2010 Volkswagen GTI consumer reviews

$23,465–$24,565 MSRP range
side view of 2010 GTI Volkswagen
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 3.6
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 3.6
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Awesome Car.

With over 10 years driving VW this is one of the best cars. If you think you need more power would be good to drive the Civic Si. 197 HP at 7000 rpm or 207 HP at 1800 RPM GTi. The seats are super comfortable, the stereo sounds like a $ 2000 radio. I can say that the GTi GUARANTEE 26 city and 36.4 MPG HWY. (With a good driver). I am proud to have it and be able to handle daily. I'm not saying the Si is bad but please dont compare with the hatchback 18 "wheels, orthopedic wheel, heating chairs, and much more ... it's a VW.


Average economy car

First of all, I hate admitting that I made a bad purchase, but in the case of the GTI, it's true. I loved the interior styling of the GTI as well as the handling and exterior. I'll also admit that this car feels fast. Of course feelings and reality are two different things and this car really isn't fast at all. It's pretty close to or even slower than a Civic SI. The back seats are cramped and the cargo space is also too small. I can manage at most 28 mpg and thats driving the GTI like I'm driving Miss Daisy. If you're a spirited driver, you'll be lucky to achieve 21 mpg. I also had an oxygen sensor failure, a front lightbulb failure and a rear lightbulb failure. Maybe the GTI looks good on the dealer lot, but how would you feel paying $29 thou, for a car with all these annoying issues combined with its lackluster performance. Not such a hot hatch. Oh by the way, the free maintenance plan in built into the price of every Volkswagen so you're actually paying for the oil changes and wiper blades when you purchase the car! Please, choose your car carefully and don't believe all the "talk" like I did when I bought the GTI.


All hype, no substance

The GTI is the very definition of over hyped advertising. A test drive of this car left me sorely disappointed. The best thing about the GTI is the interior. The worst things include lousy power, small cramped cabin, poor luggage space, mediocre handling, and extreme price. At 24k this car comes with nothing except for those hippie styled plaid seats! Add a few options like a GPS and moon roof and the price skyrockets to about 30k. Maybe the GTI is competative in the European car market, but it's nearly dead last when compared to anything on the American market. The GTI is tiny, underpowered and priced well into the mid priced sedan range. Overall a POOR choice when compared to other vehicles on the road


Not worth the money

The GTI is just not worth it. I bought this car thinking it was some kind of revolution in automobile engineering, boy was I wrong. I've been to the dealer countless times for various problems like a bad oxygen sensor, the rear hatch not opening and the radio not picking up any stations. All of this on a car less than six months old! For a so called "refined automobile" this thing is a real piece of junk. Compared to other cars, the GTI is also pretty slow for costing in the mid to upper $20,000. As soon as I have the cash, I'm trading this "well refined" GTI for a MazdaSpeed3. Don't buy the GTI!


Should of done more research

I was looking for a small performance car that would be a good all around car for my family. I jumped into buying this car because I fell for the hype about the car's refinement and maturity. I've even heard reviewers say that this is an adults performance car. Well I'm 30 and I'll tell you that for the 30 thousand dollars I spent on the GTI, there are plenty better cars around. With only 210 hp, this car is a true dog, not to mention if I have two passengers with me. It's also smaller than cars in the "same class" Don't waste your money like I did. For 30 grand you can buy a larger car like an Accord or Camry. In my case, I traded the GTI for a 2010 Subaru WRX. The Subaru was the same price as the GTI but with bigger interior, AWD and 265 hp. The Subaru is also much more fun to drive. So if you're thinking about buying the GTI, Think Twice!



Quick adaptation to instrumentation ergometrics and design, confortable ride in the city and a just perfect ergometrics in a long highway ride (16 hrs drive), great response for a 4 cilinder turbo engine on a 2.0L, excellent suspension and looks, space is just fine for a 3 people family, trunk size is not bad at all for a small vehicle, in fact with folding rear seats, you are just fine. CONS: for the price you are paying, you get too little standard equipment, you will end up getting optional equipment. OVERALL: GREAT VEHICLE, happy that I went back to VW GTI, finally VW has moved away from the RABBIT style!


love it

I love my car and never cared about a car, until I bought this one. It's fast. Get the sports package.


Too small, too slow, and too expensive

Went car shopping for a good performance car with some practicality. I compared the GTI with a Subaru WRX and MazdaSpeed3. Honestly, the 29,000 dollar pricetag for this car is way too high. Maybe if it cost in the high teens to low 20,000 dollars, I might consider it. The GTI is just too sluggish when compared to a MazdaSpeed3 and the GTI was 5,000 dollars more. I then drove the WRX for 30,000 dollars. The WRX completely destroys the GTI in every conceivable category. Not only was the GTI much slower than the WRX, but it couldn't come close to the handling of the WRX either. To top things off, the GTI is smaller than the WRX and doesn't even come with AWD. To me, it's a no-brainer. I bought the WRX. If you want to pretend like you're fast buy the GTI. If you actually want to be fast, buy the WRX or Mazda Speed3


My New Car

very Happy with my new purchase and drive it all day long... very powerful taking into consideration it's only 4 cyl!!!


Classy car

I have 700 miles on my new 2010 GTI, having selected the 6-speed standard for simplicity, reliability and cost concerns. This car is quiet, stable and solid. It gets great mileage unless you hammer it. I have taken one fairly long (200 miles) trip and was comfortable and very pleased with the driving experience. If you want to energize your daily drive, I strongly recommend getting a 2010 GTI. I'm very pleased. Compared to my previous Honda Civic, the GTI is luxurious, fast and lots more fun to drive.