2006 Pontiac GTO consumer reviews

$31,290 starting MSRP
side view of 2006 GTO Pontiac
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.9
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.6
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Fun, fun, fun!

I bought mine new in January 2006 after I totaled my 1999 BMW Dinan M3. The GTO is simply an amazing performer. The only mod on it is a K&N cold air intake, which actually added a little spunk to it. It revved up quicker and got an extra mile or so to the gallon. I bought a second used 2006 GTO in 2012. It had an aftermarket cat back exhaust system on it and the sound was definitely worth it. Stock, they were identical cars. At the time my husband and I ran them head to head. I was in the one I bought new, which had 40k miles on it and he was in the used one, with 68k miles. I got him through 1st and 2nd gear and he couldn’t make up the difference. My only complaint was the front suspension was set up weird and the front passenger tire rubbed on the spring. It was a fairly common complaint but Pontiac was done making them and refused to correct the issue. We were able to adjust it ourselves and take care of the problem. There was one issue with the climate control electronics but the dealer repaired it. The cars were designed to be put to the test and they held up reasonably well. The used one had to have the top end of the LS2 rebuilt at 70k miles, consequently the bottom end started making noise at about 75k miles, so I sold it. The first one needed a slave cylinder at 44k miles. I I’ve never regretted buying either of them. The interior is a far cry from the M3, but the performance of the LS2 would have left the Bimmer in the dust. In 2006, only 13948 were produced in 7 colors. 63% came with the Tremec 6 sp the other 37% were automatics. They have held their value due to the low production numbers. 15740 were produced in 2004 and 11069 in 2005. If you ever see a 2004 Purple Cosmos GTO, buy it! There were only 700 produced before that color was removed from the lineup.


Absolutely Love It...

I Loved imports all my life and still own a new and old R32 and R35 Skyline. Nothing like a import Turbo Spool and Blow off Valve. However I own a 2006 GTO as my daily driver. In fact this is my second 6.0 GOAT. They are Cyclone Grey. 1st one I had I sold to my brother who loves it. So far I've done every Full bolt on you can think of. From twin xxx rear mounted turbos, Long tube headers, highflow cats with X pipe. Front mount intercooler,ported throttle body from a c7 vetted. Basically everything that goes along with a twin turbo setup. At low boost (26lbs) On a mustang dyno, it makes around 920 hp to the ground. 1100 ft lbs of tq. Now im sorry for the list of parts. However I've had this set up for 3 years now and running high 9's in a 1/4 mile. I drive to the track and drive home. 690miles to and from. This car is insane. The only issue I ran into was having to roll the fenders for bigger rear tires. Which are now 305s. (275s) for daily which actually fit on the stock oem wheel. Oh also the stereo is trash. Lmfao. So I upgraded to a set of 10 speaker bose with a 1500 watt amp right next to my fuel cell in the trunk. Other than being a vette and viper and lambo killer. I would strip all its parts and ride this car stock until the wheels came off. Point Blank Period......


Excellent Car but the ride is hard on bad roads

Daily Driver. Auto. I have had it for 9 years. The roads in Tucson AZ have some horizontal cracks and overly patched rough poor roads. When dealing withe these sections the cars hits pretty hard, any up or down bump will do it. You are really feeling the front. It gets to you after a while. Other than that the car does everything else well. The stereo is poor.


Rare and fast vehicle! Fun to drive! (Head turner)

The vehicle has a lot of room to grow having a forged 402. The motor can hold up to 18lbs of boost. A very fast and rare vehicle.


Hottest sleeper on the road

Most car enthusiast will not pay much attention to this "street rod"; mistaking it for another G6 GXP which is what Detroit was putting out then as a performance coupe. But, this baby was produced "down under" and imported to the US by Holden Motors (now closed) It sports the LS2 400 HP V8 and the tranny used in the 06 Vette. Also, 4 wheel independent discs and suspension. Look it up! What will give it away is the exhaust, GTO badge and 6.0 on the rear deck area. The posi is flawless and most of the 400 hp hits the road without a chirp until it shifts to 2nd and then 3rd. Mine was a mint condition, garage kept Torrid Red with 12K on the odometer. It will startle you with it's performance. Don't turn the posi trak off unless you want to go for a wild ride, as it will get real squirrely in a split second. The seats are the most comfortable "Recaro" style I have ever sat in and the 10speaker Blaupunkt stereo cassette must have the power windows down or you will blow them out with volume. Tires are beefy and the stance is perfect. Unless you are very good at shifting, the automatic is faster. Only thing I don't like is the scoops let all the dust in and that dirties my LS2. Mileage is unbelievable. 21mpg on highway at 80mph and 16mpg around town with quick starts thrown in. Best xxxx vehicle I have ever driven, much less owned. A beautiful "sleeper"


fastest car ever driven

Previous owner added many extras to the motor equaling to about 525 hp very fast and loud fun to drive 6 speed manual . overall 2006 z6 corvette with different body .


great performer

i have been interested in purchasing a 2004-2006 gto for a couple years and recently came across the car with the options I wanted so I seized the opportunity. I have been very happy with the car so far, it has excellent performance in a rather inconspicuous looking vehicle.


Comfortable ride and excellent performance

It's fast while retaining comfortability with little excessive exhaust noise. It is also a rather inconspicuous looking vehicle. The seats are very comfortable compared to most other performance designed cars.


GTO....best of the last.....

This GTO is great in every way....Excellent performance, ride and handling and power!!A lot of car for the money.......Pontiac saved the best for last!!!! 2006 was the last production year.


Powerful, reliable

Simple button layout, which I like. Not a ton of luxury features. The main feature is the engine, but the handling was very good as well.