2009 Subaru Forester consumer reviews

$19,995–$24,095 MSRP range
side view of 2009 Forester Subaru
86% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.1
  • Performance 4.1
  • Value for the money 4.3
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.4
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Engine rebuild ($6k +) needed at 84,000 miles.

This was my first Subaru and it was really a disaster for me. at the 84,000 mile mark, I experienced what others on various sites, including cars.com have reported as extremely premature engine failure necessitating a rebuild. I took my vehicle to the dealer and the code was p0026, which, when coupled with a rod knocking sound, seems to indicate the need for a new short block. I took really good care of this car and bought it new. It shouldn't have required such a costly repair so early. I would agree with one of the other posters here, and say I won't be selecting a vehicle ever again in it's first model year. I ended up trading my car in at a significant loss, after only just paying it off 4 months earlier. I was really looking forward to not having to make an expensive car payment again for perhaps a couple years. I went Toyota this time around, and I'm hopeful this vehicle will continue to operate past a paltry 84,000 miles.


Subes are good

Cheap to operate and very functional. Exterior design is pleasant and interior is good as well. The opposed 4 cylinderis a DOG, however. Very puny. Ugly sounding, and the fuel economy is poor for the power. The transmission needs 1 more gear. Basically a good little cheap car with a crummy, but dependable, motor.


Beast of the East

I enjoy the versatility of this car. Decent gas mileage, lots of interior space, plenty of attachments available such as luggage racks. This car is great in the snow, with a relatively large ground clearance and the AWD you need to work at it if your going to get it stuck. One thin i dislike about this car is the stock center console armrest. the the fake leather is cheap and is super easy to poke holes in, but I found a replacement armrest cover that is more durable and better looking than the stock material.


First Forigen Vehicled I considered buying

I am very pleased with my 2009 Subaru Forester.. I only had it for 1 month, but I know I will buy another when the time comes.. Plenty of Cargo Room in the back with the seats folded down.. I was able to buy and pick up 2 La-Z-Boy Recliners in the back and bring them home in 1 trip ( disassembled of course ). Great value.. I would recommend..


Engine rebuild at 95,000 miles

This is my second Subaru. It was decent , if somewhat tempermental, until about 95,000 miles, when a crankshaft bearing spun and necessitated a new short block, despite regular maintenance. I'll consider a Subaru in the future, especially since my first one (a 2003 Legacy wagon) was so trouble free, but I'll do a lot more research next time and not buy the first year of a new model.


Subaru Forester 4 wheel drive = less mpg

Car has a nice smooth ride. The back seat space is tight if the person in front has the seat back. Car is noisy. I can barely hear the radio. The mpg is a lot less that I thought it would be because of the 4WD.


Best Snow Vehicle Ever.

The day I bought this car was the day my idea of the perfect all around vehicle changed forever. Comfortable, easy on fuel, the PZEV motor is environmentally sound, and it's behavior on ice and snow is amazing.


Excellent Choice

We're very happy with our new-to-us Forester. It's fun to drive and I like that it's got a higher clearance than most smaller cars. We've had Subaru's in the past and have always been pleased with them, even over the long haul. This one could use a bit more padding in the seat, as it's not super comfortable for long drives, but that's the only thing negative I can think of. Really happy with our choice!


My 2nd Subaru Forester

My 2003 Forester has been good to me: over 180,000 miles with routine maintenance! So when my wife & I decided to trade in our old sedan- we agreed that another Forester was the logical choice! The 2009 model is bigger & more comfortable than our 2003! I was supposed to keep driving the 2003, but I convinced my wife to let me use it for my 75 mile round-trip travel to work! (I'm a schoolteacher; she'll get to drive it during the summer months!) There's plenty of room for hauling our vacation luggage- or whatever supplies we need for our weeeknd projects. We both appreciate the the security of Subaru's all-wheel drive and other safety innovations!


worst car ever

This is absolutely the worst car I have ever owned. And I've owned cars for 40 years. Before this car I had four Legacy wagons in a row. I sold each of them when they were at about 120k miles, except my last one which, with only one major bit of work around 130k, had 260k on it when I sold it to buy this new piece of junk, the 2009 Sub Forester. This Forester has been nothing but trouble and expense. It had a leaky head gasket at 30k which I had fixed under warranty. At 70k (and only 2 1/2 years old) it required replacing the coil tower, the lines to the spark plugs, and all of the plugs for $750. Last week at 86k miles and one car payment from being mine it apparently was burning oil (bad rings? Shouldn't have been happening on an engine that has 86k highway miles) and burned it all up and threw a rod. So now it needs a new engine. $4-5k. I had all routine maintenance done on this car regularly except that I had missed my last oil change. But it shouldn't have burned it all up. I've heard so many nightmare Forester stories since this happened. I will never buy a Subaru again after having this lemon.