2004 Toyota Highlander consumer reviews

$24,080–$27,390 MSRP range
side view of 2004 Highlander Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.6
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 4.7
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Great vehicle to have.

I am the original owner of my 2004 Toyota Highlander purchased with 8 miles on it ( my test drive miles =))... it currently has 419,100 miles. Original engine, transmission etc... Some upkeep throughout the years... but She's still pushing and running smoothly. What's the saying " til the wheels fall off" which shouldn't be anytime soon because I just purchased new tires last year. =))). Best vehicle ever, very reliable, sturdy, and fun to drive....we have been through a lot.


Best car ever

I've owned my 2004 Highlander since it was brand new with only 22 miles on it. {220,000 miles} I've since moved on to a Lexus but "blue Betty still belongs to the family. Still has a smooth ride and is very dependable. Both my daughter and son have had the car to drive in high school. I still change the oil every 5,000 miles with 10,000 mile rated synthetic oil. All I've ever done is change tires, batteries, brake pads, alternator and water pump once. Radiator hoses once. Transmission drain/refill only twice.....no flush. Spark plugs 3 times. She still has amazing take off power and is really a joy to drive. See you at 300,000 miles


Love this Highlander Would recommend again.

Love this suv I'm a tall person so comfort in driving is important,always had back pain from my man's ford escape.Also have really nice tech which escape did not have same yr too.For longer drive very roomy to store gear and a dog.Have been in many Toyota and Lexus ,family members own hybrid and love that too.


Best Car I ever owned for 16 Years!

I bought a 2004 Toyota Highlander new for just under $30k. Loved the car. Reliable, smooth ride, easy to drive. Only repairs were wear eg tires, belts, etc. Only issue was the a/c. Slow leak that couldnt be detected. 16 years later w 217k miles I transferred it to my twin grandsons. Safe car for them.


Most reliable car I've owned.

The Highlander is one of the best selling cars for a reason. I never had any major issues besides changing tires and brakes every few years. I'm definitely going to buy Toyota.


Pleasantly surprised!

Honestly I started dating a mother of 3 kids who owned the 04 highlander with the V6 engine. The exterior to me was nothing to brag about, and I thought typical mom car. Then I started going places with her at times... Whoa! This car is quick and smooth. I have driven it quite a bit now and being a owner of a Chevy Tahoe, I might think about the AWD version of the highlander next time I need a vehicle. My girlfriend hasn't had many vehicles and she doesn't quite know how lucky she's been. I have a decade of experience on hers , 30 years driving and this is a two thumbs up vehicle all day every day. Perfect for the person who wants some performance but blends in .


Very reliable and spacious car

Our 2004 Toyota Highlander is a great car. It has plenty of space for all our transport needs and third row which is really handy if there is just one or two people too many for most other cars. The 4WD helped in snowy conditions in winter in northern Virginia and the easily accessible gear limiting helped in hilly areas to use the engine break. Our Highlander has the larger motor variant (V6 3.3l), which made it more economic for the weight of the car. When well maintained the car is very reliable. We rarely had issues and usually problems were common wear and tear issues. The only minor issues we had, but didn't fix, where a broken off part of the driver mirror cover, a very slow front right power window (esp. when going up) and signs of age of the volume know of the radio (noisy, but okay if turned slowly).


Best car I have ever owned

We have owned this 2004 Highlander Limited since 2007. Now 220,000 Km and we still love it. Everything works perfectly. Replaced timing belt and spark plugs per maintenance schedule. One new brake caliper and a heater control vent. That's it in 14 years.


Reliable and have not had major problems!

This car was a gift from my husband when I was doing travel nursing. It provided me with great travel experiences and plenty of room for all the things I would take on my assignments. It was always reliable and a pleasure to drive!


Great fit

Never had an SUV before but I am loving my suv! It rides great, enough space for my needs, inside very clean and I am loving that I can see out because I am really short.