2008 Volkswagen Passat consumer reviews

$23,990–$25,065 MSRP range
side view of 2008 Passat Volkswagen
91% of drivers recommend this car
Rating breakdown (out of 5):
  • Comfort 4.7
  • Interior design 4.7
  • Performance 4.6
  • Value for the money 4.5
  • Exterior styling 4.6
  • Reliability 4.3
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Best Car

This car is the best car for the money. Period. Handling, performance, luxury. Phenomenal. Nice fat tires. Quiet.


I love my VW Passat!!

We've only had it 3 months but we're loving it so far. It's luxury-like and the gas mileage is excellent (near 30 mpg). I was a bit afraid to downsize from an SUV to a mid-size sedan but it's been an easy adjustment since the Passat is so fun to drive. The interior is great and I love the little extras like the iPhone aux outlet, back seat window shades (for my kiddos) and bluetooth capability. I get a lot of compliments on my pretty car and most say it looks like a high-end sedan. If you're considering a sedan, I highly recommend getting a VW Passat!


So far so good!

I purchased this car with a lot of skepticism from other VW reviewers as well as having problems with my 00 VW Jetta (mostly electrical, never the engine). With that being said when I was researching various used cars I kept coming back to this one as its styling is very attactive (if you like the German sports sedan look) the gas mileage is great, and it is actually very fun to drive (turbo makes it feel like a V6). The only complaints I have so far is the need for premium gas, premium full synthetic oil, and why they do not put the Satellite radios in all of there cars as I now have to out a plug'n'play unit in. My first preference would have been for an Audi A6 or A4 but this is a very close second choice.


Volkswagen passat is the way to go.

I have never Owned a Volkswagen before. I was in need of a replacement vehicle and was set on replacing my Volvo S40 with another Volvo. I test drove a few and liked them but I had also seen a Audi that I liked. While at the Audi dealer I test drove One. After my test drive I saw a person drive into the Volkswagen side of the dealership in a Volkswagen passat. I never thought to even look at a Volkswagen. Uponooking at the passat I saw a great looking exterior a d the interior was just as nice as a Audi. This car was more luxurious and comfortabletham my Volvo. I took it for a test drive and this car handled exceptionally well. The car felt so heavy and solid. I felt safe while driving. The information system on the dash is like that of the more expensive Audis. Radio controls on the steering wheel and a but in iPod dock that plays through the radio and charges your iPod. Only drawback wAs I needed to purchase an extension cable for the iPod because it was a newer iPod. Other than that the car is excellent. It has great pickup and handles great in the snow. If you are looking for luxury at a good price get a volkswagen. I also opted for the komfort edition which makes the car even that much more cofortable. Volkswagen' s advertisement for drivers wanted pulled this driver in and is hired.


Passat Delivers

I had been looking for a used family sedan to replace one of our cars and join an Acura SUV and a sports car. I looked at lots of makes and models before deciding on the 2007 VW Passat. I chose a 2.0L turbo Lux version because of its unique blend of size, comfort, luxury, power and efficiency. My Passat delivers extremely well on all counts. After owning and driving it for about a year I'm even more pleased with the car than I anticipated I would be. I have recommended this generation Passat to several friends and almost certainly will again.


So far, love it!

Great looking, great performing, high quality car. We looked at the Volvo V50, Subaru Outback, and this Passat Wagon, and out of the three, the Passat had the most to offer for the price. It's been 3 months and so far we love it! My only complaint is that I wish my iPod hooked up more smoothly and the stereo's interface worked with the iPod.


Closest thing to a 280Z I've driven since kids...

We bought the basic Turbo new from the smaller VW dealer in town. Overall very happy with the vehicle. It flys up the mountain passes of CO, we had a Honda Civic and it was terrible in the mtns. This car FWD is good in the snow; we own an SUV too, but I would have gotten AWD if we didn't, as the FWD isn't the best in deep snow. The 1st year the check engine light kept coming on when it got cold out, and it took 4 warranty visits to get fixed, turned out to be a bad vaccuum line at the sensor (they had replaced the gas cap, and a few other vaccuum line components but didn't find the exact one until the last time). Since then we have had no problems at all, just bought gas (premium) and oil changes. The car gets 31 mpg actual driving (our commute is 80% highway and 20% city). Road noise is more noticable (but not bad) in this car compared to other cars, maybe because we have the cheapest one... Expecting kid #3 so we're thinking this car will be too small for 3 car seats. Very sad to see it go as we love this car.


Worst car I've ever owned...

After owning several Volvo Wagons, I though it time for a change. I went with my wife to a VW Dealership while she was looking for a new car. In the showroom was a brand new 2008 Passat Wagon. I was not really familiar with the model but once I sat in it, looked at the fit and finish, I was quite impressed. I took it for a test drive, and was even more impressed. The price was substantially lower than that of the Volvo. Now less than 2 years later, I can honestly say that it is without a doubt the worst car I have ever owned. It all started out last winter when the dealer installed a set of winter tires and rims. Immediately after driving it off the lot there was a tremendous amount of noise and vibration. After several trips back to the dealer and being told that this was normal for snow tires I went to another dealership. They said that the lug nuts were not correct for the rims - and oh by the way, your transmission has some play in it and we'll have to replace it - less than 30,000 kms. Went back to the dealership who installed the snows and they eventually changed the lug nuts, and put a new set of tires on the car. It was better, but there was still noise. In the spring I put the summer tires back on and had the car serviced. Again complained about the noise and vibration. According to the dealer - everything checks out. The noise is now getting unbearable. Took it back to the dealer. This time they replaced the wheel bearings. A little better, but not right. They are now saying it's uneven tire wear. The tires were not rotated properly! All service has been down on schedule by VW Dealers. Two weeks later I'm driving along the QEW in Toronto during rush hour and I loose all power. Of course I'm in the outside lane and because of the construction there is no shoulder to pull off on to. The car gets towed to my dealer and I am told that the driveshaft has failed - new driveshaft is installed. STILL NOT RIGHT. Everyone who gets into the car asked about the noise. Today I called VW Customer Service to express my concerns about the quality of the vehicle and was told that as long as the dealer was fixing the problems that there is nothing that they can do. The car now has 45,000 kms on it.



Let me start off by saying that in 1999 I bought a VW Jetta and it all but fell apart on me (kept it 2 years)... so you can understand why I became skeptical when my husband pointed out the Passat at the used dealership. I kept passing it by and finally agreed to take it for a spin. From the moment the STANDARD leather seats wrapped around my body I fell instantly in love. We had test driven about 8 cars previous to this one and as soon as I touched the gas I knew this car would be mine!!! I have had my 2008 black 2.0 turbo (4cylr) for two years and I LOVE IT!!!!



One of my best! I get 32mpg on the interstate. I have owned about 52 cars/trucks in my lifetime and the Passat is in the top 15%