2013 Toyota Prius c consumer reviews

$19,080 starting MSRP
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93% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.2
  • Interior design 4.3
  • Performance 4.2
  • Value for the money 4.6
  • Exterior styling 4.4
  • Reliability 4.7
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Yes it's GREAT on gas...but there's more!!!

I have had my Prius C ll for 3 years. And of course my first attraction was the great gas mileage. I felt the difference in this car's mileage would pay about half of the note. This turned out to be true and I was happy with that. However the surprising BONUS of owning these cars is left out of most reviews. It's the maintenance! First tuneup is at 115,000 miles! And with proper usage the breaks can last over 100 thousand miles too before they must be changed! Of course you should have these checked by your service person, but check the book it only requires oil changes at 10000 miles and tire rotations at 5000. A purchase of a new set of tires and the above is all I have done.. I gave my car 4 stars for the stiff ride and lack of power, but hey it's a small car. I would buy another one in a minute...used if i had to.


It grows on you .

I've come to really like my Prius C. My biggest fear is getting into an accident because i see everything is made thin and lightweight with no margin for any significant mishaps on the road without severe damage being the outcome . I know if it get's hit good, it'll never be the same way again and i might as well get rid of it if that happens down the line . I really started to feel better about the car when i discovered the arm rest slides forward. It was a few day's before i discovered that . I thought my elbow was forever going to be on the edge of that armrest way back . My number one complaint is i'm 6 feet tall and i feel somewhat cramped in the drivers seat. You have to get in one position basically, and stay there, stay put. Especially your left leg and heaven forbid if you've been blessed with big feet. Your knee is also against the hard door panel and your left leg is bent too much for my comfort level . I saw some seat rail extenders and they are very expensive , but i think that is the only way i'm going to fully enjoy my car. I need that additional leg room. I use my few ounces of Marvel Mystery oil every gas fill up and i am pleased with how things are going with it . I will get those seat rail extenders before too long if it's possible for Toyota to install them . I'm not driving 5 years or so cramped up like that. That's my review for now . Thanks for reading .


Love this Car!

I have had my 2013 Prius C for just under 2 years and I love it! It's easy to drive, cute, and easy to travel long distances in while getting great mileage. I regularly drive between Southern California and Washington State...which means lots of mountain driving. It handles mountains like a pro and I have no problem with acceleration. I easily enter freeways at the posted speed limit, and easily pass other cars on the freeway. During really cold weather my gas mileage drops until the car warms up, but then I get back to my regular mileage. Average is about 45 mpg total, but I do a lot of driving on hills. On short trips I can easily average 60 to 70 mpg. Other than regular maintenance, I've had no problems with this car & highly recommend it to anyone, whether you are looking for a commuter car, or a car for long distance trips. I am so happy I purchased this one!


A great car

We have had our 2013 Prius C II for one year. The seats are very comfortable and there is plenty of room in the front and decent room in the back. The cargo space is adequate for the average person's needs. There is the usual amount of road noise for a small car -- which means that I can't hear the radio without turning it up more than I like. [The quality of the radio and speakers is quite good]. Overall visibility is very good, except for the A pillar, which does hide some people/cars, and the rear seat headrests, which are easily removed. The head lights are excellent. Displays on the dashboard allow you to monitor the performance of the car, including the effect of your driving habits, and play an important part in helping you drive efficiently. If you can drive on fairly level roads with 35 mph speed limits, it is easy to get over 70 mpg. At 53 mph we get between 55 and 59 mpg. The car can cruise easily at 70 mph, but efficiency drops to the high 40's. In cold weather, I've seen drops of up to 10 mpg. Its one weakness is that it does not have a powerful engine, it struggles to climb hills, and fuel efficiency drops significantly. I would probably go for a larger Prius in hilly terrain. For anyone who wants an extremely fuel-efficient car, has the patience to learn how to drive a hybrid, and does not have to climb a lot of hills, this is an awesome car. It is the best car I have owned in 40 years and I would not trade it for anything else presently on the road.


interesting car

delivering the fuel economy that I expected, good economy at 60 to 65 mph. but falls down above that.


