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(3,092 reviews)

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Don't ever buy from here. I purchased a 2020 Toyota...

Don't ever buy from here. I purchased a 2020 Toyota corolla from here. I had a question for them about a missing key. I have called 4 times over the last week. No one was ever available to talk to me. They never returned my call. Got transferred to every department before I was finally told no one was available


All car from Toyota of Orlando’s are junk

Toyota of Orlando is the biggest crook of all I would advise nobody not go and buy nothing from them I bought a truck from them yeah sell it to me at night so I could see all the scars and dents in the truck and once I got it i own it I tried to go back today to buy a new one And just the way the salesman was talking he was just try to rob you My fellow consumer when you go there They try to sweet talk you with sugar and honey in there mouth but once they get you to sign then they start treating you like you’re nothing



I had an amazing experience with the people at Toyota of Orlando. They were kind , courteous, looking out for your best interest. They worked with you until you found the car you fell in love with. I would definitely recommend them to everyone who’s looking for a new or used vehicle. They do not force or rush you to buy and that’s important to me because I don’t like feeling pressured into buying something. Overall experience excellent!!!!! Thanks Toyota of Orlando!!!


The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Fred in sales...

The entire staff was friendly and helpful. Fred in sales worked with us to get a fair price on the Corolla. Communication was great. Ciara in Finance got us in and out super fast -- Pickup only took an hour.


This Place Sucks !

They don't want to sell to out of state people but yet advertise all over the internet, wont take 45k wire transfer over the phone because I cant pick up vehicle within 24hrs ? Wont take a deposit to hold the vehicle ? Keep in mind, I am paying full asking price ! Most ridicules car dealer I have ever dealt with ! They finally call at end of the day and say, oh I am sorry sir but while I was waiting for my manager "3 hrs. later" they unfortunately sold the vehicle you were interested in ? Well lets see, 6hrs after my first call, vehicle is sold ?? SCREW THIS PLACE !!!!! 2/15/21


Buyer Beware

Purchased a used certified Toyota. Sooo many problems immediately after pulling off the lot. Simple things they should have check like alignment and a nail in the tire! Nice facility and staff but problem after problem after buying the car. Have been waiting three months for a simple reimbursement.


They had the price on the car! We went inside and talked...

They had the price on the car! We went inside and talked to the sale man! He said no negotiation on the price we said ok! No discount, we said ok! The price on the car + dealers fee and tax! We said OK! We agreed on the final price! They did the paper work and gave us the monthly payment too! We SAID OKKKKKKK!!!! WE AGREED ON EVERYTHING. Next, they gave us the (((((OPTION)))))!!!! of tinting the window, and new floor mats and extending the warranty, we said no thank you we don’t want any of these, they said ok that's fine. Next thing you know,,,, they came back saying “ohhhh, you have to buy one of these optional you denied” why??? “Yea you have to pick at least one, the floor mats, window tinting or the extended warranty”. Ok first of all i don’t want the extended warranty, i don’t want mats, and i don’t want the window tinting. I DONT HAVE TO BUY ANY ACCESSORIES OR EXTEND THE WARRANTY. You can not make me buy the optional in order to buy the car. This shows how fake you are and how you guys aren’t honest. I agreed on your price and all the dealers fee. Why would you not sell me the car? Why do u make me buy the extended warranty in order for u to sell me the car, when you didnt mention it before running my info and giving me the final price? This is not right, you guys were not honest. You cant agree on a final price and about to pay than come stop everything and say I HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING OPTIONAL IN ORDER FOR YOU TO SELL ME THE CAR!!


I would like to provide feedback about my experience with...

