2016 Mazda CX-5 consumer reviews

$21,795–$24,895 MSRP range
side view of 2016 CX-5 Mazda
92% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior 4.6
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value 4.6
  • Exterior 4.8
  • Reliability 4.7
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Stylish, sensible, reliable, drivers car

I've driving sports cars muscles cars and high end luxury cars. Mazda wins for the cost in reliability, features for cost, drivability, and design. It's drives nicer than it's competitors Honda, and toyota. BTW those are its competitors your buying a reliable car when you choose a mazda it's no Chevy Ford nissan or Hyundai garbage. Safety rating good. No cat transmission which some are okay but maintenance cost is less with mazda and they make their transmission in house and their solid reliable. Engine gets good gas mileage it's a big suv smaller motor but still plenty of get up and go for being a 4 cylinder if you consider it slow remember it's non turbo so less maintenance cost things to worry about plus still get great gas mileage.


Great Purchase

I see a lot of complaints on this car. Maybe from a different class. I grew up lower middle class so the fact that I've had this car for 5 years and the only issue I've had is the compressor...im happy.


Bad experience

After owning Hondas for 25 years I was spoiled. Thought I’d try a Mazda but have been thoroughly disappointed. Firstly the interior design, particularly the console, was poorly designed and the various buttons stopped working within months. Too expensive to fix so I left it. So far I have paid more to fix a 7 year Mazda than I ever paid for 4 Hondas in those 25 years. Have gone back to Honda.


Happy after an accident

I did a lot of research before buying this car for my teen son. He was in a pretty significant accident in the car (he was rear ended on an Interstate). The car is likely totalled, and he didn't have any injuries. The driver seat actually reclined him (not sure if this is safety feature) when his car was thrown from the freeway sliding into a grass median. The seat bottom did break (it was split with the insides of the seat showing). With the speed of impact and the damage to the car I am amazed he walked away unhurt. I will be looking for a replacement with the exact same car.


Does not meet speed performance expectation

Very slow acceleration as if it can not carry her weight. When you accelerate you can feel right away the effect but just sound helpless to move faster. Interior and external style is perfect.


Rivals my 2015 BMW X3 actually sportier OUTSIDE

I bought my CX-5 used, so not everything is going to be always shiny, spic and span based on the previous owner. Mostly for things that should be in god condition regardless of past ownership for a 6 year old vehicle is pretty good, and shows the Mazda quality I have always been told (This is my first ever Mazda purchase). The exterior is so eye catching, add in the tiny touch of a nice side pin stripe and it looks way above other CX-5's. The Interior is actually not my favorite when it comes to what you would expect from the exterior, but its not horrible, just more dull than expected. I have the Grand Touring with heater leather seats and pretty much all the bells but one thing that has caught my eye is while I looked up my vehicle, unless there was an ADDITIONAL package that came with the already high end trim level, the dash give away that there is a feature I apparently dont have that I wish I did- the front collision sensing and looks like lane assistance. This has baffled me I bought the highest trim and that wasnt included? The Knob based infotainment system is excellent and rivals my last vehicle a 2015 BMW X3, which had the same setup which is so cool! I love the sporty feel but it has way more no sporty get up than expected. Overall, the Bose system is great, sunroof has express open, but not express close, and a very small gas tank for the size of vehicle. Quality wise, it has been amazing though, no engine trouble yet, knock on wood. I would still recommend this to a daily commuter like myself who wants a good used vehicle.


2016 CX-5, Sturdy Sporty Descent Drive

Pretty good sporty drive, the kicker switch is cool! Feels somewhat bumpy over potholes and bumps in the road. USB ports located in front of the gear shift knob. . . Hard to find and see. The cigarette lighter is under the armrest console, very dumb place. 5 yrs later at 51k miles I heard a noice of rattling like somethings loose. I believe it’s the plastic wings on the side of the rear window. Ever time I go over a bad bumpy road it rattles, very annoying!!!!!!!


High Tech and Reliable!

What an amazing car! I was looking at the CX-5 for a while for its reliability and safety, and when I got one I was blown away by its technology, safety features, design, and gas mileage! A very nice infotainment system that is very easy to use, controlled by a knob. It’s blind spot monitoring is responsive and only has a sound when using your turn signal. The gas mileage is amazing for an SUV, about 24-32 mpg. The car has a very clean design, even better than some of the 2020s. I would only recommend getting the 2.5 L I4 that is available in the Touring and Grand Tourings, as I’ve heard the 2.0 L I4 is a bit sluggish. Handles very well, very capable.


most reliable and best value car i've ever owned

i bought my 2016 cx-5 brand new with 35 miles on the odometer. it has been proven to be one of the most enjoyable to drive cars i've ever owned or driven, and i;ve owned or driven dozens of cars in my 62 years.


Love this car

Picks up and goes when you need it to. Nice SUV if you still want that car feel. Drives like a small car but feels more like that SUV you’ve been wanting. Worth the money, not too expensive and insanely reliable.