2009 Subaru Forester consumer reviews

$19,995–$24,095 MSRP range
side view of 2009 Forester Subaru
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.4
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First suburu and used car

I just bought my first used car and first Subaru 2 months ago. So far I am very pleased with my purchase. I had wanted AWD for a long time as the winters can be very rough where I live. I got a limited edition and love the fancy features which I never could have afforded in a new car. It gives a very tight, smooth ride and handles very well around curves. A friend of mine who drives a Mercedes found it very comfortable and was surprised by how well it drove. I recommend it.


Forester 2009

Traded a 2003 Honda CR-V for a 2009 Subaru Forester. The Subaru is quieter, has better visibility and aerodynamics The only thing I do not care for in the Subaru is the position of the cup holders, as they are situated too far back in the middle column. Other than that, I love the Forester.


A Good but Dated SUV

On the plus side is spectacular reliability, handling in the snow, turn radius, and a cavernous interior capable of swallowing an eight foot ladder or 10' lengths of pipe. On the minus side is a dated transmission that inefficiently utilizes a somewhat undersized engine, and really below average gas mileage - I barely manage 23 mpg in mixed driving. Yeah, I know it's AWD but still... So, I would recommend this car to a friend but with the caveats noted above.


Best car I've owned

I drive this car more then any other car I've owned! It's great, I feel very safe knowing that it is all wheel drive and that it is built to protect me! It's very comfortable to take on long drives. I've even taken it off road and it handles great! I would recommend this car to anyone who is wanting a great, safe car! In fact I show it off quite a bit and try to get others to buy a Subaru!


Love Big Sue

Very reliable smooth running car, much improved over earlier versions. The new boxer engine is smoother and more powerful.


So So Subaru

Leased this 2009 2.5X in late summer of 2008 and for the most part this has been a very reliable car. I was looking for a basic SUV/Crossover and this is basic. I'd recommend it, but with reservations. I haven't experienced any of the major problems that I've noted in some of the negative reviews, nor have I experienced anywhere near the astounding mileage that some are claiming. I'm getting almost exactly what Consumers' Reports states in the Forester review - 22.5mpg overall. Definitely not terrible for an AWD vehicle, but definitely not a fuel efficient vehicle, especially with gas prices that have been well over $4.00 gallon here recently. Positives: Handling/cornering, ride quality, relatively low road noise. Seats are relatively firm but could use better lumbar support. Visibility is good with few blind spots. Cargo space is good, I have no problems laying my rear seatback flat to extend cargo space. This is much more easily done than in some other cars where you have to wrestle with removing the headrests to be able to lower the seatback. The audio controls are relatively straight forward and the audio quality is decent. Negatives: Acceleration. Trying to pass another vehicle really challenges the hamsters under the hood. This would be more acceptable if the mileage was anything but mediocre. A/C is rather weak, a drawback here in the desert. It's necessary to turn off the A/C to be able to get any acceleration to enter the freeway, not a pleasant thing on a 110 degree day. Interior surfaces are cheap. The exterior paint is thin and scratches really easily. The inefficient 4 speed automatic probably adds to the mediocre mileage. The bottomless pit of the center console makes finding anything impossible except with major excavation. I was considering buying a new car when the lease is up on this one, but considering the overall reliability of this car, I'll probably buy it off the lease. The residual will be considerably less than what these are selling for on the used market.


Excellent Compact SUV

I have owned the 2.5X Premium with All Weather Package since 2009, and have been thoroughly impressed with the handling, torque, comfort and overall performance of this vehicle. As my first Subaru, I wasn't sure what to expect - what with the all-time all-wheel drive and the higher price tag. TOTALLY WORTH IT! If you drive in the rain, snow, fog - this is the car for you! If you opt for it, get one with the moon-roof - its totally worth it in summer/spring/fall days (almost like driving a convertible!).


Hate My Forester

Hate My Forester. In less than 8k miles, it's been in for service 8 times: broken window regulators, loose dash assembly, rattling, etc. I would have thought it inconceivable that a company could build such a lousy automobile, but the Subaru Forester is proof beyond a doubt. I would never, ever, ever recommend this car (even to my worst enemy).



I love this car! I bought an '09 gently used. It is quick and handles nice. It seems a little loud in lower gears (I have the 5sp) but it is very smooth at all speeds. It is very comfortable. I have driven through Chicago rush hour and open highways. Very comfortable in all conditions. I can get about 31 -32 mph on the highway with cruise locked at 75mph - higher at lower speeds. Try to find an all wheel cross over with the same mpg and price I dare you! This car is great for a single driver, or hauling an entire family. Plenty of room for four adults and luggage for a weeks vacation! Its not a race car, but it is very quick and peppy. The stereo sounds good, but looks a little outdated with its weak display. Thats the only con I can find so far. Even my dog loves this car!


beware the xt

I have a 2009 xt which is lovingly cared for and gently driven. At 26,866 miles, the engine quit. No lights, no warning. The engine just started jackhammering. I pulled to the side of the road immediately and was carried in to the nearest dealership. Verdict--blown bearings and rods. Was wella taken care of with loaner vehicle for 9days and no charge for a new short block. Needless to say, I'm nervous even with a new engine. From my research, I'm not the first.