2004 Toyota Corolla consumer reviews

$13,570–$14,370 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Corolla Toyota
97% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.3
  • Interior design 4.2
  • Performance 4.4
  • Value for the money 4.7
  • Exterior styling 4.2
  • Reliability 4.8
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Most Reliable Car I Have Ever Owned

This Corolla already has over 271,000 miles and is still going strong. We haven't done any major repairs on this car with the exception of just regular maintenance and normal wear and tear repairs.


2004 Corolla S

I bought this car new in April 2004. It currently has 108000 miles on it. I replaced the brakes at 102,000. The original Bridgestone factory tires were replaced at 65,000 with Les Schwab Toyo radials and are doing well. I changed the oil every 3000 miles until I switched to Castrol EDGE full Synthetic 5W-30 at 60,000. Now I change the oil every 6000 miles. At that point the oil level has dropped less than half a pint. I expected a little better mileage in town it is 31 to 32 HI-way driving in the 36 to 37 mpg range I thought with the 5 speed it would do a little bit better. I have lost 1 headlight and had to have a transmission seal replaced an $18 part with nearly $500 labor. Replaced the original factory battery when it was 8 years old. The car is currently 13 years old doing well. I fully expect I'll still be driving this car at 200,000 miles.


Most reliable car I've owned.

Toyota tries to give their customers excellent service and good deals on a new car. They pride themselves with courtesy and understanding of each individual's needs and wishes.


I have had this car longer than any car I ever had

This car has not given me much trouble and is very reliable. Bought in 2008 with 10,000 miles and now have 70,000 miles. I know that's not much mileage and these cars go for ever. So I will keep it as long as its running. There is a big market out there for high mileage Japanese cars , so when I am ready to sell it, I know I can get a good price.


Highly reliable and low maintenance

Bought it in 2004 with 351 miles at MSRP. Now has 264,000+ miles 12 years later. For one who wants a low-cost car, great mpg, 300,000 miles, and very little cost and views a car as a tool, not a status symbol...this is it. The interior is cheap-made and there is plenty of road noise. But for a practical commuter like me, this was the perfect car. It still gets 36-38 mpg always (mostly highway). I did change the manual transmission at 250,000 miles...but hey!?! The only other $ spent was front rotors. Everything else was oil changes per 5K mi, a battery, and brakes once. Very little rust in two corners of the wheel wells. Some dings (easily done to the cheaper body). I put very little money into it and got alot out of it.


The most determined

This is my first car, and as a first car it takes a beating, however, since it is a Toyota, it takes them and keeps on going. I bought it from a private seller and did not know that it had prior frame damage, but still love it just the same. For such a small car, I feel very safe, especially for one without many safety features. The small engine gets up to highway speed quickly and with my driving style, I usually get 25-26 mpg in the city and 30-31 mpg on the highway, which is good for me. The seats are somewhat comfortable and for a few people, the interior space provides enough room. I like this car for it's get-up-and-go attitude, reliability, and overall determination to keep going no matter what happens to it.


Best Toyota for the money

Bought new, paid $16,000.00 for the S model. It now has 103,000 miles and we have done nothing to the car since we owned it. Tires and oil changes only. Best mileage we ever got was 44 MPG on the highway with the A/C on. Must have had a good tail wind. We would like a new one but cannot let go of the one we have, since there is nothing wrong with it. We take 3 or 4 long vacations per year, but other then that it is a city driven car. People ask us what year it is, since it is in such great shape, and they can't believe it is 11 years old. We will keep it until it starts having problems and then probably just have it fixed.


Pretty Good

We bought this car with 112,000 miles on it at 10 years old. Have to say it's a very smooth and responsive car, decent performance, and comfortable seats. The dash is extremely simple, only offering basic A/C and radio controls. Still runs great! However, this car is absolutely horrible in the snow. Just a fair warning. Also, only gets 23.36 mpg... its 10 years old, so I'm cutting it slack, just sayin'.


Best car I've ever owned - 2004 Corolla LE

I bought this car, new, in July 2003. After 11 years and 180,000-plus miles it still runs and drives as well as the day I drove it off the lot! It has a "J" VIN number (meaning it was built in Japan) so I don't know if that make a difference or not when compared to US built models. There have been a few costly maintenance items in the last 11 years, however: 100,000 miles - the catalytic converter went out and I had to replace it for about $1,500.00. 130,000 miles - a fuel injector got plugged-up after I used a fuel injector cleaner, so that injector was replaced for about $450.00 (that was probably just bad luck). 145,000 miles - The air conditioner compressor died but I opted not to replace it since that would have cost about $1,000.00 and I figured the car wouldn't be around that much longer (I was wrong about that as this car just keeps going). At the same time, an engine coolant return line was replaced for $150.00 and front and back wheel bearing were replaced for about $800.00 . Other than that, the only other maintenance needed has been tires, brakes and oil changes, obviously. - All the prices referenced were dealer maintenance prices. All told, the car has been excellent. It is reasonably roomy for a smaller car and the ride is pretty decent. It drives surprisingly well in winter snows and gets about 33mpg in combined driving conditions. Consumer Reports magazine rated this car 4 1/2 to 5 stars for safety the year I bought it ( I bought the LE model with anti-lock brakes) so that is pretty important to note as well.


Reliable car

Bought new in 2003 and still going strong at 130k miles. Burns no oil, no leak what so ever. Never had any major issues. Replaced O2 sensor, one of the front bearings, water pump - I think that's all except tires, breaks, spark plugs etc. Only complaint would be the engine vibration felt on the steering wheel. Seems like I will drive this car 10+ more years (unless I want to buy a new one)