2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid consumer reviews

$33,030–$34,430 MSRP range
side view of 2006 Highlander Hybrid Toyota
94% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.7
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Wonderful, fuel efficient SUV with 3 rows of seati

When it was time to replace our 2004 Honda Odyssey LX, we knew we wanted an suv with a 3rd row of seating for our kids' friends, if needed. My top choice was the Buick Enclave, due to it's remarkable styling and amenities. However, it's not rated very well on Consumer Reports. The practical side of me kicked in. I purchased a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hibrid for $18k with 80k miles on it. Leather interior, heated seats, a sunroof, 3rd row seating, perfect condition all appealled to me. I must say that I am very pleased with the car. The ride is smooth, design is great, and it's roomy enough for my family of 5. I would rate it all 5s but I don't think that the mileage is quite as good as promised. The dash message says I'm getting 25.6 mpg, but I think I'm getting more like 22 mpg, which is 6 mpg better than the Odyssey and 8 mpg better than the Enclave. Also, I don't love the way the car feels when it shifts out of gas and into the battery. . . to me it should be seamless.


Awesome Vehicle

great mileage and reliable have owned for 6 years and love it would buy another one for sure drive it you'll like it


Wonderful power

On the highway and in town, this car is a joy to drive. Good pick-up and maneuverability. Good cargo space. Overall a fine automobile


Great buy

I was very pleased with the purchase of a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid which I found on Cars.com. A great price for a quality vehicle.


SUV with good gas mileage

I bought the car used, at a great deal at 66,000 miles. Drive mostly highway and am getting avg 25miles/gal. Limited edition offers good package: heated seats, JBL audio, power seats. 3rd row seat was important criteria at purchase to have room for visitors. Have owned the car for 4 months/6k miles, so far I am very happy.


We REALLY Like This Car

The day I bought this car, we drove it on a 2,000 mile round trip, and it was great. It's been great ever since. It has lots of room inside, rides very comfortably, has every feature we need, though not every feature we'd want, and is just a pleasure to drive or ride in. And the gas mileage is great for car that can seat 7. It's really a home run. The things we don't like or would like.... I wish the stereo had USB inputs, AUX inputs and Bluetooth inputs. It has none. And you can't in practical terms upgrade to aftermarket because it's integrated into the stearing wheel and electronics in the dashboard. Like a lot of cars, the driver window automatically goes all the way opened or closed on command. It could be a LOT easier to stop it in the middle than it is. The cup holder in the console is really stupid. Good luck holding one beverage well. Forget holding two. The illumination from the headlights is rather ordinary. I'm used to high discharge bulbs from our other cars, even the Acura RL this is replacing. The navigation is really the pits, just as all factory nav systems invariably are. The rest of this vehicle is exactly right. Exactly.


Unexpectedly Surprised

In an effort to do something about fuel consumption in today's world, I decided to investigate hybrid vehicles. I researched them, and then purchased a 2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Other than the fact that it does not get the factory advertised mileage of (27 hwy/33 city), after driving for about 3,000 miles now, I am absolutely ecstatic about this vehicle. It is large enough for hauling, well built, well designed, very comfortable, safe, and loaded with the quality extras that I have come to enjoy & demand. Everything works perfectly, as this was a well maintained used car. I avg. between 25-28 mpg around town (dbl. my past vehicle) and I can't say enough about the amazing Synergy hybrid system. INCREDIBLE! I can already see myself buying another used Toyota Hybrid. (since the cost of new is extremely HIGH) My wife, who could really care less about a car, as long as it gets her around, really likes this one, and is now talking about looking into getting a used Prius hybrid for herself. If only everyone drove one of these, we could cut our nations oil dependence drastically, AND clean the air as well. Of all the cars I have ever owned, even used, this may be my favorite one ever. I love this car!!!


Tree hugging suv

I bought a Toyota Hylander Hybrid in 2006, the first year they came out. Being risk averse and a little nervous about the longevity of the hybrid battery system and related unknowns, I purchased the extended warranty. Overall, I have been very happy with this car. I should let you know that I am hardly unbiased: my wife and I are long-time Toyota loyalists, the current horrible press nonwithstanding. We have bought 4 Toyotas since 1984--and nothing else (84 Tercel, 94 Camry Wagon, the Highlander, and a 2009 Prius); in addition, my business car is a 2010 Highland Hybrid. Our 2006 Highlander has 60,000 miles on it. It has plenty of power, handles beautifully (including snow and rain), has plenty of room for us and our 2 kids and mutt. Toyota also has a lifetime warranty on shocks, which came in handy when our front left one had to be replaced recently. Toyota also fully covered a defective left strut. The only drawbacks: 1. It cost a bundle. We paid $40k for it and because it was in demand (6 month waiting list, hybrid), dealers would not give us a break on the MSRP. 2. Fuel economy is not as great as advertised. The sticker in the showroom said 22-26; I'd say we get between 20-24, primarily suburban and highway driving. I notice that even in the City, mileage isn't much better than that (which should not be the case). However, compared to a traditional Highlander, mileage is probably 2-4 mpg better. Bottom line: if you are going to justify the purchase b/c you expect to save $ on gas, forget it. 3. Getting back to the extended warranty, it was a good thing we purchased it! After about 50,000 miles, the on-board ECM (computer) crapped out. It took the dealer about 4 hours to diagnose, they had to remove the dashboard, and if we hadn't gotten the warranty, it would have cost us $2000. All in all, if I had to set the clock back to 2006, I would still have bought the Highlander. It is a wonderful car.


Toyota Highlander hybrid 4X4

This is the first time I bought a Toyota and I love it. It handles great in the Snow and Ice, It?s a hybrid so the gas mileage is great you do have to relearn how to drive. Mine is a 4 wheel drive and has three rows of seats. I did buy it used because of the new car price I only paid $25,000.00 for a 2006 with 30,000 miles. If they had two I would have bought both, that?s how much I love it.


Highlander Hybrid Rocks

Easily one of the best all-around cars we've ever owned. Fast off the on-ramp, thrifty on gas (never less than 24mpg), and hauls a family with large dogs. Rock solid reliability. A bit soft cornering. Spec tires could use winter treads replacement for skiing use. Will probably buy it when the lease is up.