2010 Volkswagen GTI consumer reviews

$23,465–$24,565 MSRP range
side view of 2010 GTI Volkswagen
70% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.0
  • Interior design 4.5
  • Performance 3.7
  • Value for the money 3.6
  • Exterior styling 4.3
  • Reliability 3.6
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Top notch stuff! A quality car

yes ok the GTI was slow at reacting but get a little something called a sprint booster and you hardly have to touch the gas to get it to go. obvioulsy those who think that the Speed3 is a lot faster, think again, i kept up with one with 3 guys in the car and he had 1! also note the fact that yes the Speed3 may be faster 0-60 but no duh it has 65 more hp. the GTI can almost keep up around a track due to great handling with the lack of understeer. Far superior handling. also the seats are rated best in class so no complaints there. the car is almost 3 years old and we have had hardly any trouble whatsoever. great resale value as well. dont compare the WRX simply because as it is AWD it does not fairly compair. German engineer is known to be the best in the world. the dealers are great, very friendly and interested.


I love my GTI

It's fast and fun to drive, has a great sound system, and looks fantastic. What's not to love? Although my electrical system has proven to be a bit quirky....but isn't that just a part of the whole Volkswagen experience??? I also get 27 mpg (this is not highway driving)



The GTI is awesome in all catagorys..But The DSG Transmission needs work. A stickshift with 6 speeds is the way to go with this car. Jerky takeoffs with The DSG is the only flaw I have found with The GTI. Only two hundred horsepower, but it will set you back in your seat with the turbo. For the money, this car will deliver.


2010 GTI is Awesome

This car has the best 1st-to-2nd gear punch ever. I love the guts of this car. The handling is amazing too. All kinds of people talk to me about my GTI off the street. My mailman wanted to inspect it! The only complaint I have is while I love to feel the road, it's gets tiring on a long road trip.


excellent car!! A+

This is an awesome car, performance is there! econmy in the same time & powerfull.. I'm super glad I bought one!


The Black Beauty

I can only suspect that the negative reviewers here are either working for the competition or they simply could not afford the requisite price for a brilliant example of German engineering. That said, there is simply no comparing this car to a Subaru or Honda. The interior is blissfully designed and emulates the Audi A4 cabin. Quality materials through and through. Soft touch surfaces everywhere and remarkable fit and finish. This car is the darling of expert auto reviewers for a reason. Exterior design is a head turning work of art and you'll be proud to be seen in driving it. The engine is powerful, the steering responsive and you feel very attached to the road. Like BMW, this car shines on the highway and begs for twists and turns. Exceptional warranty and maintenance programs. I am one year into ownership and this car is still a joy to drive. Do not hesitate and remember, you do in fact get what you pay for. Drive safe and have fun.


Dont buy one with Dsg transmission!

The car has lots of problems! Not very reliable compared to a Honda or Toyota. VW has horrible customer service and they DO Not stand behind there automobiles. Avoid !


Great Car

I bought this car in april 2010. I upgraded from a 2007 gti i think i made a good choice. The new interior is nice and the all around feel while driving is better. As for the difference in performance from other cars like speed3 or wrx dont let people who arent owners taint your thoughts on this car. After breaking it in Ive raced a few, and even though i wasnt as fast i keeped up pretty well for 70 something hp difference. That doesnt say to much for the other cars. As far as the guy who wrote the review about getting beat buy the honda accord you should know thats the fastest front wheel drive car on the market and a 40k car. And for the people who said they heard noise a couple months after buying thats probably cause its winter and metal contracts in the cold so your gonna hear noise. grow a brain. You do get alot of car for your money cause I got everything but leather seats and paid under 25k so be a better haggler.


It's the Driver not the Car

A car is just a tool for the driver. Cars don't determine class, rather it's the driver and his skill that determine class. Fit and Finish? VW isn't bad but I've seen better. The question is, why pay almost 30k for a car like the GTI when there are more competative cars on the market? I see alot of comparisons to the WRX and upon testing these two cars for myself, I found there to be no comparison whatsoever except for price. The WRX has a larger cabin with leather seats, GPS, AWD, and sunroof for less money than the GTI. The WRX's power is immense compared to the GTI. The GTI sounds fast but it's little engine is at best lame. I guess people will pay anything to drive a BADGE.



The GTI was never about all out speed. This does speed with class. You tell the car what to do and it does it. My sisters WRX is quicker, but my car is comfy and fun to be in. No car in this class can come close to the fit and finish inside for sure! The seats hug you just right and keep you in place. The steering wheel feels fantastic and I love the sound the car makes when you flip through any 6 of the DSG gears. For the person that complains about the HP shortage, don't fret. Just wait for VW to bring the Golf-R to the states. With the fit and finish of the GTI, and 270hp to back it up. There is more to a car then all out power, and VW got it with the new GTI. I love my car and wish I could leave work right now to keep driving!