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(136 reviews)

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Buying second car

FYI ! I just bought my second car from Ramsey Corp. in W. Milford, N. J. They are a family owned business and I still can’t believe how helpful they have been getting the deal done ! Just yesterday the one son Ronnie stayed until 9:15, pm and I can tell he was dog tired from a long day, but he accommodated me because I had a funeral the next day. The father and both sons Ramsey and Ronnie are always willing to help ! I would recommend everyone I know to meet with them at the very least, and there “ logo” is everyone gets approved for a loan if they need one. They keep an inventory of about 140 cars, vans, small trucks, etc. I have recommended them so many times, and I will always buy my cars from them !!! They have a service department which I use as well ! Take my advice you’ll be glad you did !! Joe Q If you want to talk with me, ask for one of the brothers and they will give you my # !


Jeep Compass

Both Frank and Ronny asked me to leave a review on Facebook after my car purchase. My wife and I bought a 2014 Jeep Compass Latitude. After driving it we noticed a vibration in the rear so we brought it back. The mechanic balanced the tires and “went over the whole car” and found it to be in tip top shape. A few days later it was leaking oil so I took it to my mechanic. After being on the lift 5 minutes he said this car was wrecked and repaired.(Frank also has a body shop, if you look at most of his pickup trucks you can tell the bedsides have been patched) The Jeep has 2 bent rims causing the vibration and also a bad rear differential and rear differential mounting bushings, oil pan gasket was bad, rear trailing arm bushings were bad and the list goes on and on. I explained to Frank I didn’t feel comfortable owning that vehicle-it’d never be right. He offered to swap for another Jeep Compass. So I went for that. I signed the paperwork for the loan on Saturday. He told me same loan we just transfer vin numbers. On Monday I received a call from Jimmy saying “the bimbos at Wells Fargo screwed up the paperwork” they fedex me new papers to sign. When I got them the first page was a credit application with incorrect income info. Frank applied for a second car loan without my consent and changed my income so I’d be approved for a second car loan before the first one was paid off. As soon as I found that out I went and got my money back. He also told me the Red Jeep Compass Latitude was sold at auction, it is now back on his website for sale! Truly shows what type of “business” man he is.


Look under the vehicle.

First I purchased a 2001 Dodge Dakota.... It ran ok. But it broke down after 3 months. My mechanic was looking for a sensor under the truck and discovered the truck frame HAD BEEN WELDED IN NUMEROUS PLACES. They (the dealership) had the vehicle towed to their place. After back and forth for hours. The owner "Frank" said he would only give me a $1000 credit towards another vehicle. Well I took a breather and went to my old truck and was removing my stuff when I watched as two men welded the fame on a ford F150. I purchased a vehicle (reluctantly). When both my son and I looked at the vehicle it had a sticker on it that said two year warranty included. When I went to close on the sale I was charged for the warranty, "Frank" said there was no sticker on it. On the way home I lost all my brakes, they towed it back and replaced all the brake lines. The day after I picked it up something kept hitting the drive shaft. It was the exhaust that was loose. Yet another trip to West Milford. The entire exhaust had to be replaced. DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THESE GUYS EVER


2nd review, still blown away

This is my second review since buying my truck. These guys are honestly the best people I’ve ever bought a car from. After haveing some issues with the truck I purchased they sent out a tow truck to my house over an hour away, dropped off a loaner car and towed my truck back to fix it. Love these guys, can’t say enough good things about them!


Excellent Customer Service

Frank (the owner) and his family were very honest throughout the whole process. They made the car buying process with a dealer very smooth. Even though it was a far drive for us, we would definitely recommend them. They definitely earned our business.


Great honest experience

Any skeptics please read my full review. I’ve bought sold and traded tons of vehicles and I was always brainwashed that I needed to go to a big dealership to get the best deal. I found myself in a bad financial spot and needed to get rid of a new truck I owned for only 8 months. After attempting to get rid of it at a few other dealers (non of which wanted to help me what so ever) I found myself at Ramsey. Frank and Ronny literally did everything they could to help me including giving me well over trade in value for my truck(I research everything) and even knocked off a lot in the truck I was purchasing ( the original price was a good deal) I didn’t have money for a down payment so he even let me wait until I got my taxes done to pay him. Great people, great prices, great experience.



Spectacular! They work with all kinds of credit. We are on our 3rd car now. Very easy going and not pushy. Check them out if you are not even sure about your credit situation. Highly recommended. Thank you Ramsey Corp team!


First Time Car Buyer

This was my first time buying a car and Ramsey Corp were fantastic! I had visited other dealerships prior to going to them and my experiences were terrible. Ramsey Corp's website was easy to navigate, they responded to my email quickly, my phone conversation with them was wonderful and helpful and then when I showed up for my test drive they treated me with such kindness and were upfront and honest about everything. I would highly recommend them. Fantastic cars, wonderful customer service, and just good people.


2010 Dodge RAM 1500

I bought my 2010 dodge ram from ramsey. Frank the owner went above and beyond for me when I had to come back for some minor repairs no questions asked. He even gave me a loaner car. He definitely has my business for life and would highly recommend him...


used car shopping

first of all i would like to start with, over forty yrs. of buying cars, i never had a dealer or dealership treat me like this. the ones i liked i could count on one hand and maybe a couple of fingers. this place is the best, and so were all of the people,and of course Frank, the owner, who helped so much with the trade and buying of the used car. could go on and on,but worth the two hour ride over and over,if you need a car ,go there first. thanks again every body.