2006 Scion xB consumer reviews

$14,030–$14,830 MSRP range
side view of 2006 xB Scion
95% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.4
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.8
  • Exterior styling 4.5
  • Reliability 4.7
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What a great car, sooo roomy.

I really love this car. The interior is extremely roomy and the seats are very comfortable. Sure it does not have a ton of storage space when you have 4 passengers, but how often do you need to haul both people and gear? Tons of room for 2-3 people and gear. I cannot imagine what the auto transmission is like, but the manual has plenty of go. It handles pretty well, and I plan to put in lowering springs to get the center of gravity lower to help cornering. The only negatives are the high rpm's at highway speed and the general lack of sound insulation. Except for the tinniness of the doors, the materials used in the car are very good. Gas mileage has always been over 30 mpg, no matter how I have been driving. Reliability is supposed to be great, which is why I ditched my Audi A6 for this.


06 Scion XB best car ive ever owned,ive bought 7

2004-2006,only good years ....fun to drive ,comfortable ,easy to get in and out of,great gas mileage,no repairs from 50000 until 150,000 miles then i had to do some majors,all a/c onditioner parts,waterpump,rear shocks,,,front struts,2 front axles,brakes twice so far ,all 3 motor mounts,make sure you change cabin air filter to prevent a/c system from clogging up,i did not know my xb had a cabin filter to replace.Changed oil every 20000 miles and fliter every 5000 miles mobil one,enegine runs like a top.Time for Autotransmission fluid and filter change again.CANY find another vechile that works as well as XB


Great car to chauffeur your Elders in

I had specifics to go by when purchasing my Scion in which it matched all of them, 27" from ground to passenger seat, four door to include my Mom's dog comfortably, back hatch is low enough to ground for shorter person (like me, the chauffeur) to put a wheel chair in and it fits about four reusable totes full of groceries. My Scion is a standard and it shifts very nicely, gives a smooth ride for the most part. The only drawback I have with it is the constant roar of the engine and because it is so close to the ground you hear a lot of tire.


Very Reliable

Very Manageable when Driving and real Spacy and Confortable.....I would Buy Another Scion in a Heart Beat


the most impressive small car

This car has ample room for big guys like me,and our luggage. At 6 '1'' and 275lbs I was comfortable on the maiden voyage which exceeded 700 miles. It took some adjustment to feel comfortable with the instrument panel.It sits to the upper right of the steering wheel.It is simple,spartan,and reliable,just as all Toyota products are.I had a hard time turning this over to my college bound daughter.It is a keeper.


Great little car

I bought this car for reliabilty, roominess for passengers and for keeping its value. I am 6ft 2 and so is my son. I can sit directly behind him when he drives this xb. It gets great gas milage around 30 mpg. The car is a little under powered, but I guess you cant have it all. Overall this a very good car for the money.


Great First Car !

This is my first car that I have ever bought. I've driven plenty of cars and knew what I personally liked and what I disliked. I have had my 06 XB since May of 2011 and I have driven it enough to give a solid review. This car is small on the outside but BIG on the inside. There is so much head and leg room for front driver and passenger, and the back is just spacious. Road trips are comfy and there is plenty of room for 2 to 3 people to be perfectly comfortable on long trips where you need to bring a ton of luggage or equipment. I personally don't see more than 4 people being able to travel comfortably in this car unless they have a tow behind or a roof bin for their things. This car gets me pretty far on 1 tank of gas. I love those road trips where I don't have to fill up until I reach my destination, and I really only fill up once every two to three weeks depending on my driving habits. This car has virtually no blind spots except for the normal check over the shoulder while changing lanes spot. Also the back door window is a little small so you can't see the nose of the cars behind you at any point when you are backing up. One thing I loved about this car is that you just step into it. There is no need to step down or step up. No struggle to get in or out , so I can transport my grandparents comfortably. There are a bunch of things that I dislike about the car , but they were in no way deal breakers for me. One major thing is cruise control. I don't think it was available on the 06 xb(I looked at 30 of them and not 1 had it). I also wish that my car had side airbags since the crash test rating shows that it is poor on the front driver and passenger side. There are no compartments for storage except for the tiny glove compartment. I like everything to have a place so I bought a storage bin for under one of the back seats for little things I would need on the road. An arm rest would be nice too. The speedometer is centered to keep your eyes on the road and I personally love it. It just takes some getting used to. Also, the wiper and wiper fluid arm is in a bad spot and I constantly turn my wipes on when I am driving or turning the car off. The car is a decent height off the ground but the ground effects (I think that is what it is called) make the car look even lower. You have to drive similarly to how you drive a lowered sports car, to make sure you don't bottom out. Like any car , there will be pros and cons and you can never have absolutely everything you want. Overall this is a great car and I was very happy with my purchase.


Gets better it ages

Mine is an 06. Bought new at the time. 74000 on the odometer and the reliability is absolutely amazing and the gas mileage is getting better. Just got 40 MPG in a mixed drive about 70% hwy and 30% city. Maintenance is very cheap. The back seats so enormous that I have 3 children, including an infant sit there. Riding height is perfect for children to hop in and out with ease. High roof line makes loading and unloading infant seats without bending into the car. It certainly feels like it's built with the good old Japanese quality - like the old Tacoma trucks that do not die. I wish they still made the original box. Would buy it again. If you find one, just BUY it. You will not regret it.


How Great is a Scion XB!!!

Had a BMW and Range Rover in the past. Both were totaled when a tree fell on them when parked back to back. Gave up the gas guzzlers and bought a Tacoma truck for hauling and a Scion XB for getting around. Best thing I ever did. Great gas mileage and lots of room. Even thought of buying another Scion XB just because there as so great. Highly recommend the Scion XB.


Best Car Buy Ever!

One of the best investments into a car I have ever made. Great gas mileage. Excellent reliability. Added extras because of the utilitarian designed. Needed cruise control, upgraded stereo, wider tires and lowered it. With the inside roomy as all get out, I packed and moved a couple of times! Highly recommend as a good used car buy for older and younger alike!