2024 Toyota Tundra consumer reviews

$39,965–$45,015 MSRP range
side view of 2024 Tundra Toyota
50% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior 4.0
  • Performance 4.5
  • Value 3.5
  • Exterior 4.0
  • Reliability 4.0
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Beautiful beast!

Love everything about it so far! I got the 2024 Platinum in Lunar Rock color. The interior leather is actually charcoal color (not black) with blue stitching and blue interior lighting throughout. Looks amazing! The sunroof is enormous, larger than the one in my outgoing 2018 Volvo XC90. I really like The JBL sound system also. Overall extremely happy with my new rig!


No longer tough&capable - Infotaining&luxurious

40yrs of brand loyalty and mechanic work on toyota trucks made me overlook a lot of things I now regret, when I bought my 2024 SR5. First, here's what I love. Driving three weeks on just over half a tank of gas. I don't pay much attention to gas prices and after burning this gas that came with the truck, I'll be back to burning premium. Seems to pull as hard as my 2016, which had a 5.7 V8. Floor mats are great and I kind of like a back window that rolls down. Now here's the bad. THERE IS NO SKID PLATE on these 4wd trucks. No tow points or hooks. No mud flaps and the paper thin plastic front bumper will be destroyed if you ever bump anything, maybe taking your radar and parking sensors with it. If you take it off road don't get stuck. There's no safe attachment point for a tow truck or a tow strap. That's a daunting thought if you drive snowy back roads, let alone a trail. The hood has bold beefy lines that majorly obstruct the view of your surroundings but leave unnecessary empty space under the hood. It seems surprisingly horrible and poorly designed unless that makes you want to buy the expensive camera packages. The worst part is that the shape of the hood acts like a solar furnace that focuses sun glare right in your eyes. It's blinding and dangerous to drive in the afternoon. Its 10 times brighter than the sun and no matter where you place your head its like the burning glare follows you. They piled 10 times more electronic crap on this truck than I'll ever use. I have an electronics background and it seems this vehicle could have created its very own chip shortage. Tonight I finally figured out how to turn off the auto dim/auto bright headlights before getting my xxx kicked by some hot head who doesn't appreciate my truck flashing its brights in their rear view mirror. I don't care fore computerized lane tracking. I don't drive drunk. The computer can open my tailgate or roll down my windows remotely for some reason. If I can push the button on my key fop, it means my finger could also push the button on the tailgate itself. The window feature only rolls the windows DOWN remotely. Why? If it starts raining when I'm away from the truck fishing or hiking, I want to roll them UP. How much did I pay for this? My truck wants its own cell phone account. I already have 2 cell phones. I don't need a 3rd phone for WiFi hotspot that is buried in that beefy $60,000 price tag. I want a real 4x4, with metal bumpers, skid plate and mud flaps so my investment won't be ruined if there's a snow drift in the road. I don't need blind spot monitors, cameras and radar. I can see for free if the design engineers let me. I'd like a bed that's long enough to carry dirt bikes and lumber (not that unusual!) With the tailgate up. Otherwise why is there a gate? It's supposed to keep things in. I don't need a back seat that's comfortable for 3 sumo wrestlers to stretch their legs but the smaller double cab literally has NO leg room. The dbl cab back and front seats touch each other when the drivers seat is adjusted for my 5'9" frame. The pre 2022 double cab back seat was perfect. After 40yrs of owning and wrenching on other peoples' toyota trucks, I'm done. I'll probably lean to love it a little more over time but I've never felt sick with remorse after a Toyota purchase before. I've bought a lot of em. The real durable all around utility truck I want may no longer exist. The lack of skid plate, tow hooks and mud flaps are unforgivable. I'm embarrassed for Toyota.