MPG for Prius

I noticed that If I drive on hiway less than 55 mp/hr, I get 54-60 mpg instead of 46 mpg Best value for a compact car


press reviews are wrong

If you do lots of online research you are going to read about wind noise in this car. Yes, at 70+ miles an hour there is some wind noise, However once I get the air conditioning blower up past about the fourth speed there's far more noise coming from the ventilation system than the wind noise from the car. In fact the wind noise is quite minimal which would seem to make sense in an aerodynamic car. If you are on a quality road with a smooth surface the car is actually remarkably quiet at highway speeds. Coarse road surfaces are another story. You will also read tons of complaints about lack of power. I call bogus here too. My C climbs any upgrade here in Colorado (I-70) at the speed limits with power to spare. Yes it does work hard, like any small car with a small four-cylinder, but it is nowhere near maxed out. I had the car up to 99 miles an hour in Wyoming last summer and it still had some power to spare but I ran out of safe road (as in legally safe- knowing no one such as officers could be observing me) and had to back off. So no, it does not accelerate like a musclecar but it gets up to speed and with superior aerodynamics and all the low rolling resistance tricks, it has plenty of power to maintain whatever speed you want. My over all average MPG which includes lots of highway speeds where hybrids are not as advantageous, not to mention all the hillclimbing I do here in the Rocky Mountains, stands at 55 to the gallon. This number is figured from the old-fashioned Calculator, odometer reading, and gallons method. The display on the dash is optimistic. It claims 57. Do note if you live in an area with lots of cratered poor quality roads, the ride in the C is a bit stiff. There is also the common complaint that the CVT makes noise. I don't know what they are talking about unless it is the increasing and decreasing pitch whine at very low speeds which I believe is the noisemaker under the hood to alert pedestrians. So far I really am loving this car.


Prius C 4 in Alaska

I have had the 2013 Prius C 4 for a year now. I am averaging 42 mpg in Fairbanks Alaska. Let that set in for a moment. 42 mpg in Alaska for a yearly average. In the summer I am getting near 60 mpg on a regular basis. In the winter I get closer to 30. This car has seen -50 F and starts like a charm. I adjust my driving style to get the maximum mpg I can and am always in ECO mode if not EV mode . My biggest complaint is that I am big (decent) sized guy at 6 foot 2 inches and do not have the room I would like in the driver seat. This is truly a commuter car for me and my wife to drive around town in. I would not suggest taking it on long trips. For that we will use her Prius V (we are getting 38 mpg year round). Keep your belts on, speed down and safe driving everyone!


Fuel Efficient, but Not an Optimal Drive

I owned a Prius C for 6 months. The pros: excellent gas mileage @ an overall 43mpg, but less than expected (quoted at 46 city and 53 highway?..many have have had mpg well beyond 50mpg) ~driving 50% highway and 50% gridlock Boston traffic. Highway mpgs were typically in the mid-30's. Spartan front dash is simple and easy to navigate. Nimble and quick with good turning radius. Economical, affordable, & reliable. The cons: Acceleration was tortoise-like at best. Very slow. A white-knuckle ride passing tractor trailers on the highway.No lumbar support/uncomfortable seats for drives longer than 30-45 minutes. Replaced 2 windshields in 2 months' time due to rocks, etc. from the highway ( a design flaw, perhaps? Prius C rides very low to the ground). Frost occured on the inside of the windshield. Takes a long time to heat the cabin, especially in cold weather. Sun visor doesn't provide adequate coverage. Larger gas tank & windshield washer reserve would be helpful. Check engine light went off at 7,00 miles.The takeaway: the Prius C would prob. do best in warmer climates and mostly city driving, where mpgs would excel. Colder climates, and lots of highway driving, are not a great fit for the Prius C. If you love to drive, and want a more comfortable ride with the same reliability and good mpgs, there are plenty of other alternatives.


aw she's so cute

I bought the four version. Price was 21,8oo...A bunch of features and still a good price. My teenage sons are not happy with it. They do like me driving them around more than before and not complaining about the gas. I get 55 mpg. Awesome to get more than the ratings for a car. Hope to enjoy it for many years.