2020 Mercedes-Benz GLB 250 consumer reviews

$36,600 starting MSRP
side view of 2020 GLB 250 Mercedes-Benz
62% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.0
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 3.3
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It’s been at the dealership more then my garage.

IVe had numerous Mercedes , various models. This has been the worst. I definitely would like to be out of my lease so I could get into a different model.


Lots of issues with electronics

Purchased used with 600 miles. Check engine light came on before I got home from the dealership the day I purchased it. Problem with “ water” in the sensor. Display randomly changes without warning, speedometer display disappears while driving which is a safety concern, radio comes on by itself, changes stations by itself. Preset stations all change to 88.1 when I turn the car off. “ Hey Mercedes” will suddenly come on asking how she can help me when I am the only person in the car and I am not speaking. That’s a little freaky. Persistent rattle in dash that is very annoying. Has been at the dealer for 6 days. No idea what’s happening. 2nd Mercedes I have had and it’s the last one.


Problem fueling car

I am so disappointed. I did not expect such a basic problem as putting gasoline in my 2021 brand new GLB 250 .I read past reviews and after trying to put gas in at costco, impossible for me and almost impossible for attendant . Went to Mercedes service dept for help, was told to try another station. It doesnt sound like that will work but will try on second refuel at Shell station.


Love the look

I love the car so far but I’ve only had it for two weeks. I had a 2015 Equinox before getting the GLB250. I looked at the GLA and GLC, as well as other manufacturers, but really liked the GLB. I must say I was smitten with Mercedes-Benz and always wanted to own one. So my thought process was rather jaded. I got the AMG package that offered a few other options that I like as well. I was concerned about it only being a inline 4 instead of a V6 but it seems to have the pickup and drive to soften that concern. The only thing that is stupid is the easy exit seat. It does not function as to what your definition of easy exit would be. Other vehicles have what I would consider easy exit. This vehicle does not. Even the sales associate was dumbfounded by it.


6 months and problems

I owned a "08" C350 for 12 years and had very few problems. I purchased the GLB 2020 in October 2020. When I started the car this morning the dash board was black and I couldn't turn the car off. Everyday something was malfunctioning in the car from the camera to the water pump light before my repair appointment.


Love the car but VERY DANGEROUS!!!

I currently own the 2020 GLB. Valentines Day 2021 will make it a year since I got the car. The car already been in the shop 5 times!! From door handle never locking when you touch it and having a mind of its own ( working whenever it wishes) to back window washer fluid not coming out and having to replace. Finally multiple times the transmission shutting down the entire car while I am on the highway driving in the fast lane!!!! Car was in the shop for 1 month for transmission problem then after 2.5 weeks again on the highway the car says I don’t wanna run anymore and shuts down again during a snow storm on the fast lane!! Now I feel like I’m risking my life everytime I drive this car!!! Super sad because the car is awesome! But having to deal with this is a nightmare!! My car is currently in the shop again! Let’s see if they finally fix it! Oh and the door handling does lock again!!!


Compact SUV with Third Row and Modern Infotainment

Purchased the 2021 GLB because I was looking for a compact-sized SUV with third row seating for kids. The GLB also has a modern interior, I like the turbine-style air vents and the "surfboard" infotainment and instrument cluster. Despite what others have said about navigating the infotainment, I don't find it hard or cumbersome to use. However, one nuisance is having to scroll to the radio presets every now and then on the instrument display, sometimes it doesn't save the last setting. I also like the large panoramic sunroof although that's a $1500 option. The engine is peppy and the car is nimble (for an SUV) and has great class gas mileage. There are a few annoyances though: 1) The 2nd row seats don't fold all the way down IF the seats are moved to the front most position (the headrest hits the front seats), this makes it even more difficult to climb into the 3rd row; 2) Android Auto and Apply Carplay doesn't take up the full 10.25 inch infotainment screen, Google Maps only displays 7 inches; 3) the dual exhaust tips are fake. The GLB isn't very stylish, isn't very fast and performance-oriented, and it's not the most luxurious Mercedes; however it offers the perfect practicality. The only competitor is the Discovery Sport which is also a compact, luxury SUV with a third row.


Best Car Ever!!!!

Mercedes GLB 250 is the perfect car for our needs as a veteran, disabled-who wants safety and dignity. Love the way it looks and drives.


Love this car!!!!!

I cannot say anything negative about this car. I have owned 4 Mercedes prior to this one but this is the best so far. I am very happy with the car.


Smooth car

Excellent vehicle. Smooth ride. Great appealing. Awesome ambient lights that make the interior very welcoming! Purchased it a week ago and loving every bit of it while driving. It has a 3rd row that is spacious enough for kids too! Overall, very stylish and attractive in/out!