2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid consumer reviews

$34,200 starting MSRP
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100% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.9
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.7
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.7
  • Reliability 5.0
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This is the best car that I have ever owned, and I've driven a lot of cars. Still miss my '65 Olds Cutlass, but I digress. I now have about 37000 miles on the Highlander and have averaged just over 26 mpg over this time. If I baby it I can get 32 mpg but that's not really practical in most situations, but you can expect 26-27 by doing nothing more than easing away from stop signs instead of lead footing it.


Still Loving It!

I bought this 2008 Highlander Hybrid Limited in December of 2008 used (4,200 miles). No problems love the gas mileage, have found that the way to to really watch the mpg climb is to set cruise control. The car was a little pricy, but I can't wait til paid off, to run it bill free! Comfortable ride, hauls all mny toys (Paintball equipment, etc.). I am often asked about it as it is so quiet, and stylish. Loving It!


Best car in the universe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hated my old 2002 Volvo V40. Because I was in the shop 3/4 of my life.This car is so reliable so far! I'm happy its a hybird so I can avoid world polluton. Comfort:It is very comfortable and it feels like my living room sofa! The sand beige leather rocks!My kids love it to. Performance:The Performance is good. There have been no probelems with this vehicle and I can definetly keep it forever! Handling:It handles nice and smooth! I can probably drive it with my eyes closed!Its like where you want to turn it reads your mind! Exterior Styling:It is very cool looking! some people (such as my wife.) say it is the ugliest thing they've ever seen!But I think it is very exotic looking! Interior desing:It is amazing!It is very cool looking!It is desinged very well and exotic!My kids love this to! Features:It has many additions you can put on!But it would cost me to much if I put everything on! Value for the money:Great bang for the buck baby!You would pay all your money to buy this!Many cool stuff that can be expensive...but are not! Reliability:Very reliable car so far!No probelems found and with what I've heard about Toyota's It will run forever and ever! Overall I would totally recommend this vehicle to a friend!And keep on rocking Toyota!:)


Great Ride & Greate Mileage

Just been the owner of a 2008 Highlander Hybrid Limited and am impressed so far. Managed to by a demo vehicle which already had about 8,000 miles on it so it just about at the recommended break it for optimal performance stage. Traded in an old van and the other family vehicle is a 2004 Highlander (not the hybrid). So making a comparison is easy. This version is rummier and just as comfortable. As to the gas mileage, its about 30% better than my older Highlander. On a recent highway only trip (no traffic etc.) according to cars computer we got 28.3 miles to the US gallon. This drive as 80-85% on cruise control. When combined with our typical driving pattern, we were only able to get 23.5 mpg. This pattern includes lots of very short trips dropping off the kids and then back home. These short trips do take a toll on the mileage as the engine warms up with just about every start. The one thing I do HATE in this vehicle is Toyota's built in navigation. First off, it is not intuitive at all compared to my hand held GPS or others I have tried. Secondly its database is way out of date. I've been living on my street for 3 years now, granted it was a new street three years ago, but its not in the nav system. Just shows a big blank. Also the City of Toronto was amalgamated about 5 years ago merging several cities into one big one. I needed to use the nag to find a location and it kept telling no such address exists, yet I knew it did. Turns out it was listed under the older area of Scarbrough and not Toronto. Not a big deal, because I knew basically where I was going and gave it a shot, not helpful if you're a visitor to my city. Talked to the dealer and they have no idea on when the next update is due. So I'll be forced to use the GPS in my Blackberry or take my Garmin with me which defeats the purpose of having a built-in system. Not sure if the improved mileage cost justifies this purchase, but it I love driving a SUV and this way I feel I'm getting the mileage of a mid size car and doing a little bit to help the environment.


Love it

Very tired of my Porsche Cayenne S and ready for a hybrid. I love my new Highlander. It's comfortable, somewhat luxurious, and the back opens with a remote. I definitely recommend it. I researched every hybrid and this one is the best, in my opinion.


Nicest car owned

I purchased this car back in December as the base model. My biggest complaint is for Toyota who gives very minimal options on the base package as compared to the Limited model which costs approximately 7K more. To counter-act this, I went through the dealer to change the upholstery to leather, added heated seats, added a Pioneer AVIC D3 Nav system with XM, XM Nav Traffic, IPOD connectivity, and blue tooth. I also went through circuit city and purchased a rear entertainment Jensen 8.5" DVD player for $620 which is hardwired to the Pioneer system. The result: a beautiful car inside and out with all of the gadgets one would ever hope for. The ride is very comfortable - seats are plush and provide alot of support for long trips. I've put on about 5000 miles on the vehicle with mixed highway and city driving (wash dc metro area). I'm averaging 24.5 mpg overall. If you do live in the dc area, virginia dmv offers special plates for hybrid drivers which allow access on the HOV lanes of the Dulles Toll Road and I66 during rush hour. The car is extremely quiet and I have surprised more than several folks as I roll up in my neighborhood. I've owned several nice cars in my past (Volvo S70, 2004 Honda Accord V6) and this is by far the nicest vehicle I've owned.


My favorite Toyota

I bought the 2008 Toyota Highlander Hybrid in December and already have over 6000 miles on it. I get great mileage on the vehicle and have it up to 27mpg overall with long distance interstate driving as well as city driving. I have had the mpg over 30mpg. I am careful not to gun the starts and I use my cruise control which helps stabilize the mileage. The space for luggage is very good (having taken down the third row that is redundant to me). The dash is handy and I love the optional design of the back seat area. I love the vehicle.


Gas mileage not as advertised, overall great vehic

In anticipation of the $3/gallon gas, we bought a 2008 Highlander hybrid. We have had it about a month and have a few observations. First gas mileage is averaging w/ mixed city and highway about 21 - 23mpg, this is great for an over 3000lb SUV, but not the 25-27mpg advertised. No matter how we drive econ or pedal to the metal the gas mileage stays the same. This has been confirmed through several tanks of gas. What is great is the space and configuration especially with three kids. Toyota did a nice job with the interior and ride. You can drive all day and not get fatigued. Please opt for the JBL sound system, it is worth the money. The back up camera is nice but virtually useless as any mud or debris will distort the view. A little pricey compared with regular V6 hybrid, but well worth it as you roll by the gas stations while honking at explorers, tahoes, yukons, and yes toyota 4 runners, sequoias, and land cruisers as there gas pump wizzes past the $60 mark.