2008 Volkswagen Passat consumer reviews

$23,990–$25,065 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Passat Volkswagen
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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2008 VW Passat Comfortline

I bought a VW Passat and had it for two years. I could not fault that car at all. It never gave me a days trouble for the period that I had it. It was a lovely, comfortable, reliable car. Very easy on the pocket to run. I upgraded to a 2012 Passat now as I was so impressed with the comfort, smoothness and the running costs of my last Passat.


2009 Passat Komfort Wagon - Solid as a rock

Well, where to start...I bought pre-owned Passat wagon at about 8 months old and 12,000 miles. That was nearly 5 years ago. This is about the longest I've ever owned a car, so kudos to the VW for having enough features, performance and style to garner such staying power with me! I'd say the only gripes I have would be the following: front wheel drive was the only option for 2009+, exterior styling of the wagon is in my opinion better than the sedan but still lacking in comparison to Audi Avant counterpart (there are Audi parts all over this car), as another mentioned the rain-sensing wipers could use some work (and likely have been improved in the years since), the CD changer is finally having issues though still works, and I would like seat ventilation. I don't think nav is necessary since my phone does the job wonderfully. How about the high points? Well, I've really only had to take it in for scheduled maintenance, which I do on schedule. No significant maintenance issues to report in nearly 5 years of hard-driving ownership. Pretty excellent in my opinion. I really like how well the V-Tex leatherette seats have held up, still look new! I do tend to overheat in the V-Tex (as I do with any other seat regardless of material) so I don't often use the seat heaters, but they do work very well. Stereo is more than adequate. Wheels still look modern, and in fact are better looking than most modern rims (10-spoke design). Handling is very good since it rides on fairly wide tires for this size sedan (though with RWD/AWD would be perfect). Love the interior design with the graceful arc that traverses the door and around the dash. Also, subtle design cues like the crease on the glove box matching the same crease on the exterior of the car is truly wonderful. All surfaces are soft where you touch them and there are cool hidden cubby-holes above the center dash vents. The 2.0T is a great little engine as evidenced by all the awards and accolades it has so rightly garnered over the years, and is plenty motivated to get my wagon quick-enough up to speed (but not recommended above 120 mph since aerodynamics at very high speed provide more lift than downforce, so steering control becomes very light). I would add that fuel economy is decent (for a 6 year old car) at just south of 30 mpg highway & about 20 in town. And I love the "Audi-esque" front grill of my 2009, so much better than the new hum-drum bumper design that makes new Passats (and all other VWs) look like any other Honda, etc. Oh, and this "little" wagon hauls so much it is always astounding...more so than I can usually fit in our premium SUV. I can fit my full-suspension 29er MTB in the back with seats folded and not have to remove the front wheel! The push button close for the rear hatch (and open from the remote!) is a fantastic feature, though it closes with a slam, so watch to ensure your little-one's fingers are not in harm's way. And I primarily use my vehicle for "all the above" when it comes to commuting, hauling the family, outdoor sports, enthusiast driving, just around town, work, etc...Just not for towing or serious off-roading. A wonderfully solid, reliable, comfortable, versatile, and rewarding vehicle to own. Thank you, VW, and please bring back the Passat wagon with a TDI and AWD!


VR6 Review

My wife and I have owned or leased 3 new Passats, a 2006 value edition, a 2009 lux and a 2008 VR6 bought new in 2009. All 3 have been very reliable. The 4 cylinder has plenty of pep but the VR6 is quite a bit quicker. I particularly like the way I fit in the car. I like to put my seat may back and put my elbows on the arm rests. Most sedans the arm rests do not extend far enough back. This is one of the only sedans that can accommodate me. I have gotten up to 30 miles per gallon on the highway from the VR6 which is my current car. We also have a Lexus SC430 which is a hard top convertible. The engine, brakes and transmission is not quite up to the level of the SC430 but the Lexus is 3 times the cost of the base Passat. The convertible is also quieter. The VR 6 will growl when accelerating at medium throttle and the wheels will turn over a little in first and second. It is a fun car in sheep?s clothing. The seats are a little narrow so make sure you fit in them. I plug my android cell phone into the car and listen to Pandora. The sound system cuts out when you get a call and operates out of the stereo.


The best car I ever owned

I owned this car from April 2008 until February 2012. I had not a single issue with this car. It was build in Germany and it showed. Fit and finish is in the cab is great. Spacious back seat and trunk. Lots of power available and with the paddle shifters is a joy to drive. I was sad to see it go. Even saddest is the fact that Volkswagen replaced this excellent example of German engineering with the dummied-down US version that is as fun to drive as any other American sedan. After owning three excellent Passats (2001, 2004 and 2008) I had no choice that leaving the brand to another German made car.


