2004 Pontiac Vibe consumer reviews

$16,605–$19,905 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Vibe Pontiac
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.6
  • Performance 4.3
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.8
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Exceeded my expectations

I bought the car used, was a lease car had 12,000 miles. Was rated at 29 city 36 highway. My wife drives the ccar, we have had it to North Carolina and back to Ohio, we got 38MPG on the trip and we have got never less than 32 MPG in the city. Only problem we ever had was the power windows, the clip broke off and by desigh you have to replace the entire window. Over all the best car I have ever owned as far as economy and reliability. Easy to drive in snow, never got stuck or unable top get through any conditions of weather, regular all season radials. Still looks as good as the day purchased, 60,000 miles later. Too bad they do not make them anymore.


I Regret Selling It!

A silver '04 Vibe GT was my first car. I loved the hatchback practicality, the quirky exterior, and the overall interior space and comfort. I purchased this car in the US but it made the trip home to Toronto with me and back down again when I got married. This car, though I only owned it for 2 years, followed me through some of the most important moments of my life: marriage, first child, etc. My husband and I traded this car in in late 2006 on a Trailblazer and that is one of my greatest regrets. I should have held on to it. If you're lucky enough to find a used example, snap it up quickly! You won't be disappointed!


A great used car

I love this car. It handles like a go-cart and the car gets good milage. The side trim protects the body panels and the chassis is tight. It's obvious the Toyota designers gave this car a lot of thought. This is the same car as the Toyota Matrix.


great car

I've had my car 2 years with minimum repairs and problems, very reliable. Mileage better than average, 25-32, very fast and nimble. Also, has major storage and cargo carrying room. Mine came with roof racks for added storage and sun roof. It has both 12v and 115v outlets and a very smooth 6 speed tranny. This is an ideal all-round car with plenty of room for a small car. Like other small cars there is lots of road noise.


2004 Pontisac Vibe

Bought it for my daughter it gets over 32MPG on the Highway & it 28MPG around town. Best front seat ever !! 1.8L VVTi engine is a dream ( Made by Toyota *****). Suspension is great nice & tight. NO TIMING BELT TO CHANGE !!!!!. You will need snow tires if you have snowy winters car is light. Find on with a Sunroof. Inside has a few sqeeks & rattles when it gets really cold out. PS it's a Toyota Matrix that look better and it about $2000 less IT'S THE SAME CAR PEOPLE !!!!!!!


Just the Best

Bought 2 brand new Vibes at the same time, one for me and one for my wife. They are absolutely the 2 best and funnest cars I've ever owned. Both equipped w/5 speed, and Moon and Tunes package. Use both for vacations, commuting and hauling things; great run around vehicle for errands in town, as well highway cruising at 75 MPH. Plenty of room for our 2 young kids and luggage for 4 fits easily in the rear cargo area. The best part of the car is the 110 volt converter built into the dash...able to charge cell phones, run the navigation and video games in the rear for the kids. This car is so versatile and I'm not afraid to admit this, but have spent many a night sleeping comfortably in this car after folding all the seats down and spreading out a sleeping mat. Consistently above 30 MPG and the 1.8 liter engine gives you all the power you need. My Vibe has over 100K and wife's has about 60K; replaced tires and kept up w/routine maintenance. Can't say enough. Even went so far as to test drive an '09 w/a 5 speed and the 2.4 liter engine, but think I'll keep these 2 for a very long time. Great job Pontiac/Toyota...made in America, as well.


Great car

I bought this car used with 56000 on it, and i have fallen in love with it. It gets great gas mileage, plenty of room, like a mini SUV, plenty of power, great handling and very nice interior and huge space for almost anything. Overall this is a winner.


214,000 miles . . . and counting!

What a shame that GM is killing off the Pontiac name. Hopefully the Vibe will continue on under a new badge, such as Chevy. The Pontiac Vibe is based on the Toyota Corolla and it's sister car is the Toyota Matrix. This car can be defined with a single word . . . reliable! I've had mine for over 214,000 miles and it has yet to go in the shop for anything other than routine maintenance. Keep the maintenance up to date, and this car will keep you on the road. There are a couple of MINOR issues though. The rubber trim around the interior driver's door jamb rubs thin, and you must rotate your tires on a semi-regular basis . . . otherwise they WILL cup. The interior is a bit on the cheap side, especially the carpeting. The interior has a much bigger feel to it than its outside appearance would show. There is no lack of headroom in this car! Gas mileage is outstanding, and I still routinely get around 32mpg (sometimes as high as 35mpg)on the highway . . . even after all those miles. I used this car for a few years as a work vehicle, and it can hold a 6' step ladder, and plenty of other equipment inside, and still have room to take a passenger (or two) or use of the front seat for a laptop, paperwork, etc. The amount of "stuff" you can squeeze inside is unbelieveable, especially if you get creative. The back seats fold flat with the rear storage area and it has a hard plastic "floor" when the back seats fold down. The passenger seat folds flat, with a plastic backing as well, but it sits a few inches higher than the rear "work" area. Now that I used the car for commuting, I can still get in plenty of family things (such as my wife, two kids, two large dogs, and weekend luggage), without feeling like the walls are closing in. If you are looking for a reliable car, grab yours before they are gone!


The Little Car That Could

I bought my 2004 Vibe used (1 year old) with 19000 miles on it for a daily 130 mile (round trip) commute. It now has 128k miles and has never been to the shop. Performs well in snow and rain and for an economy car, does well on highways. I average 32mpg (city and highway) with 36mpg being the best I've gotten (highway). The interior room is excellent and again, for an economy car, the styling is excellent. Definitely a dependable and worthwhile buy for the practically minded.


Nice everyday transportation

I bought my bright orange Vibe in August of 2003 as an 04 model. Recently passed 50,000 miles and not a single problem so far. Regularly perform oil changes and other recommended maintenance. Very nice little car but don't let the size full you. I can put more stuff in this vehicle than in a Jeep. Rear seats fold forward flat as well as front passenger seat allowing for a long items to be hauled without problems. I am averaging about 27mpg in the city and about 31mpg on the hwy. Max mileage I was able to achieve was 34mpg on a non-stop drive to Toronto. Very nice considering today's gas prices. Exterior is very appealing. Entry and exit is very easy. Driving position is higher than a car and lower than an SUV but does provide a better commanding view of the road. Interior is laid out very nicely, very functional and all the buttons are within easy reach. Cloth seats are supportive and comfortable. Even on the long trips, I never felt tired. Engine is a bit noisy but that is expected from a 4 cylinder car. It doesn't bother me. It is a front wheel drive and it handles OK on the snow. Turning radius is great. Parking is a breeze since it is a relatively small car (shorter than in Civic in length). If you are looking for a dependable, roomy, and economical car, you can't go wrong with a Pontiac Vibe.