2012 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid consumer reviews

$25,850 starting MSRP
side view of 2012 Sonata Hybrid Hyundai
85% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.4
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 4.3
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first hybrid and loving it!

got a 2012 in Feb 2013 just a couple of weeks before the 2013 was available (oh well, whatcha gonna do right LOL). it was built in Dec 2012 so i'm sure it is one of the last of that model year...anyways, the car is wonderful to drive, extremely comfortable and roomy. i went from a 2012 dodge avenger to this and it was like stepping into a rolls royce in comparison. the build quality feels and sounds top notch, not tinny or clunky at all. it takes a bit to get used to how a hybrid drives, but on my daily 30 minute commute (90% highway) you don't even notice and if you do, it only feels like a gear change when the gas engine kicks on. ive been getting 37-38 mpg and about to go over 1000 miles on just the second tank of gas and have some to go, probably hit 1100 before i have to fill up again. so far very impressed with this car and i'm glad i made the switch to a hybrid


Not at all a good car

I have been using this car since 6 months. Since month 1 I am having the same problems with Mileage, performance, safety. Lots of time informed to hyundai cusomer connect center. Initially they promised to fix the issues. But they just need to verify that from any local dealer. Then the local dealer also verified and stated the same. Then customer connect center replied it is not guarantee to get 35 mpg in city and 40 mpg on hwy. It is just an estimate. So nothing they can do it seems. I explained them whole story still they refused to solve this issue. So I suggest not to buy this. Remember hyundai stopped manufacturing new sonata hybrids. Thanks,


Great Car All Around!

Great car - 1st hybrid to own. Bought it due to the mpg and the great look of the car. I bought the Premium hybrid '12 sonata, and glad I did. It's got the panoramic roof - makes the interior so much open, the leather heated front and back seats, blue link technology, bluetooth, great looking wheels, roomy interior, and navigation. Some people talk about the hesitancy and the brakes - I haven't noticed either of it. I've had my hybrid sonata for almost a month. On my very first tank of gas I got 41-42 combined city/highway mpg. I think those are great numbers. It's winter here in Iowa - cold weather. I can't wait to see my numbers during the upcoming warm spring/summer. I can't say enough of my new hybrid sonata. It's a great car, including the great warranty. I love it - and I get so many compliments of the great looking car I have!


love this car!

I was eying the Sonata Hybrid for a few years - loved the elegant technology of gas + lithium Battery. Finally my old car needed replacement and I got the Sonata Hybrid. It has not disappointed. What a super car. It's comfortable, elegant, well designed, really impressive with gas mileage (though you have to learn to drive a little differently) and great value for your money. The biggest surprise I had was the power of the car. I'm allowed to drive in the express lanes without any other passengers in my jurisdiction and occasionally I get aggressive drivers in performance cars behind me giving me attitude (Hybrid car vs performance car stuff). First time I got annoyed and stepped on the gas to give them room, I was amazed. This car took off like a rocket and now, when cruising, I sometimes have to check myself since I find I can hit 140 km without noticing and have to brake back to 120 max. Love this car!!


love to save gas

best car on gas mileage in town 45mpg best on highway55 to 65 mpg great ride& handling over all i would recommend this car to everyone.



The styling. The interior comfort. This is a great car for the price. Its mileage rating is biased toward hiway driving, so if your driving consists of more hiway than city (at least half hiway), this is a good car for you. I can easily get more than 40mpg on hiway alone. I average about 34 in only city driving. This is the only full-hybrid vehicle I have seen with a real automatic transmission (6 speeds!) instead of an inexpensive CVT trans, except for a couple of very high-end cars that I cannot name here. I commute over a mountain hiway to work. The handling and power are as good as I need for a sedan model. Being a hybrid, fuel mileage is less in cold weather, as the gas engine must stay on longer to warm up. Hyundai has provided a couple of software updates to the car's computer since it's introduction in 2011, and is a neat car that I reccommend to others. Definitely test drive all hybrids, and you will likely select this neat Sonata. It is quieter and more comfortable than the others, and is a good choice for long trips. Don't forget the lifetime battery warranty! A big plus here for peace of mind.


Green Expectation

The Sonata Hybrid was rated highly by Consumer Reports. Like the no plug-in design of the electric power. The new thiner battery design gives the car good truck space. It is marketed as 39 MPG. In the 2200 plus miles (new) the highest MPG I recorded was 36.5.


Worst vehicle I have ever seen

I bought this vehicle recently, I am facing very serious issues. I get 30 mpg as average. Every time I reset avg mileage, avg drive time, etc all. And till now I filled full tank 4 times. Almost I get 480 miles for 16 gallons of gas. I drive mostly on highways on 60-75 speed. Daily I drive around 35 miles on highway and 10 miles on local roads. only 1% i saw 40 mpg that too on local roads. Maximum I see <33 mpg on highways. I know it depends on driving conditions. How much ever the driving and climate, I should not get just 30 mpg avg. I should get atleast 36 mpg avg. Next thing is the pick-up. Dealers say that hyundai hybrid has huge delay when shifting from electric to gasoline. this kills the pick-up and very dangerous when taking turns in local roads. Next thing is navigation system. Just now I heard from hyundai customer care that. All hyundai vehicles comes with old version of navigation system. If customer wants then they need to pay the money to upgrade it. It doesn;t matter even if the customer buying the vehicle. One dealer told me that car has to drive for 6000 miles to get correct mileage another dealer say 1000 miles to get correct mileage. Also, one technician said that non-hybrid sonata gives better mileage than hybrid sonata.


A Lemon!

I bought this car in February 2012 and made the mistake of not driving the car I purchased. Unlike the car I test drove, this Sonata Hybrid bucks and hesitates while accelerating, and is especially bad when cold. The dealer has told me that nothing can be done, and refused to take the car back the day after I drove it home. I think the problem is related to the fact that the Sonata Hybrid has a typical transmission rather than the variable transmission found it most other hybrids, but no one with Hyundai will admit to this. This car gets worse mileage than my 2004 4 cylinder Camry! I am very unhappy with this car!



I FIND THIS CAR AN OUTSTANDING VALUE - I spent almost one year researching by , studying multiple reports, shopping, and driving other cars in it's class - bottom line it was 1,000's less -the shifting between electric and gas is is different vesus a non - hybrid but smooth and acceptable ! The interior and exterior features compare with cars $10,000 more. I would recommend this car to anyone.