I would like to provide feedback about my experience with the unit Toyota of Orlando, located at 3575 Vineland Rd, Orlando, FL 32811. On January 4th, I went to Toyota of Orlando to buy a car for my son. When we got there, the sales specialist Rafael Sanquiz was the one helping with the whole process. My son chose his car (Camry 2021), we traded in a 2017 Dodge Journey, and during the approval process (that lasted almost 3 hours) we provided every single document requested. As a proof of income, we explained to Rafael Sanquiz, that his income is in Brazil, and we asked if a statement of his account would be enough to get the approval. Aside from that we also had a friend, US resident, employed for over 2 years, with paystub and a previous Toyota leasing, that filled the form as a cosigner. When we offered the proof of income from Brazil, Rafael went back to the finance department to see if we could use that. After more than 30 minutes, he came back confirming that it would be enough. He also stated that, due to my son´s credit score, Toyota Financial has decided that a cosigner wouldn't be necessary. My son has the leasing approved, signed the contract and the deal was done. The salesman only asked us to come back the day after to bring a "better copy (computer/desktop version)" of the statement provided. On the same day, after having my son´s deal completed, I decided to also get a new car. I traded in another 2017 Dodge Journey to get a 2021 Highlander. Aside from the trade in, I paid USD 2.000,00 (on January 4th), financed USD 16.000,00 with capital one, and paid more USD 10.000,00 in cash (on January 13th). The car I bought was new, came scratched, and the salesman promised that, if I kept the car, the week after someone would call me to make an appointment to have the door fixed. So I took the car home. Nobody called me, and when I try to call to make the appointment, I never get it done because they keep saying that someone will call me. On January 5th, as promised, we went back to bring the statement requested by Rafael Sanquiz. When we got there, he literally told us that the document provided wasn't what he needed (The same one provided the day before, that was reviewed and approved by toyota staff), and started to request a completely different document, or a cosigner, threatening to have my son's deal revoked. And that was when our nightmare started. My son had the deal approved by himself, and the cosigner provided on January 4th was considered unnecessary by Toyota Financial and that was the reason why the deal was done only under my son's name. How come, the day after, everything changes? How come, buying 2 cars, in the same day, and the most expensive one almost being paid off, only financing a small amount of it, we ended up in this mess? We informed that, since the contract was signed and the deal was approved with the documents provided before, we wouldn't accept any changes. Rafael Sanquiz said that they would work with what they had, and again, we went home thinking that the issue was solved. On January 13th, we went back to Toyota to bring the USD 10.000,00 (cashier check) for the highlander deal (my car), and again, we were informed that my son's deal would need a cosigner or it would be revoked (again, after 8 days, threatening to take my son's car back). Again, we stated that we wouldn't accept any changes since the contract was signed under the primary circumstances, without any warning that anything could change within the next few days, and the whole thing lasted 7 hours. They had enough time to review the documents provided and they APPROVED the deal. My son SIGNED the contract and took the car out of the dealer. Rafael Sanquiz was really rude, and we requested another person to help us with the situation. Another salesman came, André Molinari. We explained the whole situation, he reviewed the case, and said that he couldn't understand why the previous salesman was saying that the deal couldn't be accepted as it is since we traded in a 2017 Dodge Journey, and the statement provided by us was showing more than enough money to support the sale. In his own words " we could go home and he would take care of it". We asked if he was sure, because the time was passing and we had the cars with us. I made clear that if my son's car ended up returned to the dealer, or if anything changes, I would return mine as well. It is both deals, or none. We would cancel both deals and get the cars that we traded in back, plus the money paid as down payment for the Highlander (USD 12.000,00). He said that he didn't believe that would be necessary and said, again, that we could go back home. Today, on January 20th, André Molinari called me informing that the deal can't be done as is, and that we need a cosigner to keep it. This is so unprofessional. This whole situation is a mess. I bought 2 cars with you guys and you keep trying to revoke or change a deal that was done and a contract signed. It's just wrong. I am frustrated, upset, and I want this whole thing solved. Again: We provided the documents, the statement from Brazil provided was accepted, Toyota staff reviewed the docs, my son's deal lasted over 4 hours, the decision that a cosigner (which we had) wouldn't be necessary came from Toyota Financial, and a contract was signed. My car came scratched and, after 16 days, I couldn't get it fixed. We won't admit any changes in the deal. The deal must be kept as signed, if not, we WILL return both cars, and get ours back. We also will take Toyota to court if necessary. This is a huge disrespect with us as customers, and if something couldn't be accepted, we should have been informed on the first day, January 4th. This way, we wouldn't take the car home, neither signed anything. And not create expectations, and then make us go through all this. I expect a solution from Toyota as soon as possible, since this whole thing is taking over 16 days already. Hoping to hear back from you as quickly as possible, Lilian Cunha


Professional service

The service was very professional. Thank you to Kevin Pires, Victor Torres, Ciara Napieralski and Birdie Friedell, you guys made all the process so smooth and excellent. Keep up your great job!


Incredibly useless dealership. We spent 3 hours waiting...

Incredibly useless dealership. We spent 3 hours waiting on a a software update only to be told they couldn’t do it. We were even more frustrated when they said they “weren’t going to charge us,” as if that was a favor after wasting our entire afternoon. Not charging me for a service I didn’t receive and for wasting my time is not a’s bad service. On top of that we were quoted $400 for a duplicate key, that we got for $275 at Central Florida Toyota. Go there instead!!