2016 Mid-Size, Full-Size Pickup Truck Fuel-Tank Capacities

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CARS.COM — Size may not be everything, but it can matter when it comes to fuel capacity on a pickup truck.

Pickup trucks aren’t known for penny-pinching fuel economy, and hauling heavy stuff or towing a trailer only makes it worse. So, the bigger the fuel tank, the fewer times you have to stop to fill up. The fewer pit stops you make, the more time you have to do other things.

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With passenger cars, SUVs and mid-size pickups, one fuel tank usually fits all. With full-size pickups, though, buyers may have options in gas tank fuel capacity. On some trucks, the size of the fuel tank hinges on which vehicle engine or cargo box length you choose. Here’s what’s available on the 2016 trucks.

Fuel Tank Capacity for 2016 Mid-Size Pickups

Chevrolet Colorado
Standard: 21.0 gallons

GMC Canyon
21.0 gallons

Nissan Frontier
21.1 gallons

Toyota Tacoma
21.1 gallons

Fuel Tank Capacity for 2016 Full-Size Pickups

Chevrolet Silverado 1500
Standard: 26.0 gallons
Available: 34.0 gallons (included on regular cabs with 8-foot boxes)

Chevrolet Silverado 2500, Silverado 3500
Standard: 36.0 gallons

Ford F-150
Standard: 23.0 gallons
Available: 36.0 gallons (optional on all trim levels and body styles except XL and XLT regular cabs with 122-inch wheelbases)

Ford F-250, F-350 SuperDuty
Standard: 26.0 gallons (models with 137-, 142- or 156-inch wheelbases and turbo-diesel engines)
Available: 35.0 gallons (included on models with gas engines); 37.5 gallons (included on models with 158- or 172-inch wheelbases and turbo-diesel engines)

GMC Sierra 1500
Standard: 26.0 gallons
Available: 34.0 gallons (included on regular cabs with 8-foot boxes)

GMC Sierra 2500, Sierra 3500
Standard: 36.0 gallons

Nissan Titan XD
Standard: 26.0 gallons

Ram 1500
Standard: 26.0 gallons
Available: 32.0 gallons (included with 8-foot cargo boxes; optional on models with 6-foot 4-inch or 5-foot 7-inch cargo boxes; not available with 3.0-liter diesel V-6s)

Ram 2500, 3500
Standard: 31.0 gallons (models with 6-foot 4-inch cargo boxes)
Available: 28.0 gallons (included on regular cabs with diesel engines)
                  32.0 gallons (included with 8-foot cargo boxes)

Toyota Tundra
Standard: 26.4 gallons (SR, SR5 models)
Available: 38.0 gallons (included on Limited, TRD Pro, 1794 Edition and Platinum models; optional on SR5 models) Data Integrity Analyst Bryan McTague contributed to this story.

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