2010 Volkswagen GTI consumer reviews

$23,465–$24,565 MSRP range
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70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 3.6
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 3.6
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2013 GTi

I had a gti before this, an 03 vr6 and I loved it...but so far I love this car more! the ability to tune it is much easier, aftermarket modifications are much easier to come by, and it is faster. I was skeptical of going to a 4 cylinder turbo coming from that "big v6" but It was worth every penny! This car is good on gas (I'm getting 26.6 average) and yes I pulled that from the car just now, It grips up around corners and is super comfortable to drive in when it becomes the grocery getter! I would recommend this car to anyone who is younger and wants to get into the car scene!


The best bang for your buck

The GTI is pretty much my dream car--and I can report that it lives up to its billing as a true Goldilocks of a car: Fun, practical and efficient, with a light foot! I look forward to many years obsessing about every single detail of this car.


2010 VW GTI 4 door with dsg and API upgrade

I love this car - It is probably one of the best daily drivers out there. I just filled up and got 15.8 mpg. Granted I am retired and don't drive much. The only problem i have had is the turn stalk failed. Only have 20k on it. The API tune is great with the cold air intake - still needs another 100hp.


Love This Car!

I bought my GTI used with 35k on the clock. I'm now at 65k as I write this review and am happy to report that the car is still just like the day I bought it. I come from a family of German car enthusiasts and we have always given high praise to the likes of VW, Audi and Porsche. This little car does not disappoint and I am happy to report that it has not given me any reason to doubt the high praise. Although it is true that in stock form this car is not the fastest hot hatch out there but it is certainly one of the most refined. Most young guys my age just want to go fast and don't care about handling and balance. That being said, my GTI is tuned to stage 2 with APR software. It was great stock but now it is simply amazing. The power is now on par with the rest of the car. It is truly a balanced experience. You get plenty of bang, cargo room and versatility. In stock form the car makes 200 hp and 211 lbs. torque. Tuned with APR software it now makes 245hp and 304 lbs. torque. I know what you're thinking... tune = unreliable. Let me tell you though that this car has been tuned since 5k and it is now at 65k with no issues. That is very impressive considering it's a tuned engine. Reading some of the reviews, I agree that 200hp is nothing to brag about. But the engine does not produce 200hp because it's all it has to give. The engine is simply limited to that power output since VW uses the engine in a number of different vehicles. The potential is there, it just needs to be unlocked. The stock turbo pressure only maxes out at 10psi through 3rd and 4th gear but the K03 turbo in the GTI is capable of higher pressures. Tuned, the pressure is increased to around 18psi. The internals of the engine are also very over engineered (in true German fashion) and have been tested and proven to withstand power outputs of up to 400hp. I know I'm just rambling on and on here but it is for a car that I truly believe deserves more praise than it gets. Although all of this may sound good it's not without it's price. I am a car enthusiast at heart and therefore baby my car (don't worry, it stretches its legs A LOT!) 5k interval oil changes, upgraded brake pads and rotors, regular washes, intake valve cleaning every 50k miles, regular preventative maintenance meticulously performed, etc. I do all the work myself so it does not cost me much $$. However, the golden rule will always be: if you take care of the car the car will take care of you. If you're the type of person that "forgets" to change the oil, does not wash his or her car and does not keep up with scheduled maintenance then run to Toyota or Honda. But, if you do take care of your GTI, it will never let you down, and it will be one of the most rewarding cars you will ever own. It's a car that can take you to work and the store everyday but also give you the thrill and fun a GTI should.


