2006 Pontiac GTO consumer reviews

$31,290 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 GTO Pontiac
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.6
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this car is special

Actually the title is quote from Top Gear when they reviewed it. What can one say about a car designed in Europe to handle on the autobahn and then had the Corvette LS2 engine dropped in it? <-Rhetorical question. The car rocks. Are there cool aftermarket things that can be done? Yes. I gave it stiffer rear springs (stock a bit cushy) and firmer front radius bushings. And of course there is Cold Air Intake and headers to make it even more torque-y. From the test drive on I was hooked, but even then I did not anticipate the true passion this car inspires. I have had it for 2+ years and each time I turn it on, it returns the favor. Also, it has been totally problem-free (slightly over 20,000 miles).


1 of the best

i own a 2006 gto and ive had numerous sports cars and i believe that the gto is one of the best ever, handsdown..


Last GM I will ever buy.

I first saw this car in moter trend in 05 in a shootout with a mustang. I fell in love with the car the minute I saw it. I have always had small compact cars but something about a muscle car just made me smile. After a year in 06 another articale in moter trend came out with the gto,charger, and mustang comparison. The gto did not win but they said you can get one under 30 grand and they have on in the moter trend garage. When I saw this I almost fell over because I could trade in my VW gti and afford the gto. A month later me and my wife finally went to dealership just to look and get a price quote. After all that was said and done I got a great deal on a car that I thought I could never afford. I was only paying $20.00 more a month on a gto than I was on a VW gti! For the first week I had the car I would go into the garage every morning and just stare at my car in awe still not able to believe I actully had a 400hp GTO! To make a long story short after ONLY 2 years of owning the car I went though 2 SETS of tires(I dont even race the car), 1 water pump, 4 trips BACK to the dealers to get the door locks fixed, and to top it all off I had to get my whole suspension redone because of excessive tire and sagging rear springs. The dealership said it was just an allighnment issue so I got two other professinal opinions and they confermed the the whole suspension problem. The dealership denied all the claims and did not fix the problems.(nice warranty) So out of my own pocket I had to pay for tires and a whole suspention fix for total of 5 grand. It is now 2008 and I cant sell the car because of gas prices and I cant get buy one on the side because I cant afford it. So basically I am just waiting day to day to see what breaks next to set me back once again. Thanks GM.


Never look back...

Everything about this car is spot on. They nailed everything they were aiming for with this car; super powerful engine, luxurious yet sporty interior, incredible handling. One thing I dont think they were going for, but I dont mind, is the MPG potential. With the strong 6-speed, Ive gotten over 35mpg on the highway, and thats with a 6.0L V8! Like the title says, I'll NEVER look back.


GM's Best Kept Secret

Owning a GTO is like having a Corvette with four seats. Performance from the stop light is always lighting quick yet extremely smooth. The throaty sound announces the cars athletic abilities. The 400 HP LS2 engine loafs along at 2500 RPM at 80 + MPH and is ready to sprint from there at a moments notice. All this with an over the year average of 19+ MPG. Taking sharp freeway interchanges or mountain roads is always a thrill due to the solid grip and flat cornering. One does not have to let up but can power through the turn having total control, a true road racing machine. All this at an value price well below the cost of many mundane coupes and sedans, especially the higher end imports. Due to the limited number of 2005 and 2006 models with the LS2 engine this is sure to be a classic in future years and a well maintained model could prove to be not only a pleasure to own but a financial investment. It's none stand out exterior design got bad press, which over rode the car's true overall virtues. In the long run the exterior styling will be appreciated and the cars performance virtues will make it a sought after classic. GM's best kept secret!!


Bang for the Buck

I recently purchased a 2006 Pontiac GTO, Impulse Blue with matching leather interior. The car is incredibly fast and hugs the road in dry weather. The color combination and easy to use instruments of the interior are above par. Some people will knock the exterior appearance, sure it looks Grand Am like, but most consumers are going over the top and making it out to be the homliest car ever. Far from it. The sleek lines and raised back end give it a muscular appearance to go along with the muscular growl of the 6.0 litre LS2 engine. The only negative thing that I can say about this vehicle is the handling in rain and snow is quite poor, downright scary. Other than that, this car is extremly satisfying to drive, and gets great looks everywhere I go. With the 2008 release of the new Camaro, same engine and performance numbers, all of the exterior design and probably most of the lack of option issues will be resolved. Problem with that is everyone will buy the Camaro, but not a problem if you buy the already discontinued GTO which will become a rare car in the future. Plus, who wants the same car as everyone else has, aren't you all tired of the "new Mustang" that everyone drives?


I can't stop smiling...

I hav owned a recent model Mustang, an S2000 an RX8, and other performance cars and I think I can finally stop looking. I am NOT a GM guy, never had a particular interest to own a vette or certainly any Pontiac. But this GTO is a GM car I expect will be with me for a long time. The smoothness of both power and torque is so satisfying. None of that turbo stuff here. Foot on pedal, car goes now, and with authority and civility. It does not ride on a rail like an S2000, but it is still resepctable in the handling department. Interior is pleasant to look at and live with on long rides. No GM bulbous waves or unecessary curves on the dashboard. Very classy. Owned it for 5 months and thoroughly enjoy every time I drive it. I gave some 4 star rating only because a 5 is almost unreachable. This car is just plain great in more ways than the obvious LS2 engine. Big time recommended!


4 door vette

This car is amazing. I always wanted a Corvette but have a wife and 2 kids. I looked at Mustang, Mazda RX8, etc. I never thought of this car until I saw it while going to test drive a Mustang Mach1. I opened the door and was amazed how plush and roomy the interior was. I took it for a test drive and fell in love. I also blew the doors off of my buddies Mach1. I never knew a midlife crisis could be this awesome!


The thunder from down under

The power and comfort is an amazing bargain. I own a 2004 gto and a 2006 gto (both quicksilver) and the cars are amazing all around. I've compared them to the Mustang, Charger, BMW, Mercedes, and the GTO clearly comes out on top. If driven conservatively the auto will about 22-23MPG on highway, but all out it is another story. I can't see why Pontiac doesn't sell more of these. They put a smile on my face every day. The quality is great. It is ashame it is going out of production. This is the king kong of muscle cars.


Bargain Priced M3

I was too young to own a GTO back in the 60s but this version was well-timed. I have owned many high performance cars in my adult life--2 Corvettes, an LT-1 Impala SS, an LS-1 TransAm--but this 2006 GTO is in its own class. Unbelievable horsepower and seemingly unlimited torque coupled with a fully independent suspension front and rear, an exhaust note to die for and an interior the quality of BMW make this a true performance bargain. The all-aluminum LS-1 and LS-2 platforms are the best in the business and account for the 55-45 weight balance. The styling is a bit muted but that only helps me stay under the radar of the local constables when I'm flying low. My last trip even returned 25 MPG when I left the Tremec in 6th with the cruise control engaged. The clutch throw is a bit long and I don't care for the rear spoiler. I would love a sunroof and a nav system but that's it for the nits. Now that GM is waffling on the Zeta platform, this car is certain to wear well. Finally, my local dealer let me have mine for $25,000 which is what a 4-cylinder Accord costs out here in southern California. My friends are simply amazed when I tell them how much I paid.