Amazing VR6 but Not-so-amazing Reliability

Not many people know about this car's unique engine design. The VR6 is actually closer to being a straight-six than a V6. It's a staggered inline, which is why it sounds SO FREAKING AMAZING. No need to modify the exhaust, this engine already howls even at low speeds. Just search "passat vr6 exhaust" online for videos --you'll see what I mean. You can literally feel and hear the power. For 280 horses, it really gets up and going under full throttle. We've had ours since almost new, and now it has 110k miles on it. We average 23-26 mpg highway. It hasn't been the most reliable, and parts are pretty expensive (though we don't take as good of care of it as we probably should). But it still runs like new after some maintenance, and still performs very well. A word of caution if you have the HID xenon lights: they run all the time whenever the key is in the ignition which is fine. But since they're not regular bulbs, they won't burn out suddenly --instead they'll get dimmer and dimmer over time. After about 50k-70k miles, be sure to replace them or you'll likely get used to the dim lights which can get dangerous at night! I'd highly recommend this car --you'll be impressed with the VR6 setup. The back seats are surprisingly roomy. Added all-wheel-drive helps in bad weather and snow. Of all cars out there, I never though the VW Passat would be chosen to carry such a fine engine!


The Safest and most Durable car I've ever had

My Volkswagon Passat 2008 model is the most reliable car i've ever owned. I feel safe and comfortable, when driving in it. Let me show you 5 components of the car that makes my Volkswagon Passat to be a peace of mind ,as well as an ultimate driving experience for you and your loved ones: 1st) of all, it is Equipped with 6th cylinder Turbo engine, which makes accelerating super smooth and stable ,its not going to squeak and screech when you step on the Gas Pedal hard. 2nd), its dense and sturdy Autobody, will quarantee safety if collision happens. Extra pointer for the autobody part is that it ensures tranquility of the driver and passengers inside (hardly you would hear the rustle of the wind outside) as it numbs and diverts wind pressure from the outside with its heavy and aerodynamic design. 3rd), it is well equipped with Anti lock braking system, which maintain traction between the wheels and the road to avoid undesired skidding and slipping. 4th) it is well equipped with ultra treble bass sound system, for your stereo satisfaction. 5th), Some of its amenities includes Leather seats, power windows, moon roof, front seat heaters, power seats, AC at the back and the Front, rear window heater,, Fog lamps, as well as side curtains. This car will be your perfect companion for you in the next few years. It would be the right investment for those of you who valued your own safety and convenience.


Happy, So Far

Got a great price on it, otherwise might have gone with a different make. 24 mpg in the city, just got 32 mpg on a trip to San Antonio, including rush hour traffic down there. Drives quite well. Only downside is the road noise, but I'm accustomed to a Mercedes E-class. Interior (Lux edition) is as good as the Mercedes, with more features.


always amazed

i purchased my 2008 passat brand new when i heard rumors of it being replaced by the CC since then i have put 54,000 mils on it with all maintanace done on schedule. i do admit it can be expensive at times but that why i purchased mine with 100,000 mile warranty. the most common issue i have is the fuel cap needs to be replaced a lot, if you wash your car and dont clean around the fuel cap the seal goes bad, i made the common mistake by adding rims to the car and went back to the original rims and tires after 6 months the handling is to nice to ruin with rims. i always wash the engine and i now have a tensioner that is making noise do to my obsesion with having a clean engine bay. lets face it its an audi in sheeps clothing. i average 33 to 38 miles per gallon when lite on the pedal too.


VW stands for virtually worthless

I had the 2008 Passat GLS for over 42yrs. The cost of ownership is very high and the reliability is very low compared to other cars in it's class. Not sure if a lot of people are willing to sacrifice reliability for comfort these days!!! I will not buy another VW or recommend one to my friend !!!"


Family Hauler is fun to Drive and Economical

It took me a year to find a pre-owned VW Passat Wagon with a stick. But after much searching a CPO 2008 turned up in NH in Cobalt Blue. There was no price negotiation as I paid asking price w. 62,000 mi. Rather high miles but experience shows these run a long time and this is in like new condition. 7000 miles later the car is amazing. The combiantion of 2.0 - 200 HP and 6 spd manual allows plenty of power on tap as needed for passing, yet averages 30 MPG. On a recent trip the car provided 33 MPG on a 300 mi. return. The car feels much more like Audi wagon than a VW. This model which is now the old model has much more room than my 2003 passat wagon and more comfort and style. It holds plenty of gear inside and has a low roof rack which can hold small boats, lumber, etc, I would recomend this car to anyone who can find one but they are extemely rare.