2018 Toyota 4Runner consumer reviews

$34,810–$36,685 MSRP range
side view of 2018 4Runner Toyota
96% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.8
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.9
  • Reliability 4.9
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This is my second 4 Runner.

Love my 4 Runners. Comfortable, handles really well, has every gadget I could ever possibly need, just as dependable as my first one and it’s sturdy as a little tank.


Best SUV I have ever owned

This SUV is a beast. Very comfortable on trips. Very reliable. Full of power. Great value for the price. I have always been a fan of Toyota now they have a buyer for life.


Drives better than i thought it would

This 4runner drives and handles better than any other vehicle i have ever owned.It is very comfortable and it has no blind spots so i can see when i back or drive it


We loved the looked and the way the car drove.

This car was perfect for my wife and 3 kids. We just needed more room when I was with them. She felt very safe driving this due to the AWD


Getting use to the technology

I owned a Ford Explorer for 17 years. bought it new. After three transmissions, one at 30k, replaced with a re-built from Ford and that lasted 32K miles, which meant I had to buy the third transmission. Now, with 168K on it, the truck is done. Toyota has a better resale value, and over the years has shown that their engines last a lot longer.


The 4Runner may be dated, but perfection never is

This vehicle is an outstanding example of Toyota’s quality. The current 4RUNNER may be dated but it exceeds others in longevity, functionality and durability that puts if above all others. I have been a 4 wheel drive and off road enthusiast for 40 years, and have owned most of the other brands, and as an ASE certified master technician know how superior it is to it’s competitors. While all the others I have owned have left me stranded at times, no Toyota of any model, or year ever has.



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2018 4 Runner Off Road Premium

This is a safe and reliable truck. It feels like a truck not a comfy SUV. This is the vehicle of choice going ANYWHERE in USA or CANADA. I bought this for my wife so I know she is in good hands in the 4Runner and for our adventures on weekends!


Absolutely Love this rig , everything about it!

I loved everything about this vehicle, comfort ride cargo spare . Just amazing vehicle to own ! The utility and fun to drive vehicle and good looking is what I love as well.


Amazing for most things, but so many small flaws.

I've bought the 4runner because I needed something I can use off road, camping in nature and a bit of overlanding while I can still drive it to work. That's what it does best, I have complete trust that the car will take me anywhere I want to go and back without any fuss. For me, the engine has plenty of power, it's good enough for the size of the car. The transmission should be better, because driving over 70mph on a long trip will drain your tank in a minute. I now drive no faster than 70-72 mph and I get around 21 mpg. If I drive 75-80, I get 4-6 mpg less. If that was the only thing that bothered me, I would be okay with it, but there's more. The car comes stock with the worst headlights I've ever seen installed in a car, I’m pretty sure Lada has better headlights. A few times while the car was new to me I had to check if I'm only using my DLR instead of low beams, which is unsafe and ridiculous for a brand new car that costs 40000-50000$. So pretty much right out of the dealership you have to upgrade the headlights so the car can be used at night. And even though it costs 40000$ or more, Toyota keeps raising the price every few years, it still doesn't have AUTO headlights. Not a big deal, I just leave the lights to always be on, but then you have to adjust the dashboard brightness down at night so you don't get blinded by that. I understand wanting to make a car as reliable as possible and not overload it with unnecessary features, but Toyota is just pushing it at this point, only because they don't have any real competition for this vehicle. The seats are comfy, they could be a little bit better since they get to be uncomfortable on long trips. Interior of the car looks like it's 10 years old, which it is since they haven't really changed it since 2010. Exterior looks amazing, I'm a big fan of the design and I'm happy with how many options there are for modifying and improving the car. Overall even after all of these things that bother me, I’m still happy with the car and I plan to keep it for a while, but I really hope the next 4runner is not a disappointment like the current Tacoma is.