate somewhat easily, but don't believe you can out run anyone with this car if the speeds are over 50 mph easily. Before I got my SE Automatic, I test drove a manual and the gears aren't that easily to go through, but after a year of driving a manual, I'm sure you could easily and quickly go through them without much of a challenge. The suspension is stiff on the SE, with not much body roll. Turn in is pretty quick though not dangerously quick. The car does have some body lean, but not much in the SE trim. It is enough to know when you turned too fast. And the SE has a ground clearance of about 6.7 inches so, you can in a way think of this car as a small SUV in that you can go over many things like speed bumps without the car bottoming out, and park with those concrete slabs not scratching the bumper... Had issues with this with my previous car. This car though isn't really made for tuners or those that want to customize or trick out their rides too heavily. It is a good reliable ride for those that want an economical car without going hybrid or electric car and yet at the same time, offers those that want to get away from the gas guzzler SUVs a choice that gives them the same amount of cargo room. I'd say this car is more for mature older drivers than for the younger crowd, which is evident in the refined exterior styling that isn't really aggressive looking unlike most cars in this segment try to be. One thing I'd note about this car, the "Eco indicator" light doesn't really help it any. As long as you drive sensibly, this car will get very good mileage. I had the light on and got around 30mpg with keeping the car in the "Eco" light on for acceleration and normal cruising, this made the car feel very laggy and like it lacked power. I turned it off and drove like a normal person would drive a car, and the acceleration felt better and gas mileage improved by a little bit for me to 32 mpg. I do a lot of stop and go city driving. I like the XM Satelite radio it comes with, though I never actually listen to the satelite radio instead opting to us my MP3 player and its USB hookup. This car has a great audio system, although it at times doesn't seem to have a good base thump if you like that type of music. You have to treat the car as if you are using full featured speakers with its 6 speakers and turn up the base and turn down the tremble and then turn the volume up a bit louder than I would like personally. This gives a good base to your music that would otherwise sound kind of flat. The sunroof was the main reason I chose the SE other than I like to drive for fun and the SE with the sunroof and windows lowered offers a very good experience driving on the back roads in the country. The only thing is the automatic lacks the ability to sport shift it, so if you want true fun to drive you would want to get the manual. Other than this, the car is a very good, fun to drive car...


Perfect Commuter Car

Excellent fuel economy:cost of ownership ratio. Average MPG is 36 overall. Auotomatic transmission is nice when sitting in traffic. Not great comfort for very tall people. Otherwise well appointed interior. Best new car value in North America.


Very impressive!

After having my old car for 13 reliable years, I knew that I would have to eventually buy a new car. I did my research and decided on my 2010 Hyundai Accent and I must say I am very impressed and happy with the car. I've only had it for a month and so far so good....no problems at all. The only thing that I noticed is the noise it makes when I turn on the A/C. It's a suttle noise but nothing that I'm put off by. It's incredibly roomy for a compact car and it looks great inside and out. I hope my Hyundai lasts as long as my old car, but for now, I give it a big thumbs up!


Great commuter car!

I bought my Accent GLS manual transmission new about a month ago, and I love it! I got a great deal on it with a year end clearance sale. I seem to average 31mpg city with it, my driving style seems to excede the sticker mpg rating, and on a long hwy trip it returned 37mpg. It wasn't easy downsizing from a v6 sedan to this car, but I don't regret it as my monthly fuel expenses were cut by 1/3! If you can drive one, get the manual trans, as the automatic makes this car slow. My only complaints are the lack of thigh support (raising the cushion height helps with that), and clutch/shifter feel (this is a far cry from a smooth Honda clutch), but I can live with those downfalls. It rides softer than many other small cars, so it's not too much of a penalty box. The back seat has more room than many cars this size, and can fit 2 modest sized adults good without moving front seats very far forward. I had the dealership add cruise control, as they didn't have any left with that option pkg. Like most entry cars, engine/road/wind noise gets loud above 70mph, but the 6 speaker xm radio drowns it out, it's tolerable on long hwy trips as well, although it's best for commuter duty. I would recomend this car as a city/commuter car for anyone, ease of entry/exit, good outward visibility, easy to use and read controls/displays, and easy parking/handling would also make it a good inexpensive car for elderly drivers.


Good car for the price

I have had my accent for about 6 months now. I bought the car for the gas mileage, the price, and the warrenty. The gas mileage is shockingly poor. I bought the accent to replace a 1996 mercury mystique with a V6. With the mystique I averaged about 27 mpg over the four years I owned the car. So far with the accent I am doing no better. When they advertise for 35+ mpg and you get no better then 27 its a big disapointment. Other than that I really like the car. It is a very comfortable car from the drivers perspective.(I have not got in the back and don't plan to) The car handles well and the pick up is what you would expect from a small four cylinder. For the price and the warrenty I could not find a better deal out there. I have the GS model with the automatic transmission, A/C, and radio. If you are looking for a cheap new car just to get from point a to b with no bells or whistles this is the car to get. If you are looking for a family car its just not big enough.


Accent GS - Overall Good Value

- Before I start I should remind people that this is an economy car and not a BMW. Some reviews on other sites complained about things like leather seats and a power moonroof not being standard. In short, be realistic when viewing the features/options. It's a $10k car for pete's sake. - That being said I'd describe this is a poor man's VW Golf. While that sounds like an insult it's not. I like VW products and a Golf typically costs 40% to 50% more than what I paid for my Accent. Given the price it's well built, has good (but modest) styling, performs well given the size engine it has and it's reliable (so far). - While the engine is smaller than I'd prefer the car does perform well. I can hit the gas going into a turn and the car will hold the road fairly well. I do recommend a manual transmission though. The automatic can't take hills or quickly take off from a dead stop. Very few automatics can in this class though. Note that this car will not be spending much time in the fast lane on the expressway, though it does do 65 MPH with little complaint. The real-life MPG is lower than I'd like but that is because the car is still in it's break in period. - My main reason for buying the vehicle was that Honda and Toyota couldn't match the price for a car with the same features. The key to that was Hyundai's "special offer" at the time. The options on mine are the same as the Honda Fit and I was able to get mine for considerably less and with an excellend rate. My monthly payments are less than a lease on a FIT. Honda and Toyota offer little in the way of incentives and if cost is a big factor then I'd recommend exploring the Accent and other Hyundai products.


its incredible

ummm no sterio,what happen if you add one the price will go 2k more just for it whos idea was this,a car is not a car with out a sterio


good car with good price

good car with good price, High performance and good air condition, the car offers advanced safety technologies and more interior volume than the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic.


Handles well on snow and ice

I drive 80 miles a day roundtrip to work and we just had the worst Iowa winter in ages. My 5 speed Accent handled well on the Interstate and around town. It has seat belts for 4 passengers, and a pretty roomy interior. I would recommend it to a friend.