2004 Nissan Maxima consumer reviews

$27,100 starting MSRP
side view of 2004 Maxima Nissan
77% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior 4.4
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value 4.0
  • Exterior 4.5
  • Reliability 4.0
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Love my Mr.Max

I've loved these cats since they debuted in late 2003. I finally found a used 04, granted high mileage (215000). It now has been 3 years, now 285000 and with regular maintenance, original engine and transmission, it's never failed me. It looks like thr day it rolled off the production line, and if financially feasible, if the engine or trans does fail, I'll replace it and keep driving Mr.Max. love this car.


Great Car

Bought New, 60k miles in 16 years. Brakes , tires, GAs tubes in hood and Trunk lid failed. Burned out fog bulbs, replaced battery once. Turned front brake calipers. Garage Kept, Replaced all fluids. Thats about it.


Something i'd love forever, if i could.

Foreword: I'm young, and i don't make the money required to maintain this vehicle. It's been garage-kept, loved, and well maintained by one single person before me. This car was the baby of one individual, and as such it speaks true to how well this vehicle can hold through the years if given the love anyone can possibly can. Reality after 250,000 miles: It's reached it's prime, and far passed it. It's time. Time to turn this car off, and give it the final blessing it deserves. Not being sold, not being scrapped. As much as i want to drive it currently with a blown header, it's time. Current state (After all these many miles & love): 1. (INTERIOR) The interior is still beautiful, you could even pass it for 'fresh off the lot' factory quality. It's held on. Sturdy, and beautifully designed. 2. (EXTERIOR) The exterior has kept it's original "Radiant Amber" color well, though admittedly has faded in it's quality through the years. It's unmistakable however, that if kept in a proper climate, this car's exterior can with-stand the test of time. Though, expect the reality of the 'Metal' trims to peel, and much of any plastic to peel and fall off. 3. (Transmission, Drive-Train & Motor) The motor, though having been replaced in the past (Now covering roughly 180k+ miles, transmission remaining stock to the car since the beginning) still has the pep you'd expect from the 3.5L V6. Though i don't know the condition of the motor that was used to replace the wrecked one, it was a Nissan Motor none-the-less... When you press that pedal, you can expect an admittedly long lag, before you get kicked ever-so-slightly throw back in your seat taking you onward into watching your speed-o-meter running through it's numbers pretty confidentially. Even at a surprising rate. 4. (Accommodations/Quality/Luxury) So, i'm an electrician. And though this vehicle has never been considered to be used as a service vehicle. I managed to fit an entire 300ft of 3/4 EMT into this car. Having dropped the backseat to reveal the entrance to the trunk. I was able to fit all 3 bundles of pipe into the car, with room to spare. Obviously in a pinch, with an embarrassing moment having arrived to a job site. But PRIDE, seeing as how the car was able to do so. Final notes, though i have more information; I love this car. It's been given to me in it's late life, and i love it to death. I only wish i had the income to restore it to factory quality at this point, but i frankly cannot. I have to move onto another vehicle. THAT BEING SAID, if i had the ability, this car is absolutely worth restoring and making a "Forever Car"... BUT ONLY FOR: 1. Someone who only wants a decent little pep when they press that "Trigger" (Peddle) 2. Someone who doesn't mind the lack of the "New Age" touch-screen(s), adaptive cruise, back-up camera, Etc.


First car

The '04 Nissan Maxima drives great, it will get me where I need to go. My family likes it they all drive Nissan's as well. I think I made the right choice.


Kept up with a V8 M6 on the parkway

I have owned this car for over a year. Banger for your dollar. If you want speed, I paid $4,000 for this car plus $400 for a catback exhaust. Just raced a BMW M6 in traffic yes he was faster, but he never lost me. Over 145MPH top speed. STOCK. 265HP will have you smiling.


great looking car!!!!!

Will get you back and forth with no problem. New paint job. Well worth it!!! Rebuilt title, very clean, Cold AC. Hot Heat. Everything working.


Car shut off stirnwheel,and brakes lock in traffi

It will get people killed how it cut off,and the whole car shut down while driving down the interstate,and road.These cars is 100% unsafe. The body and paint is the best thing on these cars.It things should be a recall on theses vehicles


We purchased our Nissan Maxima brand new in 2004.

This vehicle has been extremely RELIABLE with little money spent on repairs. It has a great body style and is sporty inside and out. With over 183,000 miles it is still running great and all systems are working properly! This car has terrific power and fast acceleration.


Good car, nothing special.

83,000 to 125,000kms. This was my first car; only car at the time; driven regularly. City and highway driving. Features 350z engine, 2-seat "Elite" rear package, good sportiness, comfort and features. Not a bad car, but there are much better options out there. No serious downsides except the auto transmission, which is prone to failure anywhere past the 130,000kms mark- and even started knocking before then (go Manual instead). The soundsytem is mediocre for Bose, turning radius is wide and vehicle altogether quite heavy with significant body roll.


Beautiful car to look at but not reliable at all

I actually love and hate it at the same time. The car is a beautiful car inside and out but what I hated about it, it gave me so much trouble and I spend so much money fixing it. Unfortunately I though nissan was a good brand but I had to find out the hard way once I own one and started to read reviews about it and it's sad to say a lot of people gave more bad reviews then good. I really wished I read the reviews before I owned one then I wouldn't have to spend so much money on it.