Long Term 2010 VW GTI Review

I just wanted to give a real life long term review of my 2010 GTI since most reviews are from shorter term users. I ordered mine brand new back in Dec of 2009 and took ownership April 2010. I ordered a 4 door dark grey with HID lights, Navigation, Sunroof & Dynoaudio. In short I have had zero issues with my car! Knock on wood but it has cost me zero out of pocket during the first three years of ownership outside of changing my windsheild wiper blades. From years 3-to now I've only changed my oil every year/10K miles. I am getting to the point when I do need to start performing maintenance things to ensure it keeps going strong. Overall the car looks great, drives great and still feels solid. I do take good care of my car and people always ask me how new my car is when they get in. I live in SF so I do mainly city driving which isn't exactly easy on a car. I do drive around the greater bay area so my car does get some use. Granted I do have very low miles (30K) for a car going on 5 yrs but still. It's 5 years old and I use is multiple times a week.



For those poeple who complain on the power: Take it to the freeway or somewhere safe and PRESS on the pedal!!! then come back and talk to me! When utilized Turbo adds 1/3 of your listed HP which means that you can smoke a 2012 Porche Boxter with your GTI (first hand experience). I have 49k on the DSG transmission with no issues and the car flies. Change the oil on time. 5k for me (including transmission oil every 40k or less). You can fit anything and everything in the back. I brought home a Queen size bed (in pieces but still). Love the lights because when you hit the turbo people need to know you're coming! Not that the engine won't let them know!! The car is a perfect combination of fun and convinient. I am not planning on selling this baby ever. Hopefully will never have to.


Very practical and fun to drive

If you are interested in a 2010 VW GTI, read the 2011 and 2012 reviews on cars.com as well. The cars are essentially the same for each year, but for some reason there are some negatives reviews of the 2010. Also read the expert video reviews of the 2010 and you'll hear that they all love the car. People that have driven thousands of cars in their personal lives think the car is one of the best available on the market today. why? Find out. I had a list of vehicles I wanted and my list did not include the GTI. A friend of mine suggested driving the GTI because he loves his. I drove the GTI first and did not even bother driving the other cars on my list; I bought the car right away. Excellent seats, steering wheel, overall ergonomics, gas mileage, power, handling, interior space and unmatched practicality. I also recently drove in 3 inches of un-plowed roads, and had no trouble at all. It might not be fast enough for people younger than me, but plenty of power and it sounds very good too. I can spin the wheels in second gear on drive pavement and easily chirp third gear. That's fast enough for most people. I can fit all four of my children in the car comfortably too. Add it to your list and then drive one.....


Best car overall I have owned

Fun to drive and very reliable. I have 50,000 miles on my 2010 VW GTI with no problems. Average mileage in town about 27-28 and on the highway 31. Automobile magazine's Car of the Year in 2010, and now I know why.


Makes driving enjoyable

I have 46 K on my 2010 and (knock on wood) nary a problem. I opted for the manual 6-speed and am glad I did. The GTI handles like it's on rails, is very comfortable on trips and has excellent pickup and torque. This car makes driving enjoyable. I hope to keep this one a long time. I think it's VW's best-made vehicle.


A sophisticated small German GT

I noticed that the GTI was always on someone's ten best car list, so when it came time to replace my daily driver, a manual '07 Mini Cooper S, I tried the GTI. My car is a '10 manual 4-door w/nav that I bought used. It was a certified car with an additional warrantry added so I feel pretty safe. With 15,000+ miles on it now the car is still quite tight and responsive. The brakes are very good, although they could have spent a couple of bucks making the standard red calipers look a little better. The interior is well styled, and well made, and the seats are typically German firm. For taller drivers the two-door might be better because the longer door makes ingress/egress easier. The engine is torquey and zips up to redline quickly and smoothly. The gearbox is excellent. The Mini, although with less horsepower and torque, but a little more noise seemed a little quicker on initial acceleration but that might have been from the lighter weight. Fuel economy isn't as good; about 22 in town, and 28-30 on the highway. Free maintenance sweetens the deal, but I plan on halving the free scheduled 10,000 mile oil changes. The Mini oil service was even longer so I did the same thing then also; I don't think small turbo engines should have overly long oil change intervals even using synthetic oil, because when the warrantry is over its over. I'm very satisfied with the GTI, you can haul groceries in the morning and haul butt the rest of the time.