2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,850 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Sonata Hybrid Hyundai
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.3
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Great on gas and good for the value

Hybrid gets great mileage. I used this vehicle for a couple of years before upgrading to a newer model Perfect for daily use and commute


I cannot be happier with this nice looking ride!

With a fine glide as, it rolls down the street. It's makes you wonder why everyone doe's try one out. There are a lot of cool cars out there right now. This one is just beautiful. No complaints from me. I love it!


2012 Sonata Hybrib from new to 45,000 mile review

after 45,000 miles I have a good feel for this car. I have read the other reviews and don't entirely agree with them. for starters the car is reliable with absolutely no problems at all so far. Super easy oil and filter changes for DIY and no maintenance that you cant do yourself until 60,000 miles. As for the smoothness of the transmission. Some hesitation at takeoff from a complete stop is noticeable but that is it. After the car is rolling it is smooth. It has plenty of power for highway merging with solid acceleration. No neck jerking performance but typical V-6 sedan performance from the 4 cylinder and hybrid motor working together under full throttle. Now the gas mileage. It is totally dependent upon speed and ambient temperature. I can get 45 mpg on highway at 65 mph in summer. More typical is 38 mpg at 75 mph. In the winter when temps run as low as the single digits to the 20's fuel economy suffers to 33 mpg at all speeds. Expect 32-34 mpg in freezing temps. Overall it still is a great value and saves money unless you live in Alaska.


Extraordinary value for a nearly perfect car

This is our first Hyundai and we're very glad we bought it. The mileage does vary significantly depending on conditions, but compared to a non-hybrid, the mileage is still terrific. I've gotten over 42 MPG on summer trips several times. And that's with 4 adults on a long trip with no complaints about space or comfort whatsoever. Interior space is wonderful, especially rear-seat legroom and the cavernous trunk. Quiet interior with a great factory sound system Would definitely buy again, but the car does have 2 niggling faults. 1- As mentioned elsewhere, acceleration off the line is delayed, so taking off from a start requires some judgment. 2- The cruise control is a bit schizophrenic. It jumps up 3 MPH over your target speed, then settles back down to it. Nothing scary, just an annoyance as the car surges initially. No service issues whatsoever, just oil changes, etc. Bought ours Certified Pre-Owned with 12k miles already on it. Now almost 31k after a year. Hard to believe that the car is still worth nearly what I paid for it. Remarkable how much car can be had for so little money. Recommended to a friend who tried one out and bought one as well. Truly awesome car for so little money.


Super car with Great Styling

The Sonata, my second one, is one of the best cars I've ever owned. Mileage is right on. 33-35 around town. A little less in very cold weather. 39-40 Highway only. If you don't drive like a "Jack Rabbit" you will get the described mileage.


This is a DO NOT BUY

After a year of smooth driving, the car began to jerk and shudder about a month ago. Based on the reviews I have read, this is an issue Hyundai has yet to rectify. After bringing the car into the dealership service centre 4 times, eventually having a software update applied, the dealership tells me this is normal. The shuddering occurs when the car shifts down from 4th to 3rd, which suggests a transmission issue. I would not recommend buying this car.


Love The MPG

I owned a 2014 Ford Fusion Hybrid for 7 months prior to this purchase. Browsing the web I realized I could trade in the Fusion for a similarly equipped low mileage sonata hybrid and save a large amount on my monthly payments. I couldn't be more pleased with the switch. My MPG after 2100 miles driven with the sonata is 44 overall average while the best I could get in the Fusion was 39. I was disappointed in Ford's claim of 47/47 city and highway driving. No way will you ever get 47 on the highway. Also the gas tank is 4-5 gallons smaller on the fusion so you're filling up a lot more. The sonata feels roomier and I've received several compliments on the styling and color. I owned a 2011 elantra which was a little small for the family. I love this purchase and my warranty on a used Hyundai hybid is better than the new Ford's warranty.


I LOVE my new to me car!

This car seriously has it all. I knew I wanted a hybrid and I fell in love with the panoramic sunroof in the Sonata Hybrid. Luckily, I found a 2012 red Sonata Hybrid with leather interior, panoramic sunroof and full electronic package for an extremely reasonable price. This is my first used car - other cars I've owned were a Honda Accord, Subaru Forrester and Honda Pilot. Reliability, quality and value are important to me. I felt really comfortable buying a used Sonata Hybrid because of the great maintanence package and Power Train warranty Hyundai offers on their certified used vehicles. I love this car and I am very happy with my purchase.


We love our 2012 Sonata Hybrid, but ....

The car is fantastic though we live in the foothills of the Cascades and usually don't get the advertised mileage, probably because of all the ups and downs. Also, we've found that using a mid-range gas really help with the MPG, so we'll mix half a tank of premium at COSTCO with half a tank of regular for the best mileage. Two things to be aware of with this hybrid model: first off is its sluggish acceleration when you really need it as the car either can't decide if the gas engine really needs to perform (like you're pulling out quickly into traffic) or stalls outright. Luckily Hyundai has a firmware fix for this very unsafe condition. Secondly, and Hyundai hasn't a clue on this one, for some reason the audio on the radio or Nav just stops working. One solution is to pull the car over to the side of the road and REBOOT! A far simpler work around is to hit the BlueLink button on the rear-view mirror twice and sound is restored. Mind you this doesn't happen all that often, but when it does it's a real pain. Hyundai has replaced our entire Nav touch screen and computer twice and neither time has it fixed the problem. Unfortunately it seems that Hyundai has taken the ostrich approach on this one and is just hoping the problem will go away. IN FACT I doubt that you'll even get Hyundai to even admit that such a problem even exists. I've taken our 2012 Sonata hybrid to two Hyundai dealers and they claim that they've never heard of the problem. And of course with all intermittent problems like this, it never happens to them. But I'll give it to them that they've tried to fix it twice at a service cost of over $4k each time.


We love it.

I bought this car because it was on sale. Was a 2012 leftover early this year in 2013. Its probably one of the best cars I've ever owned and my mileage is always better than the 34 city 39 highway. It usually gets around 41 on the road at pretty fast speeds. It does have a small hesitation as the gas engine kicks in but that is greatly offset by the performance and gas mileage. And even that is less noticeable with the cruise control on. My wife doesn't notice it at all. We love the car and there is no better warrenty.