2003 Nissan 350Z consumer reviews

$26,370 starting MSRP
side view of 2003 350Z Nissan
100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.4
  • Performance 4.8
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.8
  • Reliability 4.8
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Best Sports Car I've Had so Far

The handling is great, suspension is hard (which is expected for the Track Edition) but if roads were smooth then it wouldn't have been an issue. Due to its weight the performance lacks a little on warm days but still pretty good. the early models 2003-2004 had a common issue with the synchros for the manual transmission in 3rd gear. The stock Brembo brakes are great, a little expensive to replace the pads, but so worth it, they last a long time (e.g I've driven mine for 40k miles and the pads still have half life). location of charging outlet is not the best. the trunk is too small, but not bad for a fun car.


Great car all around

Love love love this car it's my baby. Can't say it's the most comfortable or relaxing to drive but it's beautiful and fast so very worth it.


Worth it

cons: Insurance is very high (considering im 19 and a guy) deferentially check insurance cost before buying High oil consumption Road noise at highway speeds in the cabin is pretty noisy Gas consumption, about 20mpg over all (usually drive at low rpm on street) Relatively high powered, I would say that the only things I didn't expect were that these cars have a high oil consumption so u might need to add some more engine oil every month or so, not a full 5qts but it depends on how you r driving as well, and I drive on the highway or freeway a lot but my gas mileage is never been more than 20mpg according to the gauge (2003 350z 6 speed manual). If you want comfort over performance then here are some things to think about before buying it. The car isn't very good at keeping the noise outside when it comes to highway speeds, so you'll be hearing the road very clearly and the suspension is stiff so u'll also feel every imperfection that the road might have.



I completely fell for the whole package. I had to wait for a few years to afford one, but the engine 3.5 v6 is a beast drivers of bigger muscle cars get nervous, especially if the z is a manual. The car helps you drive it with the vdc traction control, I drive mine in the snow if you have the skill you'll understand it's capability. Fyi the outside trunk release is a thick rubber button just above the license plate recess in the middle. You have to feel for it but its there. There are very few on the road so the design looks fresh. I love it. The multi gauge cluster even has an adjustable shift light so you get the most power out of every gear the result is amazing. I get accused by co workers of speeding on the on ramp, but it's just me running through all the gears to 65mph, they all have automatics.


Best Sports Car for the Price

I bought an 03, 350Z base model, Manuel trans, used with 42k miles on it, it now has 56k. I have had no major problems with the vehicle, so far. I tend to be a critic when it comes to cars but with the Z there just isn't much to critique. The comfort: I put 4 stars simply because although the ride is smooth you can easily feel the road (like most sports cars.) Also the Z gets some of road noise, nothing to annoying it's hard to even notice if you have the radio on. Performance: 5 stars this car has crazy fast exhilaration it's how a true sports car should feel. The turning circle is very tight I love this about the Z. I also enjoy the steering it is very sensitive you don't need to turn the wheel much to turn the car hard in that direction. Exterior design: 5 stars. Let's just face it the Z is a great looking car, it's a real "head turner" for its price. I get a lot of complements while driving it. This car is far from outdated, I have even had people ask me if the car was brand new because it looks like the modern style of car. My only complaint is the stock headlights are not very powerful with tinted windows it can be hard to see well out of. Interior design: 4 stars. The interior of the 350Z looks good to the eye, but the dash and other parts of the car are made of a cheap feeling plastic. Also the bind spots can be difficult to see out of, it's something you need to get used to but if you are aware of the cars around you this shouldn't be a problem. There is no storage area on the passenger's side dash it feels empty. Value for money: 5 stars. If your looking for a reliable, fast, good looking, sports car this is it. I have both driven and researched several other sports cars that are around the same price as the Z, a few cars stuck out to me, I liked the Porsche Boxter and Honda S2000 but when you get down to it, the Z takes the cake, with it's looks and performance. Reliability: 5 stars, like I said no major problems. I had to replace the front passenger wheel baring at one point. Not too bad considering the car is 11 years old. I had a problem with the driver's side door handle a small plastic piece inside the door handle broke and it wouldn't open had to replace it. Otherwise just general maintenance, and the thing still runs like a champ.



What a fun to drive car. It is fast and handles like it is on rails. The gas mileage is not too bad as long as you keep you foot off the gas pedal, but that is very hard. The interior noise is loud but it is a sports car.


Used owner

This car is amazing its fast and controllable a great car. The only bad thing is the price to buy one. Just wish it was a little cheaper. Other than that the car runs great never had a problem or nothing needed to be fixed. I've owned this car for a year and I'm glad I picked this car.


What a blast

Two weeks ago bought a 2003 350Z with 40,000 miles on it. Makes my commute a new, exciting and pleasurable experience. Handling is fantastic. Shifts like a dream. My only complaint, and I wouldn't even call it that, is the interior noise. But it makes me feel even more aware of the driving experience, and driving this car is exciting on a whole new level. I've owned a number of great sports cars -- Mustang, Camaro, Celica GTS -- and this is the best handling one of the bunch, with the best feel for and of the road.


Great Car

We have had our Z for 3 years now. No problems with anything. We get 35 MPG on Hwy. Looks Great. Drives Great. Runs Great.


fast and fun

I have had my 350 for 3-4 months now and it has been pretty good. I love the look and the performance of the vehicle however there are some minor things that are just plain stupid. First the cars hood and hatch are both aluminum, this is nice to make it light however, it dents very easily. Do not have this car in heavy rain and especially not hail. It will look like a golf ball instantly. The other small thing is the trunk only opens with the remote key or release pull. There is no inside button to open it. The windows seal when you open abd close the door. And the windows get off track but it's easy to reset them. All other features are great. Love the navigation and sound system. Heated seats ac abs heat are amazing as well as the reliability. I have the touring edition and its great in all weather. The car has excellent handling. Overall I am really happy with my car. Also when I choose to get rid of it, it will be easy and retain the value well.