2013 Toyota Prius c consumer reviews

$19,080 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Prius c Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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Great city car, unbeatable mileage

I would recommend this car to anyone looking for a reliable, small car. On top of all of the features, ranging from amazing to average, the gas mileage is unbeatable. They say you'll get 53 mpgs on average, but if you pay attention to your driving style, you'll easily get 65-70 in city. GREAT, reliable car.


Classy car

This car meets all my needs..saves me alot of money on gas.. Hands free talking. On my. Cell phone while driving is wonderful and safe.


Best car insurance have ever owned

I love this car, it's wonderful on gas, handles very well, It's a fast car on freeways. The style is well thought out, just love this car.


Don't buy if you'll be gone a lot

I often travel for 1-3 weeks at a time. Just about every time I come home, the 12 volt is dead. I turn off everything I can to avoid drawing down the battery, but it doesn't help. This happens in summer and winter. It's currently dead after being gone only 4 1/2 days, temperatures mostly in the 30s F during the day. 12 volt is under the seat and a pain to access to put on a trickle charger. This time, check engine light came on in addition to battery dying. Would have never purchased this vehicle had I known


Gas & Space Saver

The PriusC was small, efficient, and reliable. We have been on the blinking E a few times and were able to still make it to the gas station. The car drives well, but could do some work on steering, and accelerating while already rolling. The comfort of this car wasn't anything spectacular, but it got the job done. Overall, we enjoyed the car for business and personal use. It never failed us, and anyone looking for a Prius and the gas savings without the heavier price tag, PriusC is the way to go.


Primus c

Great gas milage car, small, can fit into tight spaces, 51 mpg can't go wrong. I've enjoyed this car and when replacement time comes, I intend to buy another one. Love the hatchback because you can fit a lot of stuff in the back with the seats down.


pruis c

great car ,very economical.would buy another.great miles per gallon.easy to get aroundall around a great car.


Great value and efficient

The Prius c is wonderful if you are someone that drives a fair amount and doesn't need a ton of space. I do appreciate it's tidy footprint when it comes to parking in the city and general getting around in traffic. The power is limited with 99 hp, but it's not unbearably slow, and you have only Eco mode or not power options for engine performance (vs. more with standard Prius, along with more hp). I average about 46mpg most of the time with mixed city and hwy, with the Prius c Four. My model includes the leatherette seating (much easier for cleaning), sunroof, fog lights, and the upgraded 16" wheels (which look much nicer in my opinion). I do believe they cause me to get a few less mpg vs. the smaller alloy wheel option, though. The road noise is on the high end for the interior. There are rough roads in certain areas where I live and it can be hard to have a conversation without raising your voice while driving on them at highway speeds. The quality of the car has been impressive, even though the materials are very plastic throughout the interior. If you are looking for a reliable fuel and $ saver, I highly recommend the car.


Good on millage but poor quality hybrid battery.

My 2012 Prius c gives a good millage. After one year the system starts to give warning as " CHECK HYBRID SYSTEM. STOP THE VEHICLE IN A SAFE PLACE IMMEDIATELY". After a while the warning goes off. The service center was unable to detect any problem. After 4 years the warning fails to disappear and this time the service center said i need to replace the Hybrid Battery which cost me about usd 2k. The battery was still under warranty but the service center says my warranty was void as i did not service my car according to the recommended millage. Two months later the same message appear and this time they say i need overhaul(Decarbonise) my engine as the diagnose indicates engine fails to starts which cost me another usd 800. Now after another 2 months the same message appear and my car is in workshop for further diagnosis which i believe going to cost me a huge amount.


Wish it had 4wd and a cool exhaust sound

This was not a personal choice but a business decision. 2 1/2 years and 160,000 miles of pure economy and reliability and I believe it was a good decision. I don't baby it except for full and timely maintenance. Wow! First brake job at 132,000 miles. Had to replace a tail light bulb and windshield wipers last week and have about 25,000 miles on my third set of tires. I am expecting close to 300,000 miles before it gets retired. I plan to replace it with a used Prius to avoid the immediate depreciation. Personally, my friends are embarrassed I drive a Prius, but I drive it hard and still get about 48 mpg uphill and down, around town and yes, up to 90 mph. It"s okay for comfort and styling, but amazingly dependable and does what it is supposed to, with great economy. Compare it to my Jeep wagoneer which I truly enjoy. It has 133,000 miles on it and has been in the shop for a year getting new engine, power window motors, shocks and brakes again, and upholstery replaced. Oh, and 12 mpg!Wish they made a 4wd Prius,