2013 Toyota Prius c consumer reviews

$19,080 starting MSRP
side view of 2013 Prius c Toyota
93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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Great on mileage, poor on comfort

I bought the 2013 C4 with moonroof and 16" wheels. Getting the 4 package helps make the car feel like a luxury economy car if one can say that. The car is fun to drive and has plenty of pick up and go and I am averaging 57 mpg. I have no issues with the acceleration. The ride is a little stiff and interior noise noticeable but not obnoxious. My main complaint about the car is the driver's seat. I have tried all combinations of the 6 way adjustable seat and still have lumbar pain from even short drives. For me there seems to be no adjustment that works so I am looking into lumbar pillows. Once I solve the seat issue I see no problem in taking the car on the interstate for long distances.


reliable car, gas saver.

great commuter car, excellent gas saver, a lot of mileage per gallon. i bought the top of the line prius c, and i love it. it suited my purpose. there is speed when i needed. i average 52 mileage per gallon. big saving for me, it all depend on how you drive it. this car is sporty looking, that is why i decided to buy this compact hybrid car, and toyota prius has good hybrid history.


Prius C vs. Yaris

The pick up and handling of this smaller-size Prius are better than expected, about the same as driving the Yaris. Compared to the Yaris, however, the interior is more cramped, with little storage space and backseat headrests that can't be removed, and block much of the back window. The gas savings vs. the Yaris are probably only going to make a substantial difference to someone who does a lot of driving, particularly city driving, so if you are choosing between the two vehicles it comes down to cost vs. comfort. The Prius C is a good car with many hi-tech features, but don't pay too much extra money for it vs. the Yaris, because you aren't likely to recoup it soon.


Make fun until you see my gas saving

Our first Prius C 2 was purchased on Halloween night 2012 - we call it Boo. That already has 15000 miles on it. When we found out that we are getting a substantial tax credit on the 2012, we decided that a second Prius C was in order. This time we got a 3 simply because I was able to negotiate a good enough deal ( paid the same for the 3 this year as we did for the 2 last year) and they were offering 0% financing. We didn't care about the colour or features just price. This one we called Jack- Black Sand Pearl :) In 23 + years of marriage and as many years of moving with the military, which means many quality miles spent on the road for our cars , we have never found ourselves naming our vehicles before. There is just something fun about these- perhaps it is the room left in the wallet for more fun to be had after filling up the gas tank. People like to make big truck jokes about this car but that is only because they have to justify spending between $70 and $100 on a fill up to only go about 15 MPG in that big truck. We also have a big truck for towing stuff and farm work- it is parked unless absolutely needed. In 2012 we were looking for a reliable , economic, gas saver as a commuter car for one of us who was going to be driving home every weekend 12 hours round trip for a year. We looked at several economic cars; Hyundai Sonata and one other like it- can't remember which now. One of us is 5.10' and 205 lbs and the other is 5.1' at er.....lbs- The Prius C was the only one that was comfortable for both of us- head rests were a major issue for the shorty. The money we saved in gas through this purchase paid for our car payment- the car literally paid for it's self. Despite the fact that our 21 y.o Engineering student cringes at the thought of being seen in the Prius C and swears he could never own one because it does not have the VROOM he craves, we find this car fun to drive. It has the get up for overtaking which makes it fun to see people's expressions in your rear view mirror and yet you never have to worry if your tank is on 0 and you are not by a gas station because you can run in on electric. The other fun dimensions are the ability to ' turn on a dime', park in a tight spot and have competitions between drivers as to who has the best ECO score and got the highest MPG on a trip.... If poor students would get over the lack of 'street cred', this is THE best car if you are the kind of parent considering gifting your kid a car. WHY - check out the crash rating for one, where do you find that on a compact car? Gas savings of- course and finally it is like the original Mini- it has the amazing ability to pack a lot of stuff inside of it's little body. Our College student was however ,quite happy to borrow it for a long spring break road trip with some Fraternity brothers due to reliability and gas savings. The only thing I would say is that if you are not really into sat radio and all those 'mod cons' I don't think going to a 3 is worth it unless - like us- you just got a good deal. The map system is frustrating - couldn't even find our LARGE MAJOR airport that is 15 mins from our house. Also the safety feature of not being able to do anything with the map system when you are driving is ....frustrating because if you have a passenger they can safely adjust things for you. Also the blue tooth phone system is worse than Siri at voice recognition- I used to think it was my accent until it didn't recognize that of my American family members'. For me the mod cons are redundant, all the apps I get on my phone anyway. Note that many of the app usage require billing for internet usage through your cell phone company so unless you have unlimited like us - I imagine that could get expensive. Sound system is nice though. As for other review objections I have heard /read by some 'professionals' , things like breaking being too sensitive and giving you whiplash- well lighten up on the break!! Also the feel of the steering wheel material and the plastic used on the interior- it is not a Porsha it is a Prius when you look at what is left in your wallet you will get over it !!!!. Just MHO


Loved my last Prius

Bought new one because I loved last one. Miss a PLACE TO PUT MY PURSE, the option of the CHOICE OF COLORS as 5 years ago, the UPPER FLIP STORAGE UNIT for my sunglasses, the little tray inside to console, & the auto garage & gate opener on the mirror. But love the improved gas mileage, the interior display options, the enhanced music options, the voice activated features, the "floating" suspension, & retention of the Prius design...,& customer service, so far.


Great little car!

We were sad to have to end our relationship with our 2005 Toyota Matrix, and daunted by the fact that Toyota isn't making the Matrix any more. This Prius c seemed like the best replacement, and is just right for us. I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because the accelerating power is slow and the engine noise is loud. Although neither of these things really matter to my husband and me, it is different than we were used to with the Matrix and our other car, a 4-runner. But the whole point of this car for us is to be a gas saving Prius which was more affordable than the standard Prius. We are very happy with the car.





Love it

Cutest thing on four wheels! Cost efficient in every sense of the sense of the phrase. Perfect little car.


I love it!

Fun, reliable, cost efficient. I love the responsivenes, and great fuel economy. It is so comfortable for a family of four. The trunk is amall but big enough to hold monthly supplies from sams club. We are entertaining purchasing a second.



I traded a 2007 Suzuki SX4 for the Toyota Prius C Two, and so far, am glad that I did. Instead of visiting the gas station two or three times a week, depending on where I am going, I go every two weeks. I am saving enough money from purchasing gasoline to make the car payment. I am not so happy about the "cheap-looking" plastic interior, but I bought the car to save $ on gasoline, and that is what it is doing. I wish that the car had more horsepower (it's slow, compared to the Ford Focus I test drove), but overall, I am very happy with my decision.