2014 Jeep Cherokee consumer reviews

$22,995–$24,995 MSRP range
side view of 2014 Cherokee Jeep
75% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.5
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.0
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.8
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Biggest car mistake ever

Didnt find out until 12 hours after delivery when we drove back from celebration dinner after dark how dangerous the flashy high tech touchscreen is. Forget texting and driving, these things are scary accidents waiting to happen and i am a techy! Dealer was no help, just lowballed me on a trade in offer. Looks big on the outside, but its small on the inside. Acceleration from dead stop is sluggish to pickup, then it catches up when you r 1/3 thru the pedal and tires squeal as i jump to regain control, hit the gravel several times. Controls badly positioned. Front passenger has accidentally bumped gearshift into neutral doing 70 on the highway and accidentally engaged the parking brake reaching for a candy wrapper doing 60. There's more, but you get the idea. Working on a trade as fast as i can.


good looking car but left NOT RELIABLE!

This a good looking car but has left me Stranded about 5 times. Suddenly stopped in the freeway, luckily, I was next to shoulder. It stopped after 2 hour drive when going out of town for a relative's Funeral. We missed the funeral it caused me double hotel fees. The service department a sales person and financial Manager worked very hard in trying to get transportation and get car driveable . These Jeep's quality is terrible.


Meets every need I have in a vehicle

Most versatile vehicle I have ever owned. From the luggage racks, towing package, to the seats that lie flat, I can haul everything necessary without driving a pickup truck. I love it!


Really like this Jeep

Mine is fully equipped, heated everything. Rides great. Love the panoramic sunroof. The 4wd system works well. Great gas mileage for a v6 SUV. Just a SUV for the money.


More than I expected to get when I bought it.

I loved owning this car. I really enjoyed the quiet road noise, the surprisingly powerful V6, the admirable mpg (34.4 on a 1,600 mile trip 2 years ago!), the reliability, the variety of features (back up cam, automatic rear lift gate, auto start, easy cell phone integration, and the feel of the leather steering wheel.


Trailhawk; the Go-Anywhere car

This is the car for folks who like to know that they can get in the car and go just about anywhere they want, in all kinds of weather. Subaru has a nice AWD system and has been resting on their laurels for decades; This Jeep is head and shoulders above any Subaru in off-road capability and all-around versatility. Some folks have complained about the multi-speed tranny in the Cherokee, and yes; it can sometimes lag in downshifts or be a bit clunky in low-speed downshifts... Let me explain: ANY multi-speed automatic transmission from any manufacturer can subject the driver to these issues. The nine-speed in this Jeep is strong, but the problem is due to computer coding and not a reliability concern. Because these multi-speed trannys require split-second shift logic and input from a ton of sensors, the code and processors sometimes lag for a second before the powertrain module decides what to do. This is a condition that is able to be addressed by code upgrades, and many Jeeps have had code fixes that eliminate or substantially reduce shifting stupidity. Another thing to understand is that the problem usually goes away when using "Sport" mode or (in the case of the Trailhawks) when off-roading in 4WD mode. Despite the code gremlins with the nine-speed; this is one heck of a tough, cool-looking and reliable Jeep, and you owe it to yourself to do like I did and go drive one and decide for yourself if its right for your needs.


Goes anywhere, in style

There is no real competition for the Cherokee Trailhawk. This is not the fastest, most luxurious or the most economical of the compact SUVs out there, but it is the most capable all-around car Ever. The little trailhawk can zip through traffic, cruise over 300 miles on a tank and go places off-road that no other stock car can travel. For folks that have jobs where you are critical personnel or you just li,e to have the option of going out for dinner in terrible weather, this is your car. Loaded with tech and safety features, insurance rates on the Trailhawk are lower that other off-road vehicles, and its much more hospitable on the street than a Wrangler.


Loaded with options & ready for anything!

Car in excellent condition; all options tested worked as expected. Pretty quick for a 4WD crossover; sport & offroad modes worked fine, and AC was ice cold. Great performance and lots of folks commented how cool it looks!


A phenomenal mid-size SUV that anyone can enjoy

I?ve owned 4 other SUV?s in the past 10 years and I have unquestionably enjoyed this one the most. My previous vehicles were a BMW X3, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, and Range Rover HSE. All are great in their own respects but when you compare what you get for your money, reliability, maintenance costs, and ability to perform on or off the pavement (in a manner all SUV?s technically should), I can confidently say the Cherokee has atleast those vehicles best. It does seem smaller from the outside and had me concerned it would have a tougher ride like a lot of mid-size SUV?s tend to have. However, one you are inside, the amount of space and level of comfort truly surprised me. It?s also phenomenal to be able to go in and out of Manhattan and not be concerned about not being able to get around comfortably or find parking, due to it?s more compact build. I am thankful now, that I didn?t spend the extra money for the Grand Cherokee. This Jeep has definitely exceeded my expectations. My favorite SUV purchase so far and am planning to purchase another soon.


What a piece of junk.

Paid 23,000 for this thing in 2016.active grill shutter motor fried twice,have to reprogram the PCM because it failed,constantly triggering engine light for problems that don't exist re... having to re program the pcm, to the tune of $400.00. We couldn't figure out the problem, so we reprogrammed the PCM should be fine now,third times a charm. It's not a jeep it's a fiat. Never agian. A years salary.for a yard